Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fueling Our Future

At its best, technology is a universal connector and translator, helping us come home to ourselves in the deepest sense. Never before have we approached such a leveling of levels, an alliance of adopters across age, social, cultural and religious spectra.

As the world again becomes flat, we're creating ever-expanding arcs of connectivity. And connection equals energy.

We can literally power the planet with the energy of pure love, which enables us to reimagine the obvious. When I recently listened to David Blume, a globally recognized expert on Ethanol and biofuels, cavorting with astrologer Caroline Casey on her weekly Visionary Activist radio show, I was galvanized by possibility.

Caroline introduced the show by saying, "We are convening the Ouija Board of Directors," where curiosity and generosity open the path to ingenuity. Caroline and David are masters of non-linear, alchemical thinking; in fact, both spoke to the "alchemy of reversal" that only awaits human receptivity to manifest. READ THE REST ON THE NEW GREEN ECONOMY!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Of Chocolate, Face Cream, and Life Purpose

The call to claim our purpose usually sounds at a somewhat inconvenient moment. Sometimes we hear whispers years before we're ready to acknowledge them, let alone begin taking the steps necessary to create a new reality. And while the call can come at any life stage, there's something special about the thirties, when our inner voice tends to start asking, "Is this all there is?"

Recently I've been privileged to meet two vibrant, self-aware women, both 35, who have started heart-centered, Earth-based, health-conscious businesses. In each instance, a health crossroads precipitated the call (as is true in my own life). READ THE REST @

Friday, September 03, 2010


Possession wears many faces. Meanings can range from falling under a temporary spell: "Whatever possessed you to buy that?!" to outright seizure: "We're taking possession of the property." The essence is a sense of ownership — and often what we "own," owns us. Lately, large numbers of people have been releasing years of accumulated baggage in preparation to relocate, travel, or simply feel freer. READ THE REST @ The New Green Economy