Monday, May 26, 2008

It's a G.A.S. - G.A.S. - G.A.S.!

The title of this post doesn't refer to the refrain from the Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash," but rather to what we're experiencing now: Global Acceleration Syndrome, nicknamed G.A.S. by Reconnections channel Daniel Jacob.

It's a planetary birth process, something I've been writing about for many years (see my ebook series, What Shines: Practical Wisdom for Unleashing Your Inner Brilliance, a compendium of multidimensional guidance with hands-on application for your life now. There's a special FREE bonus offered with the purchase of books 2 & 3 throughout the month of June!)

G.A.S. Symptom Summary:

∞ Insomnia
∞ Spacey-ness
∞ Joint and muscle aches and pains
∞ Fatigue
∞ Depression and/or anxiety
∞ Allergies and immune system challenges
∞ Short-term memory loss
∞ Unexplained weight gain
∞ Pain at the back of the neck

Some of Daniel's suggestions for managing the shift (with helpful links):

• "It's all PERFECT"
• "It's all ME"
• "It's all REAL"
• "It's all NOW"

And I'd add, "It's all RIGHT!!"

Shine On, Beloveds ...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Full Moon Gift

John Raifsnider's Full Moon Taurus Gift is precisely that: sounding reminiscent of Rumi, he waxes rhapsodic about our celestial invitation to initiation. I like the last lines best:

"The world you held disperses. The thing you wanted reverses. The wall of ‘mine’ and 'yours' evaporates. One Self remains. Gone is the one called 'me.' Present is the One who sees."

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Astrologer Allison Rae offers a particularly lucid explanation of our current energetic flume ride in the latest issue of her newsletter, Cosmic Time. Here's an excerpt:

"Time seems to be speeding up even more than “usual.” Earth changes are on the rise. An ancient volcano explodes in Chile. Myanmar's delta region is decimated by a cyclone. A massive earthquake rocks central China. Killer tornadoes rip through the southern U.S., and a mysterious sinkhole opens in Texas. Food shortages. Rising oil prices. The political scene is transforming before our eyes. World markets are shaky, too, with all this volatility.

We live in times of extreme change, the crease period between world ages. The Earth is shifting. Paradigms are shifting. The transition is in full swing, and accelerating. The Hopi of North America call this the Great Purification. The Mayan calendar links the acceleration to the expansion of consciousness and the cosmos. The energies of back-to-back Scorpio Moons, with Beltane in between, amplify the effects. Everything's in flux. The energies of upheaval and manifestation are equally powerful, accompanied by waves of emotion."

Prepare to be recalibrated! Spend as much time in nature and in sacred, time-out-of-mind space as possible: it's the best action you can take for personal and global healing/evolution.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

For China and Myanmar

While we are no strangers to cataclysms during these times, as the entire planet undergoes an extraordinary birth process, still my heart beats a rhythm of recognition for the many souls in the areas hit hard by these Earth changes.

Spare a prayer today for those affected by the cyclone and earthquake in Myanmar and China, respectively. We are all One; they are the rays of Light who have chosen to experience this shift for the rest of us.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

On Mother's Day, Take a Stand for Peace

On Sunday, May 11th, people all over the globe will stand in silence for 5 minutes as a powerful call for peace. This remarkable event grew out of a book called The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, which Sharon Mehdi wrote as a gift for her newborn granddaughter.

The book touched a chord with women around the world, and in 2007, the first Standing Women events took place. This year, the gatherings promise to increase exponentially. Check here for a local gathering ~ or create your own!

Read Julia Ward Howe's inspiring Mother's Day proclamation, written in 1870. It's quite a departure from today's Hallmark occasion.

Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

May is for Manifesting

Natural time calendar creatrix Li Walter has some wise words about manifestation, which is free-flowing this spring:

"We too often think of manifestation as the end of a cycle, a destination, when more often than not, shortly after reaching the ceiling of one level, we pop through into the muck on the floor of the next level, wondering what happened to our great sense of having reached the heights. Rather than bemoaning our fate or thinking things should somehow be different, use this time to acknowledge and shed what's no longer working in your life. More is possible."

Bear Li's words in mind as we move into the mystical realms, which Patti Cota-Robles says are wide open for humanity's evolution now. But as always, it's up to us to invoke our own growth. Here's an excerpt from her latest transmission:

"Once again we are being called to a higher service. We are being asked by our Father-Mother God, Saint Germain and the entire Company of Heaven if we are willing to put forth the necessary effort to be the heart, head and hands of God in the physical plane of Earth. This is not a monumental task; it is a simple matter of invoking these new frequencies of the Violet Flame and decreeing them into action through our Heart Flames."

In addition, Celia Fenn, who channels Archangel Michael, brings through vital information about the new Grail Codes and how we can integrate the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in order to fully embrace the Fifth Dimensional energies in a "balanced and creative way."

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Beltane: Going A-Maying

Today heralds the official end of winter and advent of summer, in the Northern Hemisphere; for our Southern Hemisphere allies, it's the reverse. Personally, I'm reveling in the return of the Light and warmth! Here's a lovely article detailing the history of Beltane and why this is truly a time to say, "light my fire!"

Thanks to What Shines newsletter subscriber Eileen Balint for this fabulously perfect May Day offering:

The Springtime of Now

Yellow forsythia, periwinkle blue
Almond buds bursting, moist with pink dew.
SPRING shoots forth ... from Eros's quiver
Rushing and gushing like a raging river.
Woodruff nestled in shades of sublime
Beneath cedar and dogwood, blue spruce and pine.
Flaming red cardinals serenade the wild
Feathering their nests with the down of beguiled.
Annuals, complacent, cheery and tame
In bed with bohemian perennials just the same.
Wildflowers don't care where they seed or they grow
In the Garden of Eden, you go with the flow.
The Maypole decked with ribbons and bough
Spirals awareness to the threshold of Now.
"Life is the dancer and I AM the dance"
Spring is the lusty rhythm of romance
Caught off guard in the twilight is Presence,
By the fragrance of Being, we remember our Essence.