Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Creator Destroyer Preserver via Ariel Spilsbury

How does "I AM ENOUGH" inform Creation, Preservation, Destruction?

This moon
An invitation
A reminder

Where ever you are on the continuum of the cycle, and SO much is turning,
what potentiality lies inherently in  BETWEEN Creation and Destruction with "I AM ENOUGH"?

In breath
Space between
Out breath
Space between

A Cycle
Infinite potentialities existing simultaneously,

There is enough
"I am enough"
"You are enough"

How aware are you of the position from which your actions arise, release, and arise again? What are you aware of in the spaces between? I am aware of a need to go on and on here, yet the message this moon is simple. Play with writing "I AM ENOUGH" on your mirror, your hand, on the books and mirrors of loved ones; in your hallways, on paper, with crayon. "I AM ENOUGH", inhale, "I AM ENOUGH", exhale.

Whatever is occurring in your life at this time, or perhaps you are witnessing in loved ones - how does rooting in "I AM ENOUGH" shift or alter your relationship to those events? Does it shift your buying habits? Alter what you eat? Calm your nerves? Inspire an illuminated response? How does it shift what gets created or destroyed? Inhale.

This moon, may you lie back and receive yourself (and others) in

"Kalieyei Swaha! Kalieyei Swaha! Kalieyei Swaha!"

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Radiance: Ariel Spilsbury's Full Moon Transmission

ancient memory revealing itself anew
in radial time..
emanating from the single bindi of light,
which you are.
Stillness increases the velocity of light..
radiance being born of stillness
which is where the Geneatrix of
the causal frequency patterns
of that which
you came to create in this life,
 hangs out..

Have a moment?
 Do you perhaps want to have a visit with Her?
(the voice of the Geneatrix speaks)
Let's start here..
let's check out what you have in your aura's lingerie drawer
you know like, overcoming the hermit's vow

Have you checked out the recipe for fear of being alone, abandoned, separate,
Or the big one, fear of death, for example?"
One thing i can say for sure is that it seems it can be
longer lasting than bicarbonate soda burps
from the perspective of a lifetime overview
unless you start by asking yourself
 "Where did I
get that recipe for fear of death"?
..following it until it finally reveals its true identity
In Emptiness..

Next you might search out the ingredient called
"look in the mirror-like reflection of a mountain lake on full moon"
to request from the Lady of the Lake
a timeless, holographic movie overlay of your version of
"alone"  "abandoned" "separate"
just for a brief dip into the icy chill of the collective sinking titanic waters
or perhaps rather, choosing a visit with the beatifically smiling, crone seer
 living in a dank cave near the edge of the village
in your own inner pantheon 

but then you might rather just want to ask why
the Fool and the Magician
live next door to each other in tarot decks
and further still
why the Wise Woman presides over crossroads and
along with Isis, Mary Magdelan, Sarasvati and thee

Keepers of the Sacred Well
of Remembrance
As a conduit for the pure, overflowing power of Love,
Is there another power?
when it is your arms,
Her arms, whose graceful movements
keep Universe's spinning

and the blue flames of Silence burning in the temple fire brazier?
as a Witness
attesting your surrender
to radiance
to heart
which naturally consumes false masks of power
which can only mimic reality
not create it.
Quite a prize for your willingness
to hold the ember flame of wisdom alone within
until it burns off
everything but the purity of heart
that evokes the Awakener
in the electric blue lightening storm
that births a purple sun
within you

freeing the penniless, penitent, priest or priestess

who rather chooses to be Ecstasy
now gently pointing out the path of the opulence of the Beauty Way
embodying the tender vulnerability of a purple iris
by being empty and open to being penetrated by the Divine Impulse
revealing itself through the eternity of light in your eyes
the ice blue crystal radiance of presence, that awakens like morning sky
in which clarity has eternal tenure
having navigated the canyon narrows of "alone"
like the sun setting,
now setting an indelible frequency intention in you
 that is irresistible, irrepressible, undeniable
like Love
in reception of an archetypal frequency permanent die cast

"ppst.. ppst"..
the mind, not wanting only cameo appearances in your holographic movie
interjects like a horse racing sportscaster:
"Which is why you may want to have a peek at the other drawers
in your aura's closet as well!"
Awareness, noticing that minds apparently have "feelings"
in this case like limp helium balloons that didn't get to be let go..
and so supports you in embracing your mind, loving your mind
for playing the forgetting game in the first place
because that's what you told it to do
while you were gathering true

like a tsumani of light builds momentum
through surrenders that
take your breath away
as She breaths you...
until everything you thought was "you"
is melted and gone
like snow turned to steam in the sun's impassioned gaze
or kissing the mist over a lake at dawn
in a diapason song of the supernal
that you actually are...

Friday, February 02, 2018


Imbolc has arrived! In the Goddess' turn of the wheel, we now move to the counterquarter of Imbolc that falls between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. That fresh energy of waking up as we notice the days staying lighter a little longer, lambs in the fields frolicking and the first of the snowdrops emerging their pearly heads through the frost to gladden the heart. How glorious to see flowers again! It seems so long since we were blessed with stem and petal growing randomly in their clumps amongst the bare trees. Mother Earth begins to hear the heart song of the sun like a lover kissing the beloved so she may join him and languidly uncurl from winter's sleep.

The Festival of Imbolc or Imbolg - pronounced without the 'b' sound - is sometimes known as Oimelc, means 'ewe's milk' - named due to the birth of the first lambs at this time, and celebrates the return of fresh milk. It is the celebration of the gradual dawning of increasing light, bringing nature to life again. For Imbolc we celebrate the Waking Light of the soul. Our spirits begin to quicken as we anticipate the rebirth of Nature. This celebration commemorates the changing of the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden.

The Goddess is seen in Her three aspects at Imbolc, as the new-born Flower Maiden; the Mother, or bride of fertility, awaiting the fertilizing Sun God, and the Dark Crone of the dark half of the year. The sun is growing in strength, the Child of Promise, re-born at Yule, is now the growing Child. All is pregnant and expectant. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring.

Imbolc is a 'fire festival'. Particular attention was paid to the hearth fire and keeping it alight. Imbolc marks the transition and transformation from death to rebirth, as the light of day grows significantly longer and you can be assured that Spring is right around the corner. At this time the animal world comes out of hibernation, the birds fly north again. This is a very holy day for initiations of the priests and priestesses and a day to devote yourself to the God/dess and your own spiritual path. This is also a very powerful time for intuitive and visionary work and to seek inspiration, especially for healers, poets, and artists. At this time if you really tune in, you can just begin to feel and sense the "inner stirrings", the seeds beginning to stir, and the inner light growing stronger.

It is time to let go of the past and to look to the future, clearing out the old. Imbolc is a gateway indicating work to be done inside and outside ourselves before action is undertaken!

This is the time of Bridie, Maiden Goddess in her seasonal aspect of the land awakening. She strikes the land with her fiery staff, creating a shout in nature…'wake up, wake up!' The promise of spring is still a distant echo clinging to winter's chill, but we are feeling the awakening even so... This is the time of Imbolc, a fire season on the great wheel, when the year is as young as a maiden and awakening. Imbolc means 'ewes' milk' and in ancient times our ancestors would bless the land with the first of the ewes' milk, asking the Mother Goddess for a fertile crop for the coming year. It is a time for all things beginning anew. Growth, manifestations and projects begin to take on the energy of form. All things can begin again.

~ Ariel Spilsbury and Holographic Goddess

Thursday, January 04, 2018

How to Become Lighthearted (It's Not What You Think)

In The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Czech author Milan Kundera posits that you only live once (social acronym YOLO), and this "lightness" signifies freedom — though it's hard to hold.

But it wasn't until I read Thomas Cowan, MD's breakthrough book, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, that I realized a conundrum: levity (lightness) means humor, and its counterpoint, gravity, equates to seriousness, tethering us to Earth. If gravity keeps us earthbound, it follows that humor would act as spiritual helium, helping us levitate: soar above our sorrow, at least figuratively.

Yet most people caught in a mirthful moment collapse with laughter, rather than rising into the atmosphere. And when the amusement subsides, the problems remain. What gives?

Cowan suggests far greater import to levity and gravity — one that impacts our very life force. And it's a scathing indictment of how we live now.

Where Levity Is Lost

Referencing the work of naturalist Viktor Schauberger, Cowan writes,

"When one lives almost entirely in nature that is unspoiled by human contact, one often develops strong powers of observation. What Schauberger saw is the force of levity that lives in water. This force of levity flows upwards in vortices in the river. It is in these force 'lines' that healthy trout live effortless lives.

"Of course, these factors only exist when certain conditions are met. That is, the forest must be intact, there must be continuous tree covering shading the stream, there must be no dams anywhere on the stream, and the stream must be allowed to flow in its own path, not a path constructed by water 'experts'. When all these conditions are met, once can observe the forces of levity balancing the forces of gravity, and, if in the river itself, one can experience the blissful life of the trout.

"When the forests are cut down and the streams straightened and dredged, the forces of levity are lost, and the trout has to swim for its life to maintain its position in the stream. Too exhausted to swim by muscle power upstream, it ends up with a life of continuous and useless toil. This is not unlike the plight of industrial man, swimming upstream for his entire life, getting depleted, weaker, sicker by the day.

"The important point here is that this force of levity, which allows for the effortless flow of water, is dependent on certain conditions such as temperature and flow dynamics (spiral- or vortex-based flow patterns). When these conditions are met, life is easy and health is the natural outcome. This state is the natural state of structured water. It is also the natural state of the structured water that is the basis for the flow of blood in our circulatory system."

Out of Circulation

Cowan's explanation unfolds layers of insight about the true cause of illness, on both a personal and planetary level. He describes my mother's life and health to a T:

"This model allows us to see the real cause of varicose veins, congestive heart failure and poor circulation. These ailments occur when the structured layer fails to form properly. It is as if someone cut down our forest, kept us from the sun and Earth, and gave us poor quality nutrients and water."

His analysis blew my circuits. No wonder mainstream medicine is inadequate in resolving chronic, systemic health issues: it doesn't address the root cause.

As above, so below: roots and wings, water and sky. Life's yin/yang is essential for our health and Gaia's health. If our life is not flowing with natural rhythms, health deteriorates. Sequestered from the life force, we remove ourselves from circulation, like a worn-out book, and slowly decay.

A Heart of Gold

Deep into my own healing odyssey, I wrote, "Gold, it has something to do with gold." Cowan answers this as well, with a chapter weaving the gold standard, the illusion of money, and modern alchemy on a higher dimensional loom:

"There is no significant amount of gold, as we know it, in our heart or our circulation. However…there is a 'pure' form of gold known as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORME, or ORMUS) that describes a change in form that can occur in gold, silver, and the platinum metals."

ORME is undetectable, nonreactive with other elements, non-conductive (i.e., doesn't get hot) and lighter than its conventional counterparts.

Cowan makes the case that human beings are quantum coherent superconducting phenomena — more than the sum of our parts — and that the ORME, or cosmic form of gold, is the primary superconducting matrix [from the root word mater, or mother] without which nerve transmission and life itself would not be possible.

The Mother of All Levity

To paraphrase Abraham-Hicks, we can always choose to enter the vortex. In Dancing With Water, MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans write, "Vortices bring in raw energy for use in the creative process. They also cause individual elements to spin at velocities faster than the speed of light. These elements take on new traits referred to by some as super energy." And ORME "borders on the etheric." It's a matter [= matrix = mother] of frequency.

Cowan says, "The heart of gold refers to its unique ability to carry out this transformation of an earthly element into cosmic gold, thereby providing the basis for life to exist."

It's what alchemists and sages down through the ages have been attempting to distill all along.

Celestial Call

At the close of 2017, Saturn moved into Capricorn, its home sign, where it will remain for the next three years. The arbiter of form invites us to take responsibility for the structure of our lives; to become their author, owning our authority.

If we wish to add more levity, joy — and possibly time — to our lives, we can infuse structured water into our body, and nature into our soul. When enough of us have done so, lightness will not only be bearable; we'll wonder how we lived heavy-hearted for so long.


4.   The Chestahedron: The Wonder of Seven presentation by geometrician, artist, sculptor and teacher Frank Chester https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQMpEAsNHmY

© Copyright January 2, 2018 by Amara Rose. All rights reserved.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Of Two-Way Streets and Enriching Dichotomies

Our world of apparent duality offers a wealth of disguised enrichment opportunities. Consider:

A cyber buddy who currently lives creatively without residence wondered why a stranger would open her home and heart to her. She emailed, "I don't understand why she's being so amazingly generous. I keep telling her she just blows me away."

I responded, "You never know what her own journey is…she may have needed to serve someone in exactly this way, and you are providing a golden opportunity, so it is a mutuality."

This is the way energy works. When my lifelong friend Ellie fell and broke her hip at 96, requiring a lengthy convalescence in a rehabilitation center and later at home, I initially despaired about why Spirit didn't simply call her Home.

Then I had a flash of insight: the enforced passivity enabled my fiercely independent friend to learn to receive, and blessed those who assisted her with the joy of service. I told her, "You would never have allowed it otherwise." With wonder and her trademark humility, Ellie exclaimed, "Amara, you're right!"

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

What appears adverse can be advantageous. I needed to park my car on a different street due to an upcoming festival, and planned to be out of town the following week. I gave the young man who acts as my "car surrogate" the spare key, and asked him to please move the car back once the festival was over.

Unbeknownst to me, a road crew was about to repave the street; tow-away signs went up the day after I left. If the festival hadn't been scheduled (and, therefore, if I hadn't given Danny my spare key) my car would have been parked in its normal spot — and towed during the week I was away!

More profoundly: A dear friend was in a near-fatal motorcycle crash earlier this year. After a month in the ICU, he learned he'd need a walker once out of bed, and would have only minimal use of his right hand for the rest of his life (he's a southpaw, but still…). Eight months later, Rick says, "The accident was the best thing that ever happened to me."

During his convalescence he lost seventy pounds, and began exercising several hours a day as part of his physical therapy program; the combination reversed his adult-onset diabetes. He's grateful every day for the gift of life, and more open than he's ever been. He says, "I cry if I'm happy, I cry if I'm sad.

"And you know what? It feels amazing. I have nothing to hide now; what others think of me is no longer my concern. I can be emotionally honest. I feel like this is another piece of the silver lining surrounding that terrible trauma."

Sustained by his new outlook and the outpouring of love and support from friends and family, Rick's regained almost full use of his right hand, and returned to work — as a practicing physician. Practice makes perfect.

Once you've been through the fire, you're recast as pure essence; the superficial no longer holds sway in your life.

How Your Light Is Spent

Milton's sonnet, When I Consider How My Light is Spent, exemplifies the nature of life's dichotomies, and how we choose to interpret our time here. The full text reads:

When I consider how my light is spent
Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
And that one talent which is death to hide
Lodg'd with me useless, though my soul more bent
To serve therewith my Maker, and present
My true account, lest he returning chide;
"Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?"
I fondly ask. But Patience to prevent
That murmur, soon replies: "God doth not need
Either man's work or his own gifts; who best
Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state
Is kingly. Thousands at his bidding speed
And post o'er land and ocean without rest:
They also serve who only stand and wait.

"Apprehension" means both anxiety ­and understanding. If you apprehend the meaning behind Milton's final line, you will understand that simply being is what matters most.

Whoever or whatever your messenger is, listen deeply. Once you apprehend the message, invite yourself to let go, so that you may embrace this wisdom farther along life's spiral. Allow yourself to be amused by the alchemical nature of any apparent dichotomy that shows up in your life. And know there's an invisible cosmic trampoline beneath you, so you can rebound from pain's mirage, spread your wings, and fly.

© Copyright September 2017 by Amara Rose. All rights reserved.