Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's a Wander-ful Life

For years I've written about playing what I've termed, "galactic chess": attempting to place ourselves on the "chessboard" (planet Earth) relative to our unique gifts, so that where we live is where we can best serve in this ripe moment of co-creative possibility. A few weeks ago, while preparing to leave the mile-high desert of Prescott, Arizona and return to sea level in California, I came across this astonishing confirmation in Phil Cousineau's 1998 book, The Art of Pilgrimage. Cousineau, a seasoned world traveler and tour guide to sacred sites, writes that, "In ancient Sanskrit, the word for chess player was the same as for pilgrim. Try to see yourself on a chessboard. What is your next move?"

Here's what Sedona-based Aluna Joy has to say about various environments and their effect on our evolution. You can also read her missive online for the next month, at Center of the Sun News.

The Living Elements - Nature & Healing
Aluna Joy and the Star Elders - May 2006

"As we get closer to the shift, we will feel more and more uncomfortable with environments that are not in alignment with natural law. We were bored and uninspired before..., but now we have hit a level of intolerance that we cannot ignore. Basically, the loving universe is slowly and methodically pushing us out of places that no longer serve us or are unhealthy for us. This is for our own good and safety. We are finding that we want to be outside more and indoors less. We have become painfully clear about what is not beneficial in our lives, our relationships, our jobs etc. But most of all, we have become very aware of all the little programs and tapes that we have running inside of us that want to run the show! AND THIS we cannot tolerate anymore.

We are finding that is taking more effort and focus to maintain the same level of consciousness at this time. It is taking more work to stay healthy and strong in our bodies...and the world is feeling wobbly and unstable.

All these symptoms can all be made lighter and painless if we learn to loose attachment to what has been...and begin to listen to what is right outside our back door. NATURE! In fact, nature is the only thing that will make sense during times of huge planetary shifts!

Nature is a holistic healer. It uses the gamut of natural elements: air, water, fire and earth. Nature is emotionally neutral, not adding definition to what we feel. It heals us because it gives us space to feel ourselves clearly so we can discern what needs to shift.

Nature is not mechanistic but is fluid and undefined; so it does not hold us in our programming or our patterns. Nature supports positive shifting. The human world rarely gives this to us.

Nature has various geological areas. Each one helps us in different ways and at different times in our lives. Over the years, the Star Elder have shared with me how these geological areas can heal us. Here they share some clues to where we can go to heal different aspects of our bodies, minds, and spirits. This is by no means to be a complete listing...They said that they are just clues to get us to think about how Mother Earth can heal us. There are more ways than we could possibly write about in this article.

High altitude areas. When we go above 6,000-7,000 feet, we are above the psychic plane of most of the collective consciousness. So if you find yourself confused, higher altitudes can clear your space of issues that are part of the collective, but will not clear out your personal issues that need to be healed. If you go up to about 7,000 feet, and you still have issues, they are your issues, and it is time to clear them out.

High altitude areas are above the psychic plane of collective consciousness, but they are closer to ascended realms of consciousness. This is why we feel so tuned in with God, Angels, and Masters when we climb a mountain top. If you want to awaken the master within yourself, get HIGHER. High altitude spaces within sacred areas like Mt. Shasta, The Tetons, the Andes and the Himalayas are especially helpful with personal enlightenment. Thus you can understand my attraction to the Andes in Peru.

The Star Elders feel that anything lower than sea level is not beneficial to your body or spirit...unless you are wanting to sabotage your life.

Ocean areas emit negative ions that can heal trauma and abuses, and can quiet a busy mind and nerves. Ocean areas can instill peace when we cannot find otherwise. This is why Hawaii is adored as a healing environment. Coral beaches are especially calming and clearing. Waterfalls also are part of this category. Silicon sand beaches can amplify your issues in a calming environment (see more below on Crystal areas).

Volcanic areas on the Earth can shake things up to be cleared. If you feel stuck, spend some time near a Volcano. Living near a volcano can be a perfect environment for you if you are in a hurry to get to the bottom of your issues that keep you from enlightenment. Volcanic areas can burn you into an egoless state, but can also unground you very quickly. This can make it hard to create in the physical reality as you may find it hard to put your feet down and anchor. Volcanic areas attract spiritual speed junkies. I know...I lived at the base of Mt. Shasta for 12 years. I got burned up and transformed for sure! I couldn't stop the process even if I wanted to.

High iron content areas anchor your work into the world and hold memory in place. Earth is known to drop its magnetic field at times of a planetary shift, and this effects your memory. Short-term memory being the first thing affected with magnetic drops. Do you remember what you had for breakfast? When the Earth drops magnetics, people gravitate to high iron locations. If you are spaced out, a high iron environment can ssencesr ethereal worlds into useable forms. In other words, you can mentally understand ethereal worlds. The downside is that ego can exist in high iron places and can influence our work if proper attention is not given to impeccability. Sedona Arizona, Zion National Park Utah, Alice Spring - Uluru in Australia, to name a few, are high iron environments.

High Crystal Areas sound like real pretty places to be, but they wreak havoc on all those issues you have conveniently hidden in the closet! Silicon sand beaches, granite areas and many types of sandstone contain crystal or silicon. Silicon is what makes your computer remember all those things you stored in there. So being in a high concentration of silicon or crystal can amplify any issue that needs clearing. The sandstone in Sedona is loaded with crystal. You might want to check this out: Discovery of the Largest Crystals on Earth.

Desert areas can isolate you from any outside influence so you can get clear about who you really are and why you are here. Deserts can help you face what is inside of you so you can heal. Deserts are also vast and uncluttered. They can make you feel your vulnerability and can also stretch you bigger so you can hold more truth and light! Jeshua used the dessert to face his demons before he began his mission.

Jungle areas activate primal life energy with your body and spirit. It can awaken the shaman within you. Jungle areas heal you with life force. Not feeling strong? The jungle will help you remember this.

These are some examples of mono-environments. However, most places on the Earth are a combination of environments. Finding the combination that is right for you is the trick. Example: Sedona is a sacred site, high iron and silicon (crystal) area with a criss-cross of rivers running underneath the earth. Mt. Shasta is a sacred site, high altitude, volcanic area. The beaches in Mexico are coral beaches and are very calming. However, the beaches of California are silicon based and can drag up inner issues. So you see...finding just one environment can be a challenge.

Once you have arrived at the environment of your choice, just listen to the area and do what feels best to you. I remember one time many years ago when I was called to the rivers near Mt. Shasta. I camped there for several days. One day I felt a terrible depression come over me. I was called to the rivers edge, and I picked up a few big stones that had been heated by the sun. I went back into my tent and laid down and placed them, still hot, up and down my back. The depression left instantly. Then I was called to return the stone to the river to be cleared. It was one of the first times that I was aware how quickly nature could heal.

Now that all this has been said, The Star Elders remind me to tell you to simply go where you feel better. If you search for a healing environment with your head, you might not find just the right place for you. Just go where it feels good to you. For me...right now it feels pretty darn good to be right in my own backyard garden."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gadzooks! Get Zaadz!

From a very cool website I discovered last night, this inspiring thought from a new creator known as Shifting Shamanics!:

"There are two kinds of things in life…blessings, and blessings in disguise. Wonder on…for wonders never cease!"

The site, Zaadz, is the plural form of the Dutch word for seed, and according to their mission and vision, it'll soon be germinating all over this lovely blue-green planet! Philosopher and CEO Brian Johnson calls it "social networking with a purpose," and the purpose is nothing less than empowering us all to follow our bliss and give our gifts to the world, via conscious capitalism, spiritual awareness, service, inspiration, and, of course, LOVE.

Check it out...join the flow...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On the Road to 2012...

One of the clearest explanations of what's happening as we approach the "end times" of life as we've known it on the third rock from the Sun comes from intuitive astrologer Allison Rae. I'm republishing it in its entirety here, and you can also read this transmission in the current issue of her e-newsletter, Alignments:

Symptoms of Galactic Alignment

"Everything is temporary if you give it enough time."
~ Jewel

"On the path to 2012, one of the major signposts is Pluto's alignment with the Galactic Center in 2006-2007.

Even though it's often tied to the ending of the Mayan Calendar, 2012 is not so much a date as it is a concept. The central idea of 2012 is that the transformation of consciousness is accelerating on Planet Earth. A new world age is dawning, and our souls chose to incarnate at this special time to facilitate the transition.

Ancient texts and prophecy teachings from around the world describe this transformation. We are exiting a paradigm of limitation and entering an age of higher consciousness.

There are many changes associated with this shift. Earth changes include extreme weather and seismic activity, the shifting of continents and redrawing of coastlines. The Earth's electromagnetics are changing.

As Lightworkers, we feel the changes acutely. Some of the symptoms cropping up right now are unfamiliar even to the most spiritually experienced, and they can be frightening.

The physical symptoms are directly related to the incoming vibrations of cosmic energy, especially those emanating from the Galactic Center. As the planet Pluto, way out there in the fringes of our solar system, connects repeatedly in 2006 and 2007 with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, we're not only feeling the spiritual effects, but very real physical effects as well.

Even if you're in good health, you may have headaches, nausea, insomnia, sudden weight gain or loss, fluctuations in body temperature, swelling, buzzing sensations, ringing in the ears, back and shoulder pain, joint aches, tightness or pain in the chest, mood swings, emotional outbursts. These are some of the experiences we've been noticing and hearing about recently. Some are serious enough to warrant medical attention.

As the intensity of this world-age transition heats up, many with chronic physical issues are experiencing major setbacks in their healing. Others are encountering catastrophic illnesses for the first time.

Cosmic energies are reaching us from the center of our galaxy, via the portal of Pluto, to purify and recalibrate the Earth and her creatures, attuning us to a higher spiritual frequency called Divine Source, which is Love. Any part of us that resists this process - the upgrade to pure, divine Love - will be affected.

Problems surface wherever we're holding on or trying to control our experience, either consciously or unconsciously.

For example, how is your heart feeling these days? Have you had palpitations, tightness, pain in this chakra? Wild emotional responses? Problems with the physical organ of the heart? The Galactic Center is also known as the Heart Center. Your physical symptoms are connected to opening the heart to higher frequencies of Love.

From a cosmic perspective, this is a time of indescribable excitement as the Earth and humanity experience a spiritual ascension process. It's important to maintain this perspective rather than getting caught up in fear about sudden changes in our lives and the symptoms we may be experiencing.

Learn to surrender. Embrace change. Allow energy to flow through your being. Practice love and compassion. Focus on what you choose to create, not what you need to release.

Conscious breathwork, meditation, regular exercise, proper nutrition and journaling are daily practices that will ease the transition. Body and energy work, aromatherapy, flower essences, emotional release therapies and creative activities will help you release addictions and integrate the incoming galactic energies.

Pluto's repeated conjunction with the Galactic Center this year and next, as well as planetary aspects to Pluto from within our solar system during this transit, are amping up the energies to fever pitch.

You're not alone in experiencing the intensity of this transition, and you're not crazy. You're aligning on all levels. Discover the tools and techniques that help you walk in balance during this important time. You are supported."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Able to Be Response-Able

This mind-enhancing quote appears in the current issue of Paula Peterson's EARTHCODE newsletter:

"Freedom is only part of the story and half the truth ... That is why I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast be supplanted by a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast."

-- Viktor E. Frankl (Holocaust Survivor, Psychotherapist & Best-Selling Author of the highly acclaimed, Man's Search for Meaning)

I only wonder whether the quote's been accurately replicated here: could Frankl really have meant supplant (i.e., replace) the Statue of Liberty? Or perhaps, supplement, which means to complete or complement what already exists?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Gold Watch

I'm in Nevada City, California, another spiritual portal and the town in which gold was first discovered during the California Gold Rush. And going for the gold is on my mind...albeit in a much different form than that phrase typifies.

I remember when, deep into my awakening in Santa Fe years ago, I kept sensing that it had something to do with the energy of gold, and what that called forth. Gold represents the Sun, the masculine, the energy of manifesting; Silver, of course, is the Moon, the feminine, the energy of attraction and allowing.

In Western culture, we've been way "over-masculinized" with our pervasive "Go for the Gold" mentality. But keeping our eye on the gold ("gold watch") has another interpretation now: releasing our old roles and responsibilities for the bliss of showing others how to be the Light that they are. Intriguingly, just this morning I had the hit that I wasn't a "life coach" so much as a "Light coach": a wayshower for the Light.

And Karen Bishop valaidates my perception in her latest alert, entitled, "The End". She observes that Lightworkers now get to "retire" from where and who we've been, but with the energetic equivalent of a gold watch and a grand pension. She says that even if you can't imagine how you'll be supported financially, to just relax and ride this wave for the next month or so, because July is going to burst on the scene with support that will astound us in every way--if we're following our passion and joy, trusting in the process.

Since the money piece has pretty much driven my choices the last 5 years or so, I'm ready for the infusion! Although, intriguingly, when I think about it in an organized fashion, something I really began to do last night as I started to pull together notes for a new article on my seemingly odd lifestyle, I realized with renewed wonder just how much the Universe has been supporting me all along--not necessarily with cash in the bank, but with incredible people showing up, opening their homes and hearts to me at exactly the moment I needed it. I've become highly resilient in living this way; more and more people ask me in wonder, "Aren't you afraid?" or they say, "Wow, I could never do what you do!"

And yet, it's all a heroes are the ones who live "creatively homeless" while touring the world, fulfilling their service contract, whether that involves giving performances, concerts, talks, workshops and other events, or simply holding the space for transmutation with their presence.

So I'm ready to bask and breathe, knowing my energy continues to transform by my presence as well, because of the response others have to me in the most mundane of interactions. I'll be my Silver Self relaxing into the Gold Bouillon of All; staying liquid, in the flow and in the know. Remember, all money metaphors contain water imagery: liquid assets, currency (currents), reserves (reservoir), cash flow, affluence (which literally means, "to flow abundance").

Here's to your wealth!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Quantum "I" in the Quickening Storm

May 12-14th marks an annual worldwide celebration of the Buddha's birthday. Known as Wesak, the ceremony takes its name from the Wesak Valley, located at 24,000 feet in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet.

For Stateside pilgrims, a powerful 3-day event convenes on Mt. Shasta, one of Earth's major energy vortexes. This is the 12th annual Shasta Wesak event, which, according to presenter Jean Claude Koven, "Promises to be a particularly powerful happening as the number twelve, which occurs often in many sacred texts, spiritually points to the Congregation of God. It is the number of the Platonic solid with twelve sides called a dodecahedron, considered by many metaphysicians to be the shape of the universe."

What I found especially compelling and synchronous, given my recent writings about living consciously as a Wanderer, is that Koven, whose bio describes him as one who "speaks for the millions of Lightworkers who have come to this planet to help evolve the consciousness of its people," has written a book entitled Going Deeper. One reviewer says of the book,

"Going Deeper is truly the novel of the New Age — meant for all of us 'fish out of water' — the 70 million Wanderers who have ventured onto this planet, most unfortunately still asleep. This book is conceived as a catalyst to urge the unawakened Wanderers to wake up and BE their destiny — whatever form their specialized service work will take in the upcoming planetary dimensional shifts of this Earth."

I'm now eager to read it, especially since the reviewer points to one of the key aspects of awakening, which Koven has recognized: "... the deep wisdom held by other than human beings. Animals, trees, and stones have such wisdom if we have but ears to hear."

Whether you are able to attend an organized Wesak event or just honor the sacred moment wherever you may dwell, one way to participate is simply to connect with other life forms. Hug a tree and feel its branches embracing you deep inside, as I did on my healing journey. Talk to your feline companion, and learn from her/his wisdom. (I talk to both cats and crows regularly.)

Everything is animate, whether or not it appears to breathe (witness the words above about trees and stones.) This includes apparently "lifeless" forms, such as tables, cars and computers. If you think that's a silly idea, consider the scientific research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Healing Power of Water, who has now proven that water changes its molecular structure depending on whether it's exposed to acid rock or Beethoven, angry words or love. So remember to be kind to whatever is part of your and computers count, too!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Returning to the Viridescent

After a month in the high desert, I decided to do my nose and lungs a favor and return to a slightly more moist climate! Reluctant to brave the interstate so soon again, however, I took a leaf from the classic Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon, who traveled the perimeter of the U.S. on state roads. (Called blue highways because in days of yore, road atlases signified interstates with red lines, state roads in blue. Of course, more recently "red" and "blue" hold a deeper political significance, but that's whole other topic!)

Thanks to a little internet sleuthing and the guidance of Casey Cooper, who's documented a wealth of state highway wisdom, I took Historic Route 66 almost all the way from Prescott, AZ (actually picked it up in Ash Fork) till it ended in Route 58 just outside Barstow, CA, and it was a much more enjoyable way to travel; especially the AZ portion, with all the darling little "Old West" towns along the way that I would never have pulled off Rte. 40 to see. Who would have thought Oatman, for example, was such a tourist attraction, sequestered away in the mountainous high desert, pop. 120? (I wonder where the locals buy their food?) But I stopped there, even ended up buying a new fanny pak, which I needed, then climbed back into my "mobile sauna" and crossed the state line. Route 66 in CA is more boring, but then again, I had the road to myself. I just wish I'd been able to stop for the night somewhere other than Barstow, but none of the little signposts along the way yielded cute little outposts as in AZ -- more like old rusting cars!

Route 66 also offers up humorous posts along the way, to enLighten the load of the weary traveler. Here's one that tickled me (written in 4 successive signs):

Train approaching,
Whistle squealing
Pause! Avoid that
Rundown feeling.

(It actually took me a minute to "get it"!)

So I'm back in the state that's been my predominant home for a quarter of a century. Now I just have to decide where to resettle, in quotes. At the moment I'm in Ojai, where I lived from 2002-2004. Sunny, serene, verdant, and redolent of oranges (it's the citrus capital)...suggestions, anyone?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hopi Water Wisdom

Having just written about wandering and wondering through the "magical desert of my life" in my monthly e-newsletter, What Shines, it was with no small smile of synchronicity that I opened the current issue of Four Corners Magazine to discover an astonishing article on geographical/astrological correlations by Gary A. David. He writes, in part:

"The early shamanistic tradition of associating mountain sheep with rainfall is carried on in the Pang, or bighorn sheep kachinas. This sort of masked dancer has the power to make rain. The Hopi term for the sacred bighorn sheep is pangwu, or pa'ngwu. If this word is broken up, pa denotes 'water', but it also has the sense of 'wonder, awe, surprise', etc. The suffix ngwu means, 'causing to occur'. Thus, pa'ngwu literally means, 'causing water (or in the desert, 'wonder') to occur'. This points to the mountain sheep's shamanistic potentiality.

Pretty wonder-full! No doubt his book, The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest is equally magical.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Sorting

In the Harry Potter books (which I love!), new students at Hogwart's (the wizard training school) are placed into their appropriate "House" (akin to a dormitory) via a "sorting hat," which divines their innermost Selves and instinctively calls out the correct placement.

We'll need to put on something like the sorting hat in upcoming weeks and months, as the wild ride of 2006 asks us to step into the Grander Reality ever more fully. Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn speaks to two of my own greatest challenges this month: releasing what I've long referred to as "The Big E" (Expectation) and embracing Discernment. This includes our dependence on the economic "realities" we've created, and moving into 5th dimensional allowing energies.

Understandably, says Michael, "You may feel tired, vulnerable, insecure, you may feel that you are struggling or are uncomfortable in your physical body as you pass through this 'void' into the New Energies. Old physical and emotional problems and issues may have returned for their final healing and releasing as you move into the New Earth with your new clear crystalline body."

This is a significant channeling and I encourage you to read the entire missive. May you dance Lightly into the service of the New!