Saturday, January 21, 2012

Year of the Water Dragon: Thunder EnLightening

We're in the midst of a pretty incredible ride: it's 2012, a Leap Year, an election year, we're OccupyingEverything, and now we're about to enter the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon, on the New Moon in Aquarius.

The dragon is a formidable, flamboyant, magical creature, calling us to enter the alchemical fire. According to astrologer Stephanie Austin, "Of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is the only mythological creature, setting it apart from ordinary reality. On a spiritual level, dragons symbolize kundalini, the cosmic or 'serpent' energy coiled at the base of the spine, which leads to unity consciousness. That the Chinese Year of the Dragon occurs in 2012, a year considered by the Mayans, Hopis, and many others to offer the potential for a huge leap in consciousness, further emphasizes the evolutionary nature of this year."

And since this year is a Water Dragon, it's also about balance: fire and water. I just learned from a Twitter connection that "a fulgerite is fossilized lightning. It forms when a powerful lightning bolt melts the soil into a glass-like state." So 2012 might be described as a Water Dragon fulgerite year: enLightening melting what's soiled, watering our individual and collective Soul with awareness and possibility.

In fact, Water Dragon Inc. confirms, "Most people know that water covers two-thirds of our planet and comprises 95% of our bodies; we simply cannot live without it. In Chinese element theory, water produces wood, which signifies growth and is the natural element of the dragon. The dragon governs east/southeast, wealth accumulation and the hours of 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. Associated with thunder, lightning and arousal, the Water Dragon personifies creativity at its best.

As visionary activist astrologer Caroline Casey pointed out during a recent delightful duet on An Organic Conversation: "It's a Water Dragon year: we can ride this thing!"

Let's OccupyMythology, create a new millennial mythos, and ride the fire/water fulgerite dragon off the edge of the known maps, right on into a new dawn.

Monday, January 09, 2012

The Motherboard of Invention, or "That's Not Logical, Captain!"

My laptop underwent a crucifixion and resurrection this past holiday season. Since technology often serves as metaphor and muse in my life, I knew this would be another fabulous learning opportunity…

On December 30th, my nearly 6-year-old machine (computers being like dog years, I know this is nearing old age), which had intermittent problems with the charging system as well as the screen suddenly going black, decided it was time for a long winter's rest.

Having worked perfectly the day before, it wouldn't hold a charge at all that Friday, and as my battery slowly drained to zero, I wondered how I would upload my January newsletter. I was on the phone with a friend who's a hardware engineer, describing the problem, and said with conviction, "I just need two more hours to get the newsletter uploaded!" This has been my most enduring commitment to the collective for the past decade; it was more distressing to me not to be able to get the newsletter out (especially for January 2012, the beginning of the year that's been the subject of so much prophecy and paranoia!) than not having a functioning laptop.

I showered, ate breakfast, and decided to go for a walk. December 31st was an absolutely stunning day, and I was housesitting out in the country. Before I left, I put my hand over the power cord's charge box from habit; it had been cool for over a day, despite the little orange charge light being on. Now the box was warm. I got tingles all over, and went out for a long walk.

When I returned 90 minutes later, the little light that signals charge completion was green. I opened the lid extremely cautiously so as not to activate whatever was causing the machine to suddenly turn itself off. Several techs I'd spoken with casually in recent months had said sagely, "It's the Motherboard!" (The principal circuit board that pilots the machine.) And when that goes, it's bye-bye laptop.

Sure enough, the battery charge read 100%. Joyfully, I left it plugged in and began feverishly uploading the newsletter. I sent it out, and started to check email. Just about two hours had gone by. Still plugged in, the charging light now turned orange and began to drop: 99%, 98%, 97%...

I received the two hours I asked for in order to complete my task. Whenever I've stepped out in high faith, I am answered. A wise man once taught that we are all capable of this kind of trust walk, and that when we live from here, manifestation is instantaneous. It's happened three or four times in my life, so I know the power. Consistency is the rub.

On January 2nd, I took the now non-functional laptop to a Mac tech who'd been recommended; he's been repairing Mac computers for a living for many years. The power jack issue was obvious. In terms of the intermittent shutdown, my machine obligingly did so as soon as he opened the case. Not worth repairing, he reported. It would be too expensive; buy a new one, or a refurb. Since even a refurbished Mac is quite a bit pricier than a PC, I despaired.

The first week of 2012 was not a joyous affair. I wondered if this portended what the year would be like.

But after the crucifixion comes the resurrection. Note that the first term is pronounced, cruci-FICTION.

I'd also discovered that the back-up hard drive I'd thought contained all my data, did not. That's when something approaching panic set in. I had the brainstorm to contact the Computer Recycling Center (CRC), which repairs donated machines, then sells them for an affordable price. I got my first laptop there in 2003, and it was still going strong when I upgraded to a new one three years later.

I wondered if I might borrow a compatible battery in order to give my machine enough juice to back-up my data to the external hard drive. Their Mac tech said, "Sure, come on in." When I arrived and explained the problem, he harrumphed, "I don't see any evidence of a Logicboard problem." (On Macs, Motherboards are known as Logicboards). To me, he sounded just like Spock: "It is not logical, Captain." I explained how the issue was intermittent, but he maintained that the burned out power jack was causing the electrical signal to "arc," creating the outage. It made sense, and was similar to what the professional I'd seen on Monday had told me. The difference was, Derrick didn't think the Logicboard was bad. I left the machine with him for diagnosis, since it wasn't useable until the power jack was replaced.

The next day my phone rang. "Your computer is ready," said the wise young voice at the other end. Derrick resurrected my laptop for a third of the cost I was originally quoted — just for the power jack, not the Logicboard — and I have been good to go ever since.

In this era of intuition, logic was neither the problem nor the solution — but it certainly was the Motherboard of Invention when it came to looking for the "second right answer" — or the third, or the 29th.

The gifts from this episode are many, and continue to unfold. Since all of my work is virtual, I have about 15 years of material on my hard drive; I've often said, of how precious my laptop is to me, "It's my life!" But that's not true; my life is in me; my laptop plays an important role in assisting my planetary service, but the stress I put myself through last week wasn't worth the cost to my body/mind/spirit. In fact, once I had the laptop back in fine fettle, I checked in and could hear Spirit laughing, "OK? Lighten up now!"

As Louise Hay, one of my great teachers, has often affirmed: "All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come. I am safe."

And as Bryan de Flores shared during his annual New Year's Eve telecall: when we have a challenge, say "God Blast!" and watch it dissolve.

God Blast! Yee-hah! All is well!

Happy Knew Year, Beloveds!