Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kucinich = "You Win" Niche!

OK — I just made up the rhyme quickly, but the truth is, Dennis Kucinich is a candidate of, by and for the people: he is REAL, and the best choice we have for evolving a true Democracy in this country, for the first time in decades.

Check out Dennis on, where the eloquent Jesse Jackson exhorts us to remember that the issue is "not race or gender, but agenda." Dennis's agenda is to get us out of the war on Iraq, which he has voted against from the get-go, and back to the issues that build meaningful lives and worthwhile futures: universal health care, guaranteed quality education, renewable energy, and—gasp!— jobs that serve the workers.

You'll be inspired by Kucinich's website, which showcases exactly who he is: a new breed of politician who weds an abundant heart with a brilliant mind, and is leading the Baby Boom generation (and all America) in modeling what we can become.

Cast your vote NOW for Kucinich in 2008; he's a winner for us all.

Here are some articles I posted when Dennis ran for president in 2004:

Vitamin K: How Dennis Kucinich Will Revitalize America's Health
Mobile, Global Citizens say Dennis Makes the Difference
The KU Continuum: Beyond the Presidential Election

Friday, February 23, 2007

Art from the Source

If you ever had any doubt that something larger is at work in the Universe ("One Song") than simply our small human acts, consider this Indigo child, who began painting incredible spiritual masterpieces when she was 7 and younger; she also writes poetry like the master she obviously is. Where does the gift come from? Akiane is quite clear: God.

You can also check out several inspiring interviews with her on

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Year of the Fire Pig, Or: The Smoldering Boar

The Chinese New Year begins on Sunday, February 18th, just after the New Moon in Aquarius, and promises to be a heady, if happy time. The pig, or boar, is the last of the symbolic animals corresponding to the twelve terrestrial branches of the Chinese lunar calendar, and "represents all the bounty that humanity has built over the years," according to a poster I spied in a local bookstore window. "This will be a year of happiness and prosperity for everyone who savors the joy of living."

Onr of my favorite sites for all types of lore, Myth*ing Links, makes this important distinction between the Year of the Pig and specifically, a Fire Pig year:

"The fat, happy Pig is the 'laughing Buddha' of the Chinese Zodiac signs: naturally pleased, whatever he does. He likes his creature comforts; is sensual in all endeavours. Tolerant, compassionate, generous - he has difficulty controlling his passions but hides neither faults, mistakes, nor his self-indulgence. Egocentric, chaotic, destructive at times, one of Pig's essential drives is his love for freedom and beauty. The eternal optimist, his attitude is, 'Don't worry, be happy'.

What to Expect in the Year of the Fire Pig

"The Chinese Fire Pig symbol (Fire over Water) contains a special character that forms an accelerant. The year has potential for situations to gather speed; to burn out of control. In Chinese astrology, clashes of Fire & Water have powerful, uncontrollable effects, while transformation takes place. Situations flare up quickly and propel out of control.

"The Water element denotes clandestine affairs, 'behind the scenes', danger. It can indicate physical floods & large scale water problems - potential for extensive damage and destruction.

"Fire Pig has harmonious elements, but harmony is lost when situations are out of control. Fire Pig years have been fraught with incidents: wars, political takeovers, enormous unrest."

However, prediction is in the eye of the astrologer, and this site by Shelly Wu takes a different tack:

"Pig years are known for their respite from strife, patience and passivity, but also for indulgence, sensuality and fleshly delights. As the last sign of the zodiac, the Pig represents 'resignation', accepting human nature as it is - content to live and let live.

"Finishing touches, tying up loose ends, last stands, curtain calls and closures will be the urging of the year. So, prepare to finish projects, complete goals and even say some goodbyes. Put your ducks in a row, cross your T's and dot your I's in 2007 and the proper Pig will be gracious to you.

"All things that occur this year can be looked on as closing or final conclusions in some way. An auspicious year to complete projects, bring projects to fruition or arrive safely after completing a long life journey....

"...Pace yourself during this Fire year to avoid burnout and try not to keep such a hurried pace. Add the Earth element to your life and home to sooth frazzled nerves, slow down and facilitate relaxation. Gardening, working with clay or pottery, sharing time with your animals and all manner of worship/church/temple or meditative practices will increase the Earth element in your life."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sonic Valentine

In case you missed this information, which is included in the February issue of What Shines: Wednesday, February 14th is the 5th annual World Sound Healing Day.

You're invited to join sound healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all sentient consciousness in sending a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heart sound "AH," for five minutes at noon your local time.

The "AH" is a sacred seed syllable: a universal, non-denominational heart sound that, when projected with focused intent, has the ability to heal and transform. As we sound a collective "AH," filled with the energy of Peace and Love, we co-create a celestial choir that has the power to initiate positive planetary shifts.

Happy Loving To All...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flippin' Fabulous

Piggybacking on my February e-newsletter, What Shines, in which I describe, "what you know, before you know that you know": during my birthday sojourn to Harbin Hot Springs, I was perusing their bookstore and was taken with the title The Flip—Turn Your World Around by Jared Rosen and David Rippe.

Why did this book grab my attention? Because my brother has called me Flip or Flipper most of my life, as I've called him Snip or Snipster. We concocted these nicknames in childhood—and now here's an entire book full of "Flipsters" who are "flipping" how we perceive the world! Check out these chapter titles:

1) Flipping Life—from Flipped Out to Flipped In
2) Flipping Mind—from Fragmented Thought to Whole Thinking
3) Flipping Emotions—from Resistance to Flow
4) Flipping Channels—from Mindless Programming to Mindful Media
5) Flipping Burgers—from Processed Food to Natural Wholesomeness
6) Flipping Pills—from Treating Symptoms to Maintaining Health
7) Flipping The Switch—from Nonrenewable to Sustainable Energy
8) Flipping The Coin—from Scarcity to Abundance
9) Flipping The Corporation—from Pirates to Stewards
10) Flipping The Trigger—from Tribal Warfare to Global Tribe
11) Flipping The Light—from God-fearing Believers to Spiritual Human Beings

Each chapter concludes with "Flip Tips" to help you make the shift. To get "hip to the flip", visit Rosen's and Rippe's website. And remember, you heard it from the original Flipper. Here's to your Dolphin Dreams!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feisty, Phenomenal, Fifty!

In honor of my 50th birthday today, I'm sharing an extraordinary poem the inimitable Maya Angelou crafted for Oprah Winfrey on the occasion of the latter's 50th several years ago. Oprah is a fellow Aquarian (b. 1/29/54), and refers to Maya, whom she's known nearly her entire adult life, as her "Mother-Sister-Mentor-Friend."

Her timeless words apply to us all. May we each drink from this well of wisdom and replenish our beings with her juicy, expansive, revivifying blessing:


On the day of your birth
The Creator filled countless storehouses and stockings
With rich ointments
Luscious tapestries
And antique coins of incredible value
Jewels worthy of a queen's dowry
They were set aside for your use

Armed with faith and hope
And without knowing of the wealth which awaited
You broke through dense walls
Of poverty
And loosed the chains of ignorance which
threatened to cripple you so that you
could walk
A free woman
Into a world which needed you

My wish for you
Is that you continue


To be who and how you are
To astonish a mean world
With your acts of kindness


To allow humor to lighten the burden
Of your tender heart


In a society dark with cruelty
To let the people hear the grandeur
Of God in the peals of your laughter


To let your eloquence
Elevate the people to heights
They had only imagined


To remind the people that
Each is as good as the other
And that no one is beneath
Nor above you


To remember your own young years
And look with favor upon the lost
And the least and the lonely


To put the mantel of your protection
Around the bodies of
The young and defenseless


To take the hand of the despised
And diseased and walk proudly with them
In the high street
Some might see you and
Be encouraged to do likewise


To plant a public kiss of concern
On the cheek of the sick
And the aged and infirm
And count that as a
Natural action to be expected


To let gratitude be the pillow
Upon which you kneel to
Say your nightly prayer
And let faith be the bridge
You build to overcome evil
And welcome good


To ignore no vision
Which comes to enlarge your range
And increase your spirit


To dare to love deeply
And risk everything
For the good thing


To float
Happily in the sea of infinite substance
Which set aside riches for you
Before you had a name


And by doing so
You and your work
Will be able to continue

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Language of Love

The theme of my February e-newsletter, What Shines, is "The Love of Your Life," and I included a link to a Wheel of Wisdom that allows us to say "I love you" in 50 different languages.

But, turns out we don't need to reinvent (or purchase) the wheel. Thanks to subscriber Donna Waugh Campbell for pointing me to a site that spells all we need to know out for us: Inspiration Point.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Imbolc: The Return of the Light

February 2nd marks one of the most powerful portals on the ancient Wheel of the Year. While in the West we now call it Groundhog Day, its meaning goes far deeper than a groundhog's burrow. But yes, it is a potent moment to watch your Shadow!

Celebrated cross-culturally since "time out of mind," the day is both a Christian and Pagan holiday, known variously as Imbolc, St. Brigid's Day (Bride's Day), and Candlemas. It's the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, and heralds the Return of the Light.

Canadian astrologer Tara Greene and Arizona astrologer Allison Rae each eloquently explain how the Great Goddess is initiated at this gateway, which coincides perfectly in 2007 with the full Moon in Leo. It's a time for inspiration and intuition, dream manifestation, healing and, of course, Love.

What most astonished me was discovering, in Tara's typically richly woven text, that Saint Brigid (in the Irish tradition) is the Patroness of Midwives. Since my birthday is February 4th and I've long known I am a Midwife of the Soul and of planetary evolution, it was a clarifying reminder of "what we know, before we know that we know!" Brigid also rules the waters, and where am I heading on Sunday to celebrate my birthday? Harbin Hot Springs, where my own awakening began nearly two decades ago...