Thursday, November 23, 2006

Expanding Into Abundant Awareness

Astrologer Judy Goldberg offers some germane Thanksgiving wisdom that dovetails with Patricia Cota-Robles' transmission on healing polarity:

"Today is a transformational day, and not only because the energy of gratitude is in our consciousness. On the planetary front, a major shift is happening at 11:44 pm EST. Jupiter is moving into its home sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is our spiritual teacher. It is also considered the planet of abundance, opportunity and good luck. This energy will be in place until December 18th 2007.

"During this time many of us will be getting in touch with our essential truths, the quest for meaning in our lives and an increased urge for individual freedom. Our environmental consciousness may expand and we may want to be out in nature more often. Others will be very challenged in these areas—especially those in our government. We can support the transition into a more peaceful, prosperous and equitable world by helping to heal the polarization that is so prevalent in our human society today."

Happy Thanksgiving, whatever country you live in. We are all One!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pulsing Polar "Bears" Into Unity

How is your Gratitude Cup this Thanksgiving week? The more we can pour our thanks into the Cup of Humanity's Consciousness, says Patricia Cota-Robles in her latest alert, the more that Divine Love will permeate the planet, and assist the legions of awakening ones on their journey of re-membering (which means, to make membership again).

Great gobs of psychic and physical dross are dropping from us now as we cleanse and purify our energy bodies as well as our 3-D ones. In the past few weeks, I've been visited by symptoms I've not experienced in more than 20 years, including the terrifying feeling of a urinary tract infection, which I endured systemically in 1981, swallowing ever-stronger broad spectrum antibiotics until I'd essentially destroyed all the bacterial balance in my body—and set myself on a long healing road that would culminate in my "dark night of the soul" journey of awakening more than a decade later.

But here's where gratitude comes in. A phenomenal healer I see on occasion, Rebecca, is a medical intuitive who has trained in numerous modalities, and works directly with one's organ systems to help release stuck energy (which manifests as "dis-ease"). She's usually booked at least a week in advance; over a holiday week, I had little hope she'd be able to see me. But I was desperate this morning, and she returned my call, saying someone had cancelled if I could make it at 1 o'clock.

That's a gratitude moment. Spirit answering the Call. And this is how it always is, if we are awake to the gifts all around us, and remember to say "thank you"!

What does this have to do with polar bears? That was my whimsical thought upon reading Patti's explanation of the expressions of polarization we're experiencing, growing as vast numbers of awakened and awakening souls "push back" against what they perceive as negativity: poverty, greed, corruption, violence, abuse of power, oppression, hatred, selfishness, prejudice, pollution, disease, ignorance, etc. Unfortunately, focusing on not wanting these patterns only serves to strengthen them, as we're still giving them energy through our attention.

Yet we're on the cusp of the greatest shift in consciousness humanity has ever known. And it's up to us—the ones who are already awake—to lead the shift to higher ground. We do this by stepping out of the matrix of duality/polarity, recognizing that All Is One, and expressing this in our daily actions and interactions.

Patricia says, "Instead of polarizing against our government, for instance, we can envision the people who hold public office responding to the directives of their I AM Presence, and we can visualize them consistently striving for the highest good of all Humanity. When greed, selfishness and gross imbalances in the distribution of wealth are brought to our attention, we can envision the I AM Presence of the people involved taking command of their hearts and minds, and we can visualize them responding with integrity, generosity and a willingness to assist those who are less fortunate than themselves.

"Whatever we focus our thoughts, words, actions and feelings on, we bring into form. We need to create the vision of what we want life on Earth to be like, and then we need to set about creating that new reality.

"As we transmute our own obsolete behavior patterns, we need to simply ask the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child to lift their consciousness and to transmute their negative behavior patterns simultaneously. The Universal Law is: Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened."

Breathe in Gratitude and breathe out all that no longer serves who we are becoming, dear ones. It's a joy and a privilege to be incarnate at this auspicious moment in Earth's evolution. Whatever you are going through on the way to the wedding (conscious cosmic unity with the All), it's of your choosing; as you heal this pattern in yourself, you heal it for all.

Thank you for being who you are! Blessed Be!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Psychic Baggage Claim Time!

Traveling through this Mercury Rx in Scorpio feeling just a little drenching to you? I've watched myself have hoof-in-mouth dis-ease more than once since the planet that rules communication began its trip through the Shadowland.

It's an immersion for deep cleansing, reminds astrologer Tara Greene. I adore her languaging. Here's an excerpt from her latest astro update:

"Scorpio is the land of the shades, the shadow world, the Unconscious, 'Land of the Dead', whose psychic imprints haunt us. This land is the humus, the fertilizing matter, or mater, mother of the unconscious world, the dream world. This is where new growth and energies are liberated from to take new forms, more positive forms, and be released, releasing us from their unconscious hold over our lives.

"Go down. Don't go up, out, higher, beyond or consume. Go directly into your deepest darkest fears, do not pass Go. Stop. Go into your shadow material, the old baggage, hurts, angers, projections, judgments because like the old pulp fiction super-hero-'the shadow knows.'

"No matter how 'lily-white' colonically irrigated, spiritually purified, no matter how much yoga you do, raw foods you eat, miles you jog, mantras you've intoned, substances you've given up, prayers you've done...Unless you've really achieved full enlightenment—which is already a seed planted with you—I bet donuts to dollars that you've still got an itsy bitsy teenie-weenie bikini of a shadow lurking in your psychological closet on the floor in the dust bunnies.

"We've all got 'em, shadows & dust bunnies (unless you are a Virgo). My best advice is to embrace them, acknowledge them, and transform them. It's all energy! We could power the world with shadow material if we harnessed it properly. I can see it now: Shadow Power lights up the World! Light and darkness are dual parts of the same God/Goddess.

"Let the tears come up and flow, Scorpio is a water sign and water dissolves all hardness. Water moistens and perpetuates growth in nature. We are nature. When we pay attention to this unconscious 'garbage'—refuse. There's those important puns again.

"Refuse means literally what was refused. Not integrated, relegated to the shadows. This unclaimed baggage—which has been rotating on the baggage checks of Time—can now be claimed. Claimed baggage will be able to be opened up, aired out, all sorts of goodies you totally forgot about can be examined now. This is a psychic airing out of the dirty laundry. So 'rain or shine' get out their and air out those old harangues, hang those old 'shmatas', rags and garments on the clothesline. In doing so, admitting your own shadow to self or even to others, transforms those grey, drab, forlorn fragments, the warp and weft of human emotional experience into 'prayer flags.' Prayer flags are a Tibetan Buddhist (and Native American) concept—as the flags wave in the breeze their messages are sent off through the Wind Spirits, to the Heavens and the Boddhisatvas receive them and shower down their blessings upon us mere mortals.

"I would recommend getting a fabric pen and inscribing all your shadow material onto an old raggy piece of cloth, making this into a ritual and hanging it outside on a life line. This will bring an incredible sense of freedom from shame, guilt, regrets, and all the other 7 deadlies and more, initiating new growth, consciousness, and understanding. You are freeing up your shadow material and literally bringing it out into the Light of the World. This acknowledges the shadow and detaches 'you' from 'it.' Watch your transformed dirty laundry flutter in the breeze and feel free. You are."

Saturday, November 11, 2006

11:11 (Eleven A-Lovin')

Today is an incredible portal of opportunity, and Karen Bishop expresses what's up beautifully in her latest alert. We're integrating massive energetic shifts and releasing what no longer matches our higher vibrational frequencies.

This often means a financial shift, something I've been experiencing since emerging from my "dark night of the soul" in late '97. Trying to "make money" in the old ways that were once so successful for me is now like slogging through molasses: there is no longer any attunement to who and what I am, why I'm here.

I've known for awhile that the many mini "deaths" we're experiencing as we evolve would at some point include the death of money as a medium of exchange, and Karen validates this awareness. She writes, "We are identifying our storefronts, or the means and gateway for money to come to us. Until we are successfully and completely living in a non-monetary society, we will need money to support our next steps. These storefronts are in relation to our service to humanity. They will involve ways that we can generate funds so that we can be supported in setting up the next phase of living and being in the higher realms that involves no money at all.

"These storefronts, or arenas that greatly represent who we are and what we are about, also involve how we will be assisting humanity through this evolutionary process. We go back to the dimensional dividing line within our storefronts, as they will serve all levels of the evolving 3D reality, and then we will return to our lives and other creations in the higher realms. And know that our storefronts can be just about long as we are good at what we are doing, it fits us well, and provides a service to humanity."

So align with what your heart tells you is true today, and expect your new abundance to flow from this attuning.

To learn more about the 11:11, visit Solara's excellent site, The NVisible (there is a fee to subscribe to her Surf Reports, which is her main source of income). There's also good introductory information on the 11:11 Spirit Guardians site.

Welcome Home! And if you're feeling moved to support another Lightworker in stepping fully into her planetary purpose and service without splintering her energies doing what has long since ceased to fit, I'd be blessed to receive your love offering: (Please scroll to Sponsorship information, near bottom of page). You can also sign up for my F.REE monthly newsletter, What Shines, and enjoy numerous enlightening articles developed to guide and ground your journey.

If you'd like to read the newsletter I sent out on 11:11 last year (or any other issue; one F.REE to all!), please either request back issue #53 (11/05) or ask for the What Shines Back Issues List. E-mail me with your choice in the subject line.

Thank You! Blessings!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Shapeshifting the Cosmic Container

Saturn, the planet that informs structure here on Earth, has a storm swirling at its south pole. Scientists say they have never seen anything like this tempest, which possesses "an oddly human-looking hurricane-like eye"—yet does not behave like a terrestrial hurricane.

Hm. What immediately came to my mind is, the storm is centered at the south pole. In astrology, the north and south nodes relate to life lessons: North is where we're going, South is where we've been. I got excited thinking, perhaps this signifies that collectively, we've mastered the lessons of the current forms and structures on earth (domination, hierarchy, greed, aggression, etc.) and Saturn is therefore sending the old model down the cosmic drain!

The visual of the storm looks even more like a human eye than the Eye of God image taken by the Hubble telescope in 2003.

"As above, so below" has never been more clear.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Speaking in the Language Another Can Hear

Years ago, I learned the crucial importance of communicating in language that matched my audience's reality picture. Incredible shifts are possible when we build a bridge for the light to pour in.

Thanks to Alan Moore, founder of the Butterfly Gardener's Association, I've discovered an extraordinary article by Timothy Leary, that uses the caterpillar/butterfly evolutionary model to explain what's happening to humans.

This is not light reading, nor will it appeal to mass consciousness. But for those on the evolutionary edge, it's a drug-free mental roller coaster ride.

Here's an excerpt I especially enjoyed, that sounds a like like cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief:

"The evidence from astronomy, bio-chemistry, genetics, nuclear-physics, defines the true frontier of philosophy and religion. Scientific American is more 'far-out' than any occult magazine, the Periodic Table of Elements more prophetic than the Tarot deck. The nucleus of the atom is a realm more mysterious and omnicient than any theological fantasy. The cosmology of an expanding-universe-riddled-with-Black-Holes more bizarre than the eschatologies of Dante, Homer and Ramayana."

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Out of the Yuck and Into the "Yes!"

An intense full moon brightens our lives and sky on Sunday, as half the planets plus the Sun line up in Scorpio opposite the Moon in Taurus. Sensuality rising! Lunar astrologer Claudia Thompson says, "What's hiding in the shadows WILL come up...Issues of intimacy, power, money, and quality of life come up to be dealt with, and what you need to see and what you absolutely need to change will be revealed. You're being pushed big time to release old programming and address critical issues."

And the best way to let go is to just surrender into this divinely feminine energy...don't push the river, release the need to know or to fix (remember, Mercury's still retrograde, through 11/17). Claudia affirms, "This is an intensely feminine Full Moon. Seven of the ten planets are in feminine signs. Venus, goddess of love, rules Taurus, emphasizing your need for love, beauty, and abundance—as well as the way you attract these things."

How to remain grounded as you release? As always, "s-l-o-w w-a-a-a-y down, connect with your senses and what you love, and tap into the beauty and grounding power of the earth. Go outside and feel the unconditionally loving support of the earth beneath your feet and all around you. Breathe in the color and beauty of mid-autumn... the beauty of BIG change and how awesome, constant, and natural it is."

This is the essence of embodying the feminine frequency.

Claudia adds, "It's time to show your true colors and reclaim your power."

Friday, November 03, 2006

How to Fall In Love

I'm reading Neale Donald Walsch's final book in his Conversations With God series, Home With God. The subject is one that inspires humanity's greatest fear and fascination: the experience we call Death.

The book is an extraordinary prescription for LIFE. I'm especially moved by the following passage where God speaks about "whole person centering," or living fully in the Now Moment. Looking deeply into your own eyes, or the eyes of any other living being, is a portal to the Divine, because the eyes are the windows of the soul. I know that when I was blessed to stare into the eyes of Gaia, a magical cat that shared the property I lived on from 1999-2000, I felt complete communion.

"It is especially difficult to look another human in the eye for any period of time at all without beginning to fall in love. That is why people look away from each other so quickly. They don't dare look each other right in the eye for very long. The love that will follow will overwhelm them. Yet it is because they do not know what to do with that love that they are overwhelmed.

"The moment you surrender to love and allow it to lead you to exactly where your soul wants to go, you will have no difficulty. All struggle then will cease, and you will know Oneness."