Thursday, February 13, 2014

Can You Hear the Love?

So you're tone-deaf? Can't carry a tune in a bucket? You can still be a powerful sonic force for Love on Friday, February 14th: the 12th annual World Sound Healing Day, which takes place at a throat chakra near you.

Sound is our original sense. The first sound we hear is our mother's heartbeat; the last sense to leave the dying is hearing. On World Sound Healing Day, we each have an extraordinary opportunity to heal Mama Gaia and ourselves with a tool everyone possesses: our voice.

To participate, simply sound a love-filled "AH" for five minutes at noon local time. "AH" is a universal heart sound that, when projected with focused intent, has the ability to heal and transform. It's our sonic valentine for global harmony.

If you're ready to take your sonic sisterhood (or brotherhood) to the next level, visit the Temple of Sacred Sound, an interactive site that enables you to hear yourself within a series of Toning Chambers that resonate to OM, AH, and HU.

This is the essence of 2014: harmony can be as easy as breath, when we approach it with LOVE.