Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cosmic Conjunction Cafe

Canadian astrologer Tara Greene has a way with words ~ and images ~ that makes her celestial wisdom servings especially tasty. Today's treat is no exception: check out her Big Pizza Pie delight concerning today's Aquarian Moon conjunct Chiron (the archetypal wounded healer) and Neptune, planet of dreams and visions. As an Aquarian born with Chiron conjunct my sun, I can attest to the accuracy of Tara's words; last night's dreamscape was one deep cleaning, contrary, wild ride!

Monday, April 28, 2008

What's Green and Blue and Brown All Over?

We're not quite a week past Earth Day (which is really every day), so take a moment to ponder this primordial quote from renowned sustainable development architect William McDonough:

"Imagine this assignment: 'Design something that makes oxygen, sequesters carbon, fixes nitrogen, distills water, accrues solar energy as fuel, makes complex sugars into food, creates micro-climates, changes colors with the seasons and self-replicates.' Then we go knock that down and write on it."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Looking for Love in All the Right Places

One of the manifestations of now is attracting our perfect partners ~ something some of us (myself included) have been invoking for what feels like aeons. The good news: it's no longer about finding our complementary selves, because we're expressing wholeness to a greater degree than ever before. What a relief!

In her latest alert, Karen Bishop explains:

"We may need to part with some of our brothers and sisters, as we no longer share the same roles or pieces and realities of the new world. Wanting to part as a team effort, supporting each other, and being there for each other [does] not work. When it is time to let go, it is simply time to let go in all ways.

"For many, our new beginnings involve being with the partners and friends of our dreams and our ideal mates. Our ideal companions are just that. Meaning it is not necessary to have a partner who shares our project or our 'work,' and certainly who is not in our space to help us balance our issues. Ideal partners in the higher realms reflect a wonderful companionship, as at this point we are fairly complete and whole all on our own. This is part of the reality of these very new beginnings, which we will indeed experience soon. We are in yet another of the many transitions of the ascension process, and this particular one has many, many facets and phases, as it is so very monumental.

"So here is what is ahead and what we are evolving into as a whole and as individuals, even though you may be tired of hearing it so many times! We have refined ourselves and purified to a great degree, although we still have much more yet to do. This creates a more purified version of who we are. In this way, we then begin to attract other more purified things into our lives which match where we currently are. As things are condensing and refining more and more, the denser energies are also leaving as well, creating much less space in between our connections. Thus, we need to re-align with things that now match where we are. Those we part from will also re-align with things that match where they are as well. All in divine and perfect order."

Friday, April 18, 2008

2 Scorpio Full Moons: Redefine Your Reality

We're approaching a rare and potent transformational gateway: a pair of full moons, both occurring in the sign of Scorpio. The first full moon, on Sunday, April 20th, ushers in both the Jewish holy week of Passover, commemorating the Israelites' liberation from slavery, and Wesak, celebrating the Buddha's birthday and enlightenment. The second full moon occurs Monday, May 19th.

In between, we also celebrate Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22nd, and the joyous cross-quarter Celtic holiday Beltane, known secularly as May Day, on May 1st. Beltane marks the mid-point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, and is traditionally a time of renewal, fertility, sensual expression and infinite blessings.

The co-creative energy is exponential now. The first full moon is an ideal time to clear our space, release what needs to die, till the Earth and plant the seeds for what we wish to manifest. During the second Scorpio full moon, we draw our new desire in. It's a magical, miraculous 6-week portal, a shamanic dance of death and rebirth.

Honor yourself and Mama Gaia in this amazing dance. Blessed Be!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Undertow ~ Surfing Life's Ocean Now

Drag. You know the phenomenon. Just when your life seems to be going great ~ bam ~ you're back at one. Why does this happen?

Patricia Cota Robles sent out an advisory that might be likened to a sailor's warning for our sea change in consciousness. She says:

"There is a phenomenon that often causes humanity to feel frustrated and powerless when it comes to changing our lives. That phenomenon is known as reaching critical mass, or the tipping point.

When we awaken, we begin to understand the power of our thoughts and feelings. We realize the importance of monitoring the focus of our attention and of controlling our behavior patterns. As a result of our new insight, we put forth the effort to think positively. We strive to hold our thoughts and feelings on what we want to manifest in our lives, instead of on our fears and the things we do not want in our lives. We envision Heaven on Earth, and we breathe life into our thoughtforms with positive affirmations, meditations, decrees, buoyant joy and heartfelt enthusiasm.

But often, after what seems like a valiant effort, we continue to experience many of the same old problems. This unfortunate situation causes us to become discouraged and to lose faith in our ability to change our lives. At that point, we feel like our efforts are futile. That is when we decide to give up, and we stop trying to make our lives better.

When we let go of our visions and our hope, we regress into our old negative thinking patterns. We start dwelling on our fears, problems and challenges instead of our goals, hopes and dreams. As a result of this tragic relapse, things get worse in our lives and our situations appear even more hopeless."

The solution: marshall all your inner resources to stay focused on the Light!

"There are often no outer-world signs to indicate that we are on the brink of reaching critical mass. In fact, many times it looks like we are very far away from that instant of transformation. The reason for this is we're being given the opportunity to transmute the blocks and resistance to our vision that have surfaced to be cleared out of the way. When this happens, we usually feel a little overwhelmed. We erroneously conclude that our efforts must be failing, and we just give up.

The Beings of Light have said that many times we have been a breath away from reaching a critical mass of our goal. Since we did not realize that, we got discouraged and stopped working toward our life-transforming changes. Consequently, our hopes and dreams were never fulfilled.

Let’s not allow that to happen this time. This is a year of new beginnings, and we have never had the magnitude of assistance from On High that we are receiving in 2008.

So, in very practical terms, critical mass means that when we are striving to create prosperity in our lives, the moment our thoughts, words, actions and feelings are vibrating with a critical mass of prosperity consciousness instead of poverty consciousness, our life circumstances will shift, and we will experience prosperity. The moment a critical mass of our energy is aligned with self-esteem and love, we will magnetize positive relationships into our lives. The moment a critical mass of our energy is aligned with peace, harmony and balance, we will manifest those Divine Qualities tangibly in our life experiences."

Whatever you do, don't give up now. You're sooooo close to the shore!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Conjuring Creative Choice

Just heard on Caroline Casey's provocative, seriously playful, intensely informative radio show on KPFA.org: the Dalai Lama and George Bush share the same birthday (different years), illustrating the different ways the energy can go ... wow ... what possibility to you wish to activate now?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Magical Health

Who says healing has to be long, arduous or painful? That's old paradigm. Health can be easy as breathing.

This article, Imaginary Acupuncture, caught my eye precisely because of the unusual title. So often we feel a symptom of "illness" and immediately make a mental leap to a full-on dis-ease. We certainly know how to "think ourselves sick."

Here's brief training in how to "think yourself well". Why not? We are the ones we've been waiting for. It's time. Go for health, wealth, and wisdom!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free-Fall Into the Future

From Aluna Joy's current Center of the Sun newsletter, this comforting and wise counsel from mythologist Joseph Campbell, who also invited us to "follow your bliss":

"So yield to what is coming.
We're in a free-fall into the future.
We don’t know where we're going.
Things are changing so fast and always
when you're going through a long tunnel anxiety comes along.
And all you have to do to is transform your hell,
into a paradise,
is to turn your fall
into a voluntary act. It’s a very interesting shift of perspective,
and that's all it is. Joyful participation in the sorrows ~
and everything changes."

His words remind me of when I was entering my own tunnel of descent; I recall saying to someone I was releasing from my life (with whom I reconnected, years later), "I'm in free fall, and I want to be here." I actually saw myself peel my fingers back from the life I'd been holding to so tenaciously, and while part of me (my ego/mind) was terrified, my oversoul watched with abiding peace and overarching Love.

The journey, while arduous, led me to an unimaginable new shore.
Blessed Be.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weaving the Wisdom

One of the joys of writing my monthly inspirational newsletter, What Shines, is the fabulous feedback from readers, which often expands upon the theme in unexpected and enlightening directions.

The April issue, entitled The Web We Weave, focuses on the spiritual insight I gained from a recent spider bite to my nose, and the meaning of Spider medicine in indigenous and shamanic circles. Canadian subscriber Eileen Balint sent me this e-mail after digesting what I shared. Enjoy her brilliant offering, published here with permission, of course:

I began to think about your spiderness.

I saw you flying through the air with the greatest of ease ...
Tethered (if you will) to earth and all her seas.
A spiderling ballooning upon dragline silk,
Born of a proto-hub, manna and milk. *

* Born of a proto-hub, manna (pineal) and milk (Milky Way galaxy).

How to make a spider web ... how to weave a living tapestry called life:

1. Dragline Silk: The First Thread (Anchor Threads?)
2. The Proto-Hub
3. The Proto-Radii
4. The (Primary) Frame Thread (the first frame thread is called The Bridge Thread)
5. The Proper Radii
6. Secondary Frame Thread
7. Secondary Radii
8. The Circling of the Hub
9. The Auxillary or Temporary Spiral (tough NON sticky silk)
10. The Sticky (or Capture) Spiral (Zschokke 1993) (sticky, elastic silk) - u turns

The Primary Framethread/The Bridge Thread
The Secondary Frame Thread

The Auxillary/Temporary Spiral (tough non-sticky thread)
The Capture/Sticky Spiral

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Light Shining Through: On Elections and Evolution

The current issue of Spirit Crossing e-zine contains two deeply insightful articles by experts in their respective fields: astrologer Judy Goldberg and intuitive Penny Peirce.

Judy's piece, Election 2008: The New American Revolution, describes how America's celestial cartography mirrors what takes place in the political and cultural arena, and delineates how the current historic political drama defines who we are now as a country and as a people. A highly practical application of astrological influences to life on earth: "as above, so below."

Penny's piercing article details a vivid dream she had over a decade ago, a classic "Big Dream" that portended our global evolutionary direction. Becoming Transparent: Preparing to Live in the Permanent Present Moment movingly depicts how the more we become "transparent" — detached from ego and personal history — the more light we allow to shine through us, and thus to unify us with the All. Her dream reminds me of several prescient Star Trek TV episodes from many years ago, in which releasing anger and resistance were key to survival. As above, so below.