Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Over the Rainbow

It's been an odd day, weather-wise: lots of cloudbursts followed by radiant sun, then more rain. I spied two rainbows in the exact same location, about two hours apart. Earlier, I'd forgotten today was Mardi Gras, though these signs are certainly in keeping with the theme of celebration. The rainbows appeared in the East, the direction in which I'll soon be bound. And the East, in all native teachings, heralds new beginnings...

So as we prepare to dive into a watery Mercury retrograde in Pisces on Thursday (till 3/25), remember to stay in the flow, release what you think you know, and open to manifest: all money metaphors contain water imagery. Currency/currents, reserves (as in Federal Reserve)/reservoir, liquid assets, cash flow. Affluence literally means, "to flow abundance."

Here's to your wealth! May it also bring you the wisdom to use it well.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Enrolling in Crystal U

We've been hearing about Lightbody and Lightwork for awhile; now, it's open enrollment for all planetary citizens! Being in the Light is itself enrolling: engaging our senses and hearts in a vibratory field that's literally helping us heal and release density.

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn says we are Cosmic Crystals in a Field of Love, and the image alone is enough to elevate consciousness. Michael explains:

"Since the activation of the Galactic Lightbody, the human body is rapidly assuming its orginal template form and design - exquisite crystalline geometries designed to vibrate in a field of pure love and to express that love in many dimensions!

"The significance of these energies for the planet is immense and wonderful. They will ground and bring peace to a turbulent world as they transmute and transform. But, on the individual level, there will also be miraculous changes.

"The Galactic Lightbody, with its specific geometry of the Icosa-Dodecahedron, and the Quantum 'Field of Love', with its specific crystalline geometries, will produce, by sympathetic vibration or resonance, a crystalline state in the human body. This will be through the water matrix of the body. Your body is 70 to 80 percent water, and this water will begin to vibrate in crystalline forms. Once this happens, the physical body will receive and transmit more and more light. You will indeed become radiant and luminous.

"'Becoming Light' in this way means that the body becomes less dense and is able to be thought of as light. It can be transformed, healed, rejuvenated, at the speed of thought! This is the 'highest potential' that is encoded in your DNA in the Paradise template, and that is being activated now by the Sirian Blue Star geometries and the Galactic Field of Love. But this will be a gradual process, dearest ones, there is no rush. Allow your bodies the time they need to make the changes. Some may need lots of rest and quiet times to allow the transformation, others may not. You are individuals and each of you will begin to work with these transformative energies in your own individual way.

"And, dearest ones, you will have much work to do to assist those who are still awakening to understand the energies of change, for they will affect everyone. The entire planet is in the Fifth Dimension, although most people still identify with a Third Dimensional reality frame. But when these deep changes start to become evident, there will be much education and support work to be done as people learn the truth of their Angelic nature and how to express their highest potential on Earth."

Friday, February 17, 2006

Full of Hot Air? Launch a Balloon Ride!

Since last night I've suddenly been beset by positive choices, yet strangely unable to discern the best option for me at this time, even (especially) intuitively. I'm planning to relocate, but the geographical call keeps shifting capriciously, like my own breath.

Not surprising, says astrologer Tara Greene. Mars entered Gemini today, and as a result, "Actions will definitely be 'up in the air.'"

Greene reports, "Mars finally leaves the earthy confines of Taurus' feminine, Venus-ruled, bullish, obstinate, sensual, money loving sign where he's been smelling the roses since July 27th 2005. Now, that was one very loooong stay in Taurus. We've been acting around very nitty-gritty issues since then, since Mars had a long retrograde period, where we were going over old turf and being very stubborn to boot. Mars, known for his fiery warlike nature, usually jaunts through each sign at the rate of about a month and a half, depending on how aggressive he's feeling. Mars the Warrior is in Gemini, an Air sign, both masculine--and that's a pretty hot fire to handle.

"The mood should definitely lighten up, quicken and change now. Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio. Aries is fiery and initiatory, spontaneous combustion, independent, angry, strong-willed. Scorpio is watery and deals with birth, death and transformation, sex and power--the Biggies. Gemini's nature is mental agility, fast, ruled by Mercury, therefore Gemini governs all communications, thinking, talking, quick mind shifts, publicity, the lungs, short journeys, & siblings.

"Gemini has a dual nature, it's the infamous twins mythologized in ancient cultures throught the world, duality, the masculine and feminine, both sides of the brain, Peter Pan--expect Michael Jackson to be in the news again. Actions head to Never Land. We may see aggressive militaristic moves to limit the Internet, communications and freedom of speech issues.

"In the Tarot, Gemini is associated with the Tarot Card the Lovers, the 6th Trump Card. Gemini is seeking to understand relationships of all kinds.

"Mars in Gemini says, 'Ah, you may as well try and catch the wind.' Picture a flaming brain. Aries and Scorpios will be vacillating and talking more." {Ah! Now I get it: I have an Aries Moon and my Ascendant is in Scorpio. No wonder I'm a wee bit confused!}

"Fast talking, thinking on one's feet, changing one's mind a lot, discovering through examining both opposing sides of any issue.

"In Gemini Mars may switch sides every few minutes. Expect the stock markets to swing wildly, vacillating back and forth highlighting us vs. them, black and white, good & evil, rich & poor, power vs. victims, until April 20th, on a Full Moon, when Passover begins and Mars submerges himself into the watery, sensitive, Mom-and-apple pie, home loving and nurturing sign of Cancer, where Mars will heat things up for both Canada - a good thing weatherwise - and the U.S. Both countries' Sun signs are Cancerian - July 1st and 4th.

"Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, entered Pisces on the 8th of February, so communications should be more sympathetic, flowing, spiritual, compassionate and alternately, in denial, ephemeral, other-worldy, very emotional, and watch for those rosy sweet words and hidden agendas.

Wind Power and the Power of the Word
So let's get SMART POWER here, never mind nuclear, gas firing, coal and heaven forbid a fuel burning energy plant. Why not use that Mars in Gemini energy to talk your head off - and act to make something enlightening happen, like try to catch the wind and use it - WIND POWER. Maybe with Mars in Gemini we'll harness yakking power from the energy of all those lips flapping in the breeze so that we could be putting your money where your mouth is."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brrreeeport to Yinify: A Wealth of Wisdom from B to Y

The blogging world is all a-flutter over a made-up word that's been boosting search engine rankings exponentially: brrreeeport. At first I thought it meant a report from the Arctic region, or something having to do with French cheese (albeit with a creative spelling.)

We can magnetize anything into existence by our collective power, as the above example demonstrates. I'd like to see the word and meaning of yinify expand as rapidly and penetrate as widely as the meaningless brrreeeport. Yinify is a word I coined several years ago to express the idea of unifying in the Divine Feminine (yin) energy. It can also mean to become/embody more of the feminine qualities of receptivity, attraction, magnetism, heart-centered focus, and intuition.

Each of us carries both "masculine" and "feminine" energies; I am not describing external attributes of maleness or femaleness, but rather, how we express energy in the world. We are in the midst of a global shift to a more feminine way of being, which will ultimately usher in an era of prolonged peace, harmony and well-being.

I've held the intent for awhile now of stewarding The Yinification Tour©, an evolutionary, multidimensional, multimedia healing event encompassing music, movement, dance, ritual, singing/chanting, invocations, inspirational dialogue, poetry, improv/theatre, visual arts, and more. Unlike a standard workshop or presentation, this event will develop organically in a participatory framework. The practical transformational tools we create will become integral to the ceremony and to us, simultaneously.

I envision a core group with complementary talents/skills who share the vision and join together to bring The Yinification Tour© into manifestation. This "healing theatre" will travel from destination to destination and include local talent in different cities, encouraging people to use these transformational tools in their daily lives on an ongoing basis.

So if you're ready to co-create at the crossroads, from B to Y, as it were, I invite you to unthaw from brrreeeport and yinify at the evolutionary edge!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Journey of Genuine Love

This is a lovely flash presentation that reminds us to open to the love we seek: The Journey of Genuine Love.

Happy Valentine's Day. "AH" Love You!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

AH Love You!

For the 4th year in a row, you can be part of a global "sonic Valentine" for planetary peace, harmony and love. On February 14th, at noon your local time, join thousands of people throughout the planet as they tone an "AH" together for five minutes, projecting the energy of Light & Love throughout Mama Gaia. You'll actually experience generating a field of transformational energy as this occurs. 

For complete details, visit founder Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds site to learn how World Sound Healing Day came into being.

The "AH" is a universal, non-denominational heart sound that when projected with focused energy is extremely powerful and effective.

What a heartfelt way to say I Love You to everyone--including yourself!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The luminous divine rowdy compassionate trickster wisdom of Rob Brezsny

Like a beat poet for the new millennium, Rob Brezsny delivered a ramblin', rhymin' invocation to inspire truth, beauty and irreverent, loving curiousity among all of us listening in rapt amused attention tonight, as he shared the essence of his life, work, and beliefs at Copperfield's Books in Santa Rosa, CA.

Brezsny, whose surname I rarely spell correctly unless his syndicated freewill astrology column or new book, Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia are sitting in front of my nose (like now), is singular in his creative compassion and evocatively humorous delivery. I can only capture an iota of it here; for a fuller dose, visit Free Will Astrology.

Part of the song/poem he sang/spoke to us included the lines:

"Breathe in the Mystery,
Breathe out the history.

We need lusty compassion and ecstatic beauty.

Breathe in the luminosity,
Breathe out the animosity.

Breathe in the generosity,
Breathe out the grandiosity."

{Kind of lends a whole new level of meaning to the idea of deep breathing, doesn't it?!}

He referred to us all as "Divine chameleons" and invited us to write our own "Glory Manifesto": an epic depiction of what's right in your life. To help get there, he taught us to do the "World Kiss," in which you send love to those you love--and those you hate; those you know, and those you'll never know. He said, "To do the World Kiss, you've got to have a heart on in each of your seven chakras." Read it aloud if you don't immediately get the entendre.

My favorite moment was when he did a riff on Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream," speech. Brezsny said he has a dream "that Oprah Winfrey will buy up all the Pizza Huts across the U.S. and convert them into menstrual huts where, for a few days each month, both men and women can go and seek solace."

How cool is that? I look forward to savoring the book.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Firewalk Feedback

The newsletter on my Feb. 4th firewalk in Davis, CA with Heather Ash Amara (yes, you read that right) has sparked the highest response I've received to a mailing in awhile. Apparently we're ALL ready to toss off our invisible shackles and shine! I loved some of the feedback so much I had the inspiration tonight to post it here for all to savor:
From my beloved fellow coach, Helene van Manen in CO:

i love how you walk through fire and how you live big.
i wish you calm cooling foot creme days for the remainder of your year.

you are ever in my heart.
From Edie Moser in PA:

I did the same thing on my birthday about ten years ago. What an affirming experience that we are so intricately connected with life force. I consider myself an emotional firewalker that does that on a daily basis. Sounds like you do too.
From my college buddies MaryAnne and Ed in VA:

Your old friend Ed suggests that next you might want to try to walk on water! Think of the steam!
From Patricia Sage Wells-Wright in CA:

Thanks for all your wonderful newsletters. Glad to hear of your most recent birthday and your firewalk. Congratulations! The timing was certainly right for you!!!

My birthday is February 11, my one sis is Feb 4th and my youngest sis is Jan 22. All three Aquarians! Nice to know you as well are a fellow Aquarian.
From Nila Tadic de Ossio in Bolivia:

Happy birthday, dear Amara Rose. Thank you for sharing such a mystical experience with us! God bless you.
And from firewalk leader Heather Ash, now in TX:


It was a joy to meet you and see the light shining so brightly in your face after the firewalk. May your flame burn with great love and guide our every step...

Bright blessings on your healing work, sister!

I love you all! Thank you! ~ Amara

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some By Fire

I firewalked on 2/4, my 49th birthday, and told the group afterwards, "I feel reborn." I almost used the following inspirational poem as the lead quote for this month's e-newsletter, on my firewalk experience:

Some By Fire

~ Dawn Callan
from Awakening the Warrior Within, © 1995 Nataraj Publishing

Like a Phoenix from the embers
Ashes to ashes
Burning, burning
Some by fire
Some by water
Until we remember returning.

Some by the arts of the necromancer
Some by the sword
Some in the trance of the Sufi dancer
Some by the word.

Prodigal daughter
Walks the Warrior's path
Some by water
Some by tempting God to laugh.

Woman's body
Warrior's soul
Dance the ancient rite
Free the dragons of desire
Into the Light
Some by fire.


What I didn't include in What Shines: we were each asked to choose a word to symbolize our firewalk intention. Mine was "freedom." In triumphant tears after crossing the coals, the words that kept ringing in my head were, "Anything is possible!"

Everything is energy, is light, is love. The most potent, beautiful verification I've received of this truth in awhile comes from my friend Mahaleena, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung and brain cancer (she has never smoked cigarettes, to my knowledge). When I heard the news, I registered my shock and sadness and asked what I could offer besides prayer (please add your blessings to the crucible).

This is her response, in part:

"I am feeling well and getting care by the Angels who work in Radiation, etc. All the really nice people are cached in one place. Nothing but good experiences are coming from this. Whether I live or die I have touched love and been touched by love from others. There is nothing else of any consequence happening on the planet. So bask in it."

Dear Ones, that's living your light! Maha, you glow, girl! Much LOVE!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Imbolc/Candlemas: The Light Returns!

In popular culture, February 2nd is referred to as Groundhog Day, when the little creature's shadow (or lack thereof) is said to determine whether winter will end soon or endure for 6 more weeks.

Like many sacred cycles on the Wheel of the Year, Feb. 2nd has been translated into a watered-down interpretation of its deeper meaning.

In cultures throughout the world, this day has traditionally been known as Imbolc (the ancient Celtic name that celebrates the goddess Brigid) and as Candlemas ("mass of the candles"), which in the Catholic religion marked the end of the Yule season.

The midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, Imbolc signifies the return of the Light, and thus is cause for celebration.

You'll find lots of enlightening lore on Myth*ing Links, a wonderful website chock-full of insight and inspiration concerning all aspects of mythology.

It's a potent moment for feeling our own inner fire (see the February issue of my e-newsletter, What Shines, on this topic!)

Rae Beth explains,

"The three-aspected springtime fire of the Goddess Brighid, especially linked with the recent festival of Imbolg, is very much connected with healing. For the surge of fire, experienced in Northern Europe as slightly longer hours of daylight, restores us in three ways. First, it gives us a lift of physical and psychological energy. (It is well known that daylight deprivation inclines people to depression and lethargy.) Secondly, it pleases our souls, because it not only brings the presence of spring flowers but inclines our thoughts to love and romance. Thirdly, it can increase our creativity. As our spirits lift, we are more likely to be inspired with new plans and projects...

"It seems to me that these three aspects of the Goddess's fire are linked, in many ways. If a person's creativity is fully expressed, their health is likely to improve. Love and romance can incline us towards creativity – people often write poetry (however badly) when they're in love.

"Nature's springtime fire increases our personal fire – that power which the East calls 'Kundalini'. (This is an electrical force said to lie coiled like a snake at the base of our spines. It is awakened by sexual attraction and by certain kinds of magical and mystical experience.)

"I believe there is said to be a biological connection between daylight, the pineal gland and stimulation of sexual/creative energy. In ritual and intuitive ways, it seems to me that this is what we are celebrating, when we light lots of candles on February 2nd, in honour of the Goddess Brighid (the Lady of the first stirrings of the Light, however we name Her.) And that this was perceived by our Pagan ancestors, in the days before anyone knew anything at all about the endocrine system and light sensitivity."

Shine On!