Friday, October 27, 2006

Fossilizing Fear Into Fuel

Visionary activist astrologer Caroline Casey, speaking at the recent Bioneers Conference, shared a lot of cosmic commentary on our
"interesting times" (to borrow the Chinese aphorism); among them was this pithy thought on how to redeem the accumulated horror at the "end of empire" (i.e., the "dominator" virus):

"If we can compost tyranny, we'll have sustainable fuel for a long time..." to riotous applause.

To use her trademark lingo: And we say, "What a good idea!" Ashe!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Becoming a Light Unto the World

October 17th was a multidimensional moment felt 'round the world...and now, living as we do in a nanosecond reality, we're asking, "Where's the beef? What's up with this huge influx of Light? How will it affect me...and why haven't I felt anything radical happening yet?"

As Patti Cota-Robles points out, we each evolve in Divine Right Timing; there's no universal template for personal or global transformation--which is precisely why such momentous shifts do take time.

In her latest alert, What Should We Expect Now?, she suggests, "We must not let unrealistic expectations determine what we perceive to be the success or failure of this Cosmic event. One thing we have experienced in this lifetime that compares to this event is Harmonic Convergence, which took place August 15-17, 1987. During that event, people all over the world were expecting all sorts of miraculous changes too. When people woke up on August 18, 1987, and things seemed the same, many people were disappointed and classified the event as a New Age hoax. In reality, nothing could be further from the Truth.

"If you have any doubts about that, just observe your own personal growth, and see how you have matured spiritually since 1987. Pay attention to how your heart, your thoughts and your life have changed since that time. How has your own direction changed? How have you moved closer to the fulfillment of your Divine Plan, your purpose and reason for being?"

I thought back to Harmonic Convergence, which barely registered on my radar nearly 20 years ago. However, in May of 1988, I experienced a profound awakening at Harbin Hot Springs (recounted on my CD, What You Need to Know Now: A Road Map for Personal Transformation, that I recorded a decade later, after emerging from my own "dark night of the soul".) My Harbin wake-up call took place exactly 9 months from Harmonic Convergence...a classic gestation and birth!

So stay focused, remain in faith, and know that you are part of a planetary birth process. It's exciting, unpredictable, and more glorious and amazing than we could ever have imagined...just as all birth is.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Don't Get Stung In Your Sleep!

The energetic shifts just keep on comin', like ocean waves. As an Aquarian, pictured pouring out the Uranian electric currents of change, it's sometimes easier to sense what's happening...but not necessarily any easier to ride the waves without getting wet!

Canadian astrologer Tara Greene refers to the upcoming Scorpio season as "Scorpio overdose", or S.O.D. Six planets will be in Scorpio by month's end--and then we catapult into one of Mercury's tri-annual retrograde periods! Intriguingly, Tara observes that the amount of time we're in Mercury Rx coincides with how long humans spend asleep.

She writes, "It's as if the Universe gives us time for our brains to cool off, relax, rest, repose. Mercury Retrograde is the Universe's way of saying, your mind needs a break, you can't always be fast-forwarding, you need downtime before you can go on. It's Divine Intelligence fine-tuning things, balancing and operating in a harmonious way. Mercury retrogrades are a great time to rehash, relax, rethink, redevelop, re-invent, review, rest, and all the other 'Re-' words."

We come out of retrograde on November 17th, but things won't really begin forward motion again until December 5th...just in time for the holiday season.

So as it's now powerfully time to release and let go, Tara suggests doing your Christmas shopping NOW--or wait till the second week of December.

Grab your surfboards, and let's enjoy the cleansing waters!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Living As a Bridge Between the Worlds

As a follow-up to my October 5th posting with Maggie Erotokritou's words about her trip to Peru, here's an excerpt from trip facilitator Aluna Joy's travel log. It's one of the clearest expressions of what it means to walk between the worlds as a conscious conduit that I've ever read. As I see my role as that of a world-bridger as well, it was heartening to read another lightkeeper's feelings:

"It is my last morning in Peru, and things are different now. The doors to the spiritual cocoon that our group has been traveling through for 16 days have closed behind us, sealing into our hearts everything we felt, learned and experienced. It was an impeccable group. They were easy to laugh and make light of our adventures, but also knew the right times to get deep and be quiet. We have been a living example of unconditional love and harmony. This is not an easy thing to pull off in a third world country.

"I know that when we walk as a conscious group in any area of the earth, it affects the earth and the people in that area. It feels good to know that we anchored some beautiful energy for those who walk this path after us. This last night on the lake's edge, we had a great confirmation of the power we collected. Many of you have probably experienced light bulbs bursting when you touch them, and perhaps you may have even blown out your computer screens . . . but tonight the electrical transformers outside our hotel began to explode and go up in flames . . . one after the other … until all the power was down for as far as the eye could see. The show was visible from my room window. What a show of confirmation. But now Spirit asks us to return to the 3D world, and this leaves us feeling strange beyond words, and triggers deep questions. It is an empty fullness.

"As you probably noticed, I'm not an expert on the places that I visit. I'm not an authority; nor do I pretend to be. I'm a visitor, a traveler, an enthusiast, a spiritual seeker. But what exactly have I gained? How have I been changed by what I have seen, by what I have done, by what I have felt? Pilgrimages are about self-discovery and self mastery, just as much as they are about discovering sacred sites in the outer world. We go to a sacred site, we learn, we get blasted and changed in the process. Hopefully when all is said and done, we are a little bit better for it.

"Sacred travel isn't always pretty. It isn't always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, and it can even break our hearts. But that is okay. Because the journey changed us as it should. It leaves marks on our memory, our consciousness, our hearts, and even our bodies. You take something back with you, and hopefully we leave something good behind. Is it possible to be saturated with Spirit and emptied out all at the same time? I think so.

"Like it or not, sooner or later we have to go back to the busy worlds from which we came. We feel strange about leaving. We don't know if we belong in these beautiful places, yet we don't know if we belong at home either.

"As I near my home base in Sedona, I sit down to my first green salad in almost three weeks. Dust from the Andean highlands is still fresh on my jeans. Woven bracelets are still on my wrist. Energetic Andean pan pipe music is now replaced with lifeless, canned, mall music. I realize that the people around me have no concept of the world I just left. Nor could the people that I just left understand the world I just reentered. Both worlds seem so unreal to me. I don't fit well in either. This used to bother me. But today, being between worlds has become normal to me and quite comfortable.

"Our modern world is filled with unlimited opportunities, yet those around me seem so anesthetized. The abundance of options has placed them in a fog. Yet all those in the Andes have all the headspace they need to learn; yet no opportunity to do so. I can feel the chasm between the worlds. How funny that only in a few short hours, we can experience both in their extremes.

"As I near home, anticipating a nice hot shower and a comfy bed, there is a power in me, a light, a strength in me. This light makes me okay with both worlds. I fit in both not as a participant, but as a bridge. My place, my home . . . is in me. In one world, I am rich. In another, I am poor. In one, I am smart; in another, uneducated. What the world thinks of me is only their opinion. It doesn't matter to me anymore. I know that the power and light in me is Spirit. My living in both worlds bridges these two worlds together somehow. My journeys build bridges. Our journeys together build even bigger bridges. Soon we will build a bridge for the entire world.

"It was a hard journey. I hiked far, slept little, and dug relentlessly for answers to life's questions. The riches I gained are immeasurable, indescribable, yet barely tangible to the mind. I feel a deeper sense of purpose. I feel a deeper level of Spirit walking with me. I am at the center point within me, and this feels like home. I can feel the Andean Apus, and spirits walking with me stronger than ever. All that I experienced, all that I connected with, and all that I learned walks with me now as part of me; a part of my Spirit . . . a part of my soul . . . and a part of the bridge."

Aluna concluded her entry with this anonymous quote:

"Imagine if, upon awakening tomorrow, you were free to express your truth, whatever your truth might be, without fear of embarrassment, without fear of prejudgment, without fear of retribution. What would you say? Where would you start? And how far would you go with your newfound light?"

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amplify the Awesome

Tuesday, October 17th, is another portal opportunity for humanity to raise our vibratory frequency significantly. According to a transmission from Patti Cota-Robles,

"There is going to be an ultraviolet pulse beam from higher dimensions greater than we have previously been able to experience, crossing the path of Earth. [This rare cosmic event] will give us a jump-start in manifesting the things we would like to co-create in our own lives and on this planet.

We will be held in the embrace of this highly charged ultraviolet beam of Light for approximately 17 hours. The energy emanating from this beam resonates with Humanity's 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Chakras.

The Beings of Light are revealing that during this 17-hour period the ultraviolet pulse beam will have the effect of amplifying our thoughts and emotions ONE MILLIONFOLD. This will be the case regardless of what our thoughts and emotions are expressing. Needless to say, it is imperative for all of us to be Peace Commanding Presences during this auspicious time."

The emphasis on 17 intrigues me, and feels like a circle completing. Many years ago, when my dream life was nudging me to reawaken to the truth of who and what I am, I dreamt what felt like vitally important information about an "error message of 17"; somehow, I knew, a "course correction" of sorts was necessary, but as usual in those early days of remembering (and sometimes today as well!), I thought the message related solely to my individual ray of consciousness in 3D, rather than to the collective.

Patti writes, "The ultraviolet pulse beam will be a wave of Light that traverses the planet, so no matter what time zone you are in the important times will be the same. For 17 hours, from approximately 10:17 a.m. on October 17th until 1:17 a.m. on October 18th our thoughts and emotions will be amplified ONE MILLIONFOLD. The peak time will be 5:10 p.m. on October 17th.

Can you imagine how powerful it will be for Lightworkers around the world to take advantage of this Cosmic Moment by using our thoughts and emotions to expand the archetypes and matrix for Divine Government on this planet, as well as empowering the newly reactivated patterns of Heaven on Earth?"

Let's replace ancient fear
With global hugs and good cheer.
A correction message of 17 is at hand...
May Light, Liberty and Love grace the land!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cosmic Cement

As usual, Karen Bishop has her intuitive pulse on our planetary body. In her latest alert, she describes our "rungs of rising frequencies" as feeling a bit like an evolutionary topple backwards. Many lightworkers no longer feel guided as we once did, because the times are no longer a-changin' — we've raised collective consciousness to the necessary level of critical mass (attained in August 2005); now, the work is about creating what a Planet of Light "looks like."

Not exactly a 3D job description.

So we're looking inward more than ever before, because that's where the true guidance is coming from, now. It's about integrating and collaborating with our global siblings and with Gaia Herself, in co-creating a whole new concept of what a "regular life" is in 3D. We have the blueprint. We have that knowledge. We're all becoming master artisans. And October is the month we cement in the changes September wrought.

This is elemental evolution, beloveds! What joy!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jackson Browne and John Lennon

October 9th is a day of birth on many levels. In the U.S., today marks Columbus' discovery of the New World. Five centuries hence, it also commemorates the day two extraordinary troubadours arrived in 3D: John Lennon was born October 9, 1940, and would be 66 today were he still embodied. And Jackson Browne, who was my muse thirty years ago and is still a poetic prophet for our times, turns 58 today.

Let freedom—and the music—ring!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

South America as Portal to the Divine Feminine

Maggie Erotokritou, coordinator of the Planetary Awakening Network, just returned from a spiritual pilgrimage to Peru facilitated by experienced sacred site tour guides, Willuru and Aluna Joy. She says the experience was profound. What was illuminating for me was learning this area is the planetary portal for the Divine Feminine energies to stream onto the global grid; no wonder so many (including me!) feel a pull to journey there now...

Maggie writes, "As we move towards the Golden Age, and the Divine Feminine energies become more evident and many more people are waking up, so the spiritual energies of the planet have also shifted from the masculine area of the Himalayas and Tibet to South America, which is considered to be the feminine spiritual counterpart, and where the Divine Feminine energies are pouring in. More and more spiritual seekers are now being drawn towards South America and specifically to Peru, whereas in the past most spiritual seekers were drawn to India, the Himalayas and Tibet. There is a turning of the tide. Long ago the masters wrote that the untapped focus of illumination would be in the Andes mountains and that South America would become the land of spiritual promise. This is also reflected in the gradual letting go of the guru system and instead moving into a deeper sense of self and knowing, which invites self remembering and self realization." (For years, when people have inquired about my spiritual journey and what teacher(s) I've followed, I usually respond, "I just dial direct!")

Maggie continues, "The crown for me was Lake Titicaca, the highest, and most mysterious lake in the world, and Tequile Island, which is located about two hours' boat ride across the lake. Lake Titicaca is now considered to be the heart centre of the world, and on the top of Tequile Island in the lake is the Temple of the Heart. Although the people on the island are very poor and don't have running water or electricity, their hearts are filled with love and joy, and staying on the island one can feel the flowing heart energy, which extends across the lake.

"Sitting at the top of the world at the highest point of the island, about 14,500 feet, at the Temple of the Heart, was one of the most soulfelt experiences I have ever had. It is a time for the full opening and blossoming of the heart; the world so desperately needs it, we have been through a huge purification and this is continuing so as to make room for the new to come in.

"I extend and share those beautiful rays of light with you and send them across the world and invite you to join me in doing so."

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In the Flow with The Divine Feminine

I often receive wonderful, humorous "insight stories" (almost like Zen koans) from my dear virtual friend Violette Ruffley. Here's her latest, which had me laughing out loud. Being spiritual is good; being spiritual and prepared is better; being spiritual, prepared, and allowing ourselves to be receptively guided is ideal. Remember, it's humor, so enjoy in that context:

The River

Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a raging, violent river. Needing to get on the other side, the first man prayed, "God, please give me the strength to cross the river."

Poof! God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to swim across in about two hours, having almost drowned twice.

After witnessing that, the second man prayed, "God, please give me strength and the tools to cross the river."

Poof! God gave him a rowboat and strong arms and strong legs and he was able to row across in about an hour, after almost capsizing once.

Seeing what happened to the first two men, the third man prayed, "God, please give me the strength, the tools and the intelligence to cross the river."

Poof! He was turned into a woman. She checked the map, hiked one hundred yards upstream and walked across the bridge.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New to the Core

E/merging from September is a bit like stepping out of a blast furnace, newly forged in the alchemical fire. Two respected wayshowers for these transitional times cite how the shift is affecting them, and us:

Allison Rae, who has published The Alignments Newsletter since 1999, received clear guidance to stop. During her "unplanned sabbatical," she "quite unexpectedly contacted a level of being new in this lifetime yet thoroughly familiar, a vast interdimensional space accessed via Vishnunabi, the Galactic Core.

"Merging with this level of raw creation energy catalyzed an ecstatic internal reconfiguration that it took the entire eclipse period of September to integrate.

"This initiation had everything to do with Pluto's transit of Sagittarius and the Galactic Center, the September eclipse series, and a personal transit of Uranus conjunct my natal 9th house Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces.

"The passage obliterated my operating paradigm and shattered my perceptions. At the same time, it reaffirmed my most fundamental beliefs. Through this gateway, infinite new realities are born.

"Creation necessarily involves destruction. This is the myth of Kali and the Dark Madonna. It's how Pluto operates. We must sacrifice everything to attain the state of no-being-ness required so that we may create purely from Essence.

"With Pluto's help, everything can change in the wink of an eye. Pluto's conjunction with the Galactic Center in 2006-2007 opens the cosmic floodgate. This passage shatters our assumptions and opens us to greater understanding of the nature of reality and our true purpose.

"Through this gateway, a most profound connection with Source is possible. Much will be destroyed in the process." It is a process of living into our vastness, allowing our greatness to shine. Allison says, "Like Sagittarius the archer, we need to aim higher, reach for the stars, return in consciousness to our true home."

Allison's new, vaster version of Aligments is Cosmic Time. Check it out.

Meanwhile, Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn affirms what many of us have been feeling for awhile: Time has changed.

Now, I usually think my exhaustion or anger is due to living nomadically for so-so-so long, but/and, I'm also a vessel for the cosmic shift. Michael says,

" many people say to us, 'I do not feel like a Master, and I feel lost and confused', or they say, 'I never have time to do anything anymore and I am always tired. Whatever happened to time?'

"Well, dearest ones, it is true that as you moved into the new Fifth-Dimensional Matrix, time accelerated as your vibration was lifted and raised. But we would also like to explain to you what has happened with your perception of time.

"You have become multi-dimensional Crystal beings or Human Angels. Your energy flows freely though all your energy and physical forms. Now, previously, you were in the habit of repressing unpleasant emotions and feelings, and not dealing with complex situations. You would 'hide' in work, or play, or addictions. But now, you are learning to deal with every emotion and feeling that arises, so that you may be a clear channel for Divine Essence, with no blocks or repressions.

"So, indeed, much of your time is now taken up with processing deep feelings and emotions. Many of you have considerable 'backlogs' and are having to process and release some quite old issues in order to reach the clarity of heart and mind that will allow you to emerge as fully Crystal or Christed beings - the true Masters of Light.

"And so, as you work to process these feelings, you do experience confusion, anxiety and even exhaustion. But we say, dearest Lightworkers, allow this process and be patient. Soon you will see the rewards and feel the benefits as you emerge into clarity and peace."

Rest easy, dear hearts! October is going to be an easier month, and then we skate into another powerful 11:11 Stargate in November...