Monday, June 22, 2009

What Women Want (Men, Too)

My new Episcopalian priest pal calls me a "Mediatrix", a term with which I wasn't familiar, though it appears to be akin to worldbridger, shaman, healer. Father Charles wrote to me in an email:

"The mediatrix recognizes in herself aspects of the collective unconscious and attempts to give them form and expression. She mediates between the world of the unconscious and the outer world. She may even be a mystic healer. Our culture does not quite know what to do with a mediatrix, and so her path can be especially difficult."

What's more fascinating is, when we were discussing my service in the world and I mentioned that many men are drawn to what I offer as a spiritual midwife, he said, "Part of what you do is represent to them their own anima in a strong and challenging way. The male maturation process involves accepting and incorporating the anima, although there needs to be growth beyond that point as well. Yet there is much in our culture that can prevent men from accepting their anima."

He suggested I read Knights Without Armor: A Practical Guide for Men in Quest of Masculine Soul by Aaron Kipnis. On page 99, the book provides a chart of triads illustrating the path of development from the old to transitional to new masculinity, encompassing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Look at some of these triads:

Heroic — Feminized — Authentic
Hard — Soft — Flexible
Closed — Unprotected — Receptive
Cynical — Naive — Fresh/humorous
Splitting — Joining — Holds paradox
Repressed — Contained — Wild/playful
Dogma — Belief — Direct experience

Father Charles wrote, "My observation is that, on the whole, women in our society are ahead of men in these matters. The first two items in a triad may be gender-specific. But the final item tends not to be. Both women and men are meant to be authentic, flexible, fresh/humorous, wild/playful. And that sounds delicious to me."

He is so right on. This is exactly how my own journey has played out. In fact, I often use these precise words and expressions in describing my life now, such as this piece I penned right after my emergence from the womb in '98, on Embracing Paradox, or this perennially popular one, on How to See Yourself As An Artist. The more we merge into Oneness, the more we realize we're All One, never alone. As always, a subtle shift makes all the difference.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zoned In

Since I've been Tweeting my blog has received a lot less attention. I do want to recommend this uplifting piece by Anne Naylor, who writes for The Huffington Post:

12 Steps to Get On Track: In the Zone With Brad Pitt

Pick any one of them to start your day off right!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Tweeting As I Travel Rte. 50

I've decided communication is for the birds, and joined the Twitter (R)evolution. Amazingly, both LiveYourLight and my own name were already in use, so my Twitter handle is Amara_Rose, or

I'm currently traveling back to the West coast via US 50, a state highway that runs coast to coast, minus the frenetic pace and diesel devastation of the interstates. Tonight I'm in Romney, West Virginia, typing this in a local hotel as a 50th anniversary high school reunion rages in the conference room a few feet away. It's fun to watch these lively people in their late 60s act just as they probably did at 18. Our bodies may age, but we remain who we've always been ~ ideally becoming more of ourselves in the best ways, and allowing our less beneficial behaviors to morph along the timeline.

My trip East has been fraught with distress, frustration, and a deep sense of loss. Despite my planetary role as energy transducer and worldbridger, I felt unable to bridge the gulf that exists between who I have evolved into over the years, and my family of origin. We inhabit vastly different universes in every sense, and while both they and I made valiant efforts to communicate from love and patience, ultimately my great fatigue (after driving 4000 miles and then continuing to deal with the van's ongoing mechanical problems, spending most of my days in auto repair shops ~ not exactly high vibration environments!) and physical depletion left me with no resources to hold the space for the highest possibility to emerge.

On one level, I feel I've failed both myself and my birth family; on another, I realize, as Patti Cota-Robles keeps reminding us in her alerts, that we are in the midst of an "incredibly intensified cleansing process" and all is perfect, whether it "looks" that way to me right now or not. I know I began to feel the low vibration feelings lifting/shifting as soon as I was out of the immediate physical vicinity; after about 100 miles, I started to relax, and by the time I got to Route 50 (near Winchester, VA) I was ready for adventure again.

I have a card in my van that reads, "What, after all, is Adventure but Inconvenience, properly regarded?" I could not hold this perspective against the decades, if not lifetimes, of competing energy in NJ, and, it is and has been who I am now.

May you hold yourself tenderly during these tumultuous times, and allow your energy to fluctuate as it needs to as you ride the roller coaster of Now into the New.

Remember that this New Nomad is available, via phone, email and in person as I travel, to serve you.

Many blessings,