Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/26: Opening to Power

Monday heralds a rare solar eclipse that will transform the sun into a ring of fire. Unfortunately, it'll only be fully visible to those in the Indian Ocean at the time. That doesn't mean we won't feel the effects, however.

As astrologer Allison Rae observes in the current issue of her ezine, Cosmic Time, "Eclipses break up energy, including long-established patterns that are ripe for removal. Solar eclipses are super-charged new moons signaling major new beginnings.

"In other words, this is a gamma-dose of transformational energy for planet Earth. The January and February eclipses happen in Aquarius-Leo and could easily be interpreted as an entree into the Aquarian Age. Both the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 26 and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 9 feature five planets in the sign of Aquarius."

It's also the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox (no time to be bull-headed!). Mercury is still retrograde (through the end of the month), and Jupiter's in Aquarius all year, expanding unconventional opportunity across the board.

Clearly, this dark moon, total solar eclipse, Chinese New Year gateway is a crossroads call to, as a We'Moon calendar creatrix writes, "come unfurl at the cusp of possibility!"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

METAmorphosis: Going Beyond

For years, I've been saying we're all cells in the body of the Goddess. This one-minute video metaphor of how a butterfly is born is a potent message for what's happening on our planet: we are becoming ONE.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fear to Love: A Subtle Shift

The great changes we make in our lives are really small shifts in perception:

nowhere to now here
scared to sacred
density to destiny

Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office three-quarters of a century ago in the U.S., during economic times more dire than what we experience today. And in his first inaugural address, he counseled the people not to give in to dread: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Fear, like disease, is insidious; yet consciously and continually elevating our thoughts can turn the tide, so that the most challenging circumstances need not cause alarm; this is what's meant by being centered.

The day of the inauguration (was it really yesterday? Time is moving so strangely now, it could have been weeks ago ...) I remarked joyfully to some people in my local mail center about how Obama will be a president to set precedent; he can't be "canned", as evinced by his and Michelle's decision to walk a while on the parade route, ahead of schedule. To my amazement, the people I spoke with responded with fear: "He must have been wearing bullet-proof clothes!" and even, "I was hoping he'd actually get to take the oath."

Certainly there are factions who wish to undermine our ascent; yet, this is truly a new moment. Metaphysically speaking, it would not serve us for Barack Obama to be assassinated; Lincoln, JFK, RFK, MLK and others have already sacrificed their lives for evolution. While it always pays to be prudent, and while I imagine the Secret Service protection is formidable, I have full faith that he is protected by virtue of his role as Lightworker and global bridge builder.

We can support President Obama and his mission best by being in a state of love and faith as often as possible, and holding him, his family, and his team in this same Light.

Subtle shifts are extremely powerful. We can choose again in every moment. ReChoice. And rejoice.
Blessed Be.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Changing Face of Leadership

This fascinating video montage shows each presidential visage dissolving into the next, from George Washington to Barack Obama ... you see how the outer reflects a similarity in our thinking for broad stretches of time, and how we evolve as a collective ... or, perhaps, how alike we really are, inside and out:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Emancipation Proclamation Redux

Almost 150 years after President Lincoln signed the document that ended slavery in one fell swoop, we stand on the threshold of a fuller freedom, as our first hybrid president, who understands viscerally what it means to be both black and white, reaches beyond human-contrived barriers to unite us as a global people under Love's umbrella: a true Aquarian Age leader.

The world has responded with such an outpouring of joy to Brarack Obama's election because he is the archetypal symbol of our collective future: an integrated confluence of all the seemingly disparate parts of ourselves, cohering as cells in the body of the Great Mother, just as the cells of our own bodies do to create the remarkable being each of us takes for granted. As above, so below. Knowing our own wholeness, holiness, healing (which all derive from the same root word) can we strive for any less for our beloved home?

How fitting that we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday the day prior to the presidential inauguration. King stood for the same ideals Obama espouses, and died for them. But this is a new moment, and we have evolved beyond the need to kill what we disagree with or dislike. We would not dream of cutting off our toe or ear because we didn't like it. Our brothers and sisters may look, think, worship and behave differently than us ~ and perhaps that is the very intent of Creation: diversity as a vehicle in service to our growth. It's easy to embrace that which you know, that which is like you. To allow difference and strangeness takes courage ("of the heart"). Forbearance. Strength. Faith. Love.

We're getting there.

This is a global holy week. Celebrate. Commemorate. Reflect. Renew. Reimagine.

∞ Welcome Home ∞

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buy a Toaster - Get a Free Bank!

I love channeled messages, because the best ones almost always contain a deep sense of humor that showcases just how amusing life on Earth really is ~ or could be.

This transmission from The Reconnections through Daniel Jacob, The Economics of Oneness, contains a take-off on banks' practice of offering new customers a minor appliance for opening an account: an FDIC "Super Coupon Savings," that entitles customers who buy a toaster to select the financial institution of their choice, complete with clip out coupons for all the major "brands"!

Further down, The Reconnections repeat the cogent point that where we put our attention is what we create:

"The Economics of Oneness is solidly built upon one precious commodity: FOCUS OF ATTENTION

Your focus of attention is the most valuable investment you can ever pay to someone or something. It is the greatest gift you can give. And it yields the greatest INTEREST than any money market account could hope to provide! This is so, whether the object in focus is a member of royalty, a baby in a carriage, or a bum on the street.

Those who truly learn how to pay proper attention will eventually be required to pay little else.

"The ability to truly listen ... and to HEAR ... is in such rare commodity these days that people will fork over almost anything to someone who does it right — someone who carries no other agenda than to be, and quietly let the world play itself out ... just as it is.

"A life of FOCUSED ATTENTION is a treasure trove unto itself. It costs very little, yet it pays tremendous much! Nowadays, it is DISTRACTIONS that eat up all your time and funds: drugs to medicate you, foods to sedate you, possessions to comfort you, and friends to convince you that you're not alone. He or she who heeds these words, and puts them into practice, now moves from darkness into light ... from bondage into freedom ... IMMEDIATELY, and with great joy!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Need A Miracle?

Whenever people ask me about my spiritual path and what teacher or guru has guided me, I tell them, "I just dial direct." Which sort of dates me, as dialing is as passé as turntables and vinyl records. Nevertheless, you take my meaning.

All paths to greater wisdom and awareness are valid and viable. I've studied and trained with many fine teachers who've helped trigger my own remembering. But I did not evolve through any specific lineage, nor do I subscribe to any doctrine. I access what I hold as true from Source, and that's what "dial direct" refers to.

Patricia Cota-Robles, a longtime guide for the journey, affirms with her latest alert that we're all capable of this direct connection now. We always have been, though we may not have believed we were. It's a little like Dorothy realizing the power to go home was with her all the time. We're each wearing the ruby slippers, and boy, are they powerful!

Here's Patti's latest on the 5th dimensional frequencies, and how to use the Violet Flame for accessing your Divine Potential:

You Can be the Difference!

Monday, January 12, 2009

ReChoice! It's Retro Chic ...

As we glide into the first Mercury Rx of the year (I love how the symbol for retrograde is the same as the American abbreviation for prescription, as in: take 2 aspirations and follow your calling in the morning!) I rediscovered Mark Krueger, whose site I referenced back in 2005 when my blog was (k)new.

Talk about in-sight! Mark's language-ing is so metaphorically multilayered it requires reading with a multidimensional mindset to even begin to glimpse the prism of possibilities! Read In2Light's new year's message:

Happy You Year

I suggest savoring his words slowly, like fine dark chocolate, perhaps with a hint of lavender: this guy defines stream of consciousness, with an emphasis on both consciousness and streaming ...

One of my favorite permuted phrases: "These are messianic times. Messy antics."

Together, we will stream (and streamline) the dream.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Longing for Luna? Our beautiful Moon will be its brightest and closest to Earth this Saturday, January 10th, and NASA explains just why this is so:

Biggest Full Moon of the Year, Take 2

And if you're a woman longing to grow into your feminine fullness ~ or a man seeking to claim his wholeness ~ consider enrolling in my e-course, Loving Our Lunacy, an experiential opportunity to wed our masculine and feminine energies for greater harmony, internal and external balance, and peace, at every level of co-creation!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

9 Steps to Peace: Deepak's Advice to Barack

I've long felt on a first-name basis with some of our best-known personal growth pioneers. For instance, Deepak Chopra at this point is pretty much a household name, like Kleenex, isn't he? And he has some sage advice for our grander household: the U.S., and the world community.

Here's Deepak's 9 Steps to Peace for Obama in the New Year.

It's also a potent moment to create more peace within ourselves, which then expresses as peace in the outer world. My first blog post on Architects of a New Dawn, the nascent social network founded by Santana and Jerry Jampolsky, is a call back to Ho'oponopono: Making Right With All Our Relations.

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Huna concept that encompasses the idea of forgiveness, along with a rather extraordinary premise: that by looking deeply within to correct "errors" in our own perceptions, we can heal emotional, mental, and physical dis-ease in others, since we are all expressions of the One Being.

I've written about Ho'oponopono before, both in Season of Stories and in an earlier Health, Wealth and Wisdom blog post. It's an idea, like AoAND itself, that will accelerate our evolution into warp drive.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Joy: Just Open Yourself

This is a beautiful new video from, whose inspirational movie links I've included before in my e-newsletter, What Shines.

Finding Joy

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Architects of A New Dawn

Is this the year when instant manifestation and telepathy really take off for humanity?

In my January newsletter, Intermezzo, I write about the necessity of becoming social artists (Jean Houston coined this evocative term) and architects of a new world. A scant 12 hours after sending the newsletter out, I received an invitation to join a social network being stewarded by global visionary Carlos Santana: Architects of A New Dawn.

Perhaps even more synchronous: Santana's worldwide 2008 tour was called Live Your Light!

And then last night, after signing on with AofAND, I had a dream.

It was what indigenous peoples call a Big Dream; similar to one I had almost a decade ago. A great number of us were gathering in what looked like a gigantic cafeteria, moving among tables in something akin to a spiral dance. Each move appeared to signal an elevation in consciousness as well as connection, so that after awhile I was seeing people from all phases of my life along with those I'd never had access to before: world leaders, famous musicians and performers, and countless others. Yet there was zero sense of awe; it was more a joyous recognition ("to know again"), a homecoming for us all. I've said for years that the Internet is the great leveler, and now, Architects of a New Dawn gives us a platform for realizing this truth.

We are the architects of a new world age. I invite you to "come unfurl at the cusp of possibility!"

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Time Acceleration at Its Finest!

We know time is speeding up as we approach the end of an epoch, but Norwegian photographer Eirik Solheim has captured the essence of light speed beautifully in this time-lapse video of the seasons:

One Year in 40 Seconds