Monday, May 30, 2005

Treading Lightly On The Balance Beam

Years ago, when I was training to be a speaker with Lee Glickstein, creator of Speaking Circles International, I remember he spoke of a painting on a colleague's office wall that he'd always admired from across the desk, which showed someone balancing on a tightrope. What incredible focus and skill, Lee thought. Much later, he had an opportunity to observe the painting close up, and was astonished at what he saw. The person was balancing not on a tightrope...but on a beam of light.

Lightworkers would do well to bear this teaching in mind in upcoming weeks, as we're being asked to help create balance and stability for the Earth and her evolving inhabitants as new energies continue to pour in. Archangel Michael asks us to "actively assist the process of transformation," as we move toward Summer Solstice. On June 21st and 22nd, there will be a powerful alignment of planetary energies in the solar system that will "create maximum disturbance and tension in the cosmic, solar and planetary fields." This will affect everyone's mental and emotional bodies.

The good news is that this moment also marks a turning point. Michael says, "This process began in 1998, when the first Crystal Children began to trigger the ascension process in those adults who were ready to form the first wave. That was seven years ago. There is another seven-year cycle to go before you reach the completion of this birthing cycle in 2012.

"Know, dearest ones, that this is a key moment, when you are asked to participate fully in the co-creation of the New Earth. And know too, that this is indeed a turning point. There are enough awakened and active first and second wave Lightworkers to make a real difference to the planet now, and in the years to come. Take your power and begin to be what you are: stewards of planetary peace and stability."

For the complete transmission, including instruction in how to best anchor your own awareness during this period, visit Starchild Ascension

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Health Tips for Effortless Ascension

I've been waking famished beyond belief in recent days, wondering if I had parasites again (one symptom is constant hunger). I've also been tired and irritable, sometimes shivery, but chalked that up to travel, cold and wet weather, and loss of sleep.

Ha! Once again, it's only ascension. Karen Bishop restores my faith in the innate wisdom of my 3rd dimensional self as it shifts and stretches to accommodate the latest energetic download. She says, "Currently, many of us are feeling the 'dropping body density' phase.

"It involves strong cravings for protein with a need to eat frequently (for me, it is usually every two hours), as we are requiring an unusual amount of fuel for this 'restructuring' process. Feeling dizzy, weak and faint are signs that you are needing much more fuel than you normally would, and protein is the main staple that is required here.

"Fatigue can also play a part during this particular phase, and at times, this need for extra fuel and rest can last for many weeks. It just depends upon how far you have come with your own ascension process. The farther along you are, the less these 'shifts' will affect you, as you are much more in alignment with the higher dimensions.

"Helpful tips:

* As always, drink plenty of water and get IN the water (preferably salt water).
* Eat lots of protein, and eat many small meals throughout the day.
* Rest.
* Put yourself first, and know that the Universe will follow your lead.
* If you are feeling lost or confused, get involved with some mindless activities with others. Try and 'ignore' your process as it will continue whether you are involved or not.
* Spend time with the animals or our little ones. I played with some kittens the other day and it was glorious!
* Be out in the sun or lie on the ground. Heaven and Earth are great conduits for balancing, healing and rejuvenating."

Karen also echoes the wealth wisdom I've been sharing in my e-newsletter, What Shines, and in these postings, about how money is shifting to align with our emerging reality around receiving abundance for spiritual/evolutionary support:

"Know that much is arriving for us now. If you are experiencing a sudden drop in income, it is only because it gets much worse right before it gets incredibly better. This is the way energy works. We are moving from one way of being and from one money generating reality to another. We are just right now in between."

Read Karen's complete take on our ongoing process: What's Up On Planet Earth

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Using the Violet Flame for Your Growth

According to spiritual teacher Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, the Violet Flame of Transmutation has unlimited power to help us heal and transform ourselves and our world. Here are some invocations and a mantra you may find useful:


Through the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, now blazing in my heart, I invoke ALL of the Legions of Light throughout infinity who are associated with God’s Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation.

Blessed Ones, blaze the full momentum of the Sacred Violet Fire in, through and around every electron of precious Life energy I have ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown. Transmute these patterns of imperfection cause, core, effect, record and memory into God’s Harmony and Balance.

Beloved I AM, I invoke your Divine Intervention to blaze the Violet Flame through every thought, word, action or feeling I have ever expressed that reflects anything less than the Immaculate Concept of my full Divine Potential.

Look into my life and see what yet remains to be balanced by me to any person, place, condition or thing I may have wronged at any time, in any way, for any reason whatsoever.

Reach your great loving hands of Light into all of the good energy I have released throughout my Earthly sojourn, and draw forth a thousand times as much perfection as I have ever done wrong.

Fashion from this substance of perfection a Gift of Love, whatever is necessary to balance every debt I have created which still remains unpaid to any part of Life.

Beloved I AM, I ask you to forgive every person, place, condition or thing which may have wronged me in any way, and balance all debts owed to me by Life everywhere.

I accept this done through the Power of God I AM. And so it is.


[The following Violet Flame mantra can be repeated either aloud or in the
silence of our hearts as we go about the business of our daily lives.]

Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire
all causes and cores not of God’s desire.

I AM a Being of cause alone; that cause is
Love, the Sacred Tone.

You can read Patricia's latest update on The Violet Flame, here: Limitless Power of the Violet Flame

Friday, May 13, 2005

Lights, Planets, Action!

It's time for a heavenly Harmonic Concordance redux. Mars and Uranus again dance together, stirring up a grand desire for freedom, movement, change. This juicy conversation begins on May 15th, one of many intriguing celestial conjunctions with Christian holy days taking place in 2005.

May 15th is Pentecost. This day, writes Johnny Mirehiel, commemorates "the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, symbolic of the Love of that Spirit. It was then that there appeared unto them 'cloven tongues as of fire' and they became different and Spirit infused people who had experienced a renewal of Faith. That this Pentecost coincides with an astrological alignment that has aspects to the Harmonic Concordance chart, which so closely mirrors its spiritual significance, seems very appropriate. For this is truly a moment in which we may choose to open to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to act on Its message and to do so as an expression of our Unconditional Love."

Read the full astrological overview, here: The Concordance Pentecost

Monday, May 09, 2005

Wealth Wisdom from a Surfer Dude

Lee Silber is a surfer...and a successful author, speaker, business owner, musician, and radio show host. And he still finds time to surf every day (and sleep!)

Here's a prosperity piece from his free monthly newsletter. For more info, visit Lee online at Creative Lee Speaking

By Lee Silber

For some, the pursuit of riches means everything—they look at wealth as a means of determining their own value and worth in the world. For others, money is a means to have and do what they have always wanted—it represents freedom. There are also people who claim that they aren't interested in money and look down on anyone who wants to profit from their time and talents—but realize that in the right hands money can make miracles happen. The bottom line is, money matters. Even though I have covered this topic in one of my previous books and have written articles about money matters in the past, it's worth talking about again. Only this time, I will go under the assumption that we all could use a little more money in our lives. That's why the focus of this article will be exercises to develop both a money mindset and some action steps that will help you make the second half of 2005 your best year yet—financially.

Making more money starts in your head. Some people don't earn what they are worth because they don't believe they deserve to and/or that there isn't enough money to go around or because they are complacent and aren't aware of the opportunities that exist to increase their income. Let's look at some simple suggestions to increase our wealth.

1. Get more. Take your salary from 2004 and double it. Write down or draw how that would feel and what making that much money would mean to you. Next, double that income amount and write what life would be like with four times the money coming in. Keep doubling your income and writing your responses until the income amount feels right.

2. Get real. In the middle of a page write down what you would like to earn in a year. Now draw arrows leading into that number with the possible sources of revenue needed to generate it. Open your mind to the possibilities. Use what ever method works to find money-making opportunities. Make a list of possibilities, create a mind map, emulate someone else's success, review old invoices and bank statements, tear out ideas from magazines, free write, talk to others, talk to yourself, draw, whatever you need to do to come up with ways to make more money. (See examples listed below in "Action Item I".)

3. Get emotional. Instead of dealing with numbers this time, let's look at how it would feel and the freedom this new amount of money coming into your life would mean for you and those around you. If you made (insert your ideal income here) what would you do? What would you buy? Where would you go? How would you feel about yourself? Your life? How would you be treated by others? What would you NOT have to do any longer?

4. Get going. One easy first step to having more money is to make better financial decisions on a daily basis. What is something you could cut out or cut down on to save money today? What is something you could do or sell to earn more money today?

5. Get it together. There are several things you can do to become better at making and managing money. One is to become more aware of where your money goes. Keeping track of what you spend each day (every dime) is an eye-opener. Another thing to try is to pay for items with cash for a week or two so you get in touch with how much you are truly spending. Another thing to do is to put up pictures of the things you will do, buy, enjoy when you have more money. Use these as motivators and put them up where you will see them (as a screensaver, in your wallet or on a bulletin board). On a stack of index cards write down everything you do (skills, talents, assets) that others would pay for. Put one item per card and start doing something with these. Make a list of things you can do to increase your worth—enter and win an award, team up with someone more successful, learn a new skill—and start raising your rates. Create an affirmation that reads something like this: "There is more than enough money to go around and I will earn (how much?) more than I am earning now? I am smart, talented and I deserve to be paid well." Read about and surround yourself with people who are wealthy and wise about money-matters. Learn all you can from them.

How to Make More
Have you tried any of these ideas to increase your income? (Circle any and all that you may want to try.)

* Turn a hobby into a side business
* Rent out unused gear
* Ask for cash as a gift this year instead of worthless presents
* Sell something you no longer need or use
* Teach a skill you have that others need to know
* Rent out a room in your home
* Ask for a referral fee when you send someone business
* Give (paid) speeches on a topic you are knowledgeable about
* Collect any money that is owed to you
* Ask your parents for an early inheritance
* Start a home-based or web-based business that uses your existing talents, skills and contacts
* Do consulting on the side
* Have a garage sale
* Write and sell articles about subjects you are an expert on
* Appear on a game show
* Moonlight at a job you would enjoy so much you'd almost do it for free
* Participate in paid market research studies
* Ask for a raise or raise your rates
* Get a degree that will allow you to make more
* Enter contests that pay a cash prize for a talent or skill you possess
* Get investors or advance orders for a business
* Create something that sells even when you aren't (a how-to booklet, book, DVD or CD).

How to Spend Less
In a lot of ways, finding creative means to have what you want without having to pay full price for it is almost the same as making more money. Try this.

* Get organized so you don't buy duplicates and have the receipts to return unwanted items
* Rent or borrow before you buy to be sure you want a high-ticket item
* When appropriate, ask for a discount when you purchase a product or service
* Take better care of your stuff so it lasts longer
* Be a smart shopper and buy on sale or travel off-season
* Be more creative rather than spend big bucks on dates, gifts or parties
* Simplify
* Trade or barter rather than buy
* Cut back on bad habits
* Use coupons
* Get out of debt

Sunday, May 08, 2005

You Are The Light of The World!

I just received the link to this inspiring e-movie via Patricia Cota-Robles. What a precious gift for Mother's Day...and always. Shine On!

You Are The Light movie

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saying and Living What You Meme

This fascinating article, "The Future of the Human Race Revealed," came to me from the Light Party, with a link to Infinite Being. However, as I could not locate the article anywhere on that site, I'm republishing it here in its entirety. Enjoy!

"In the ground-breaking book, "Spiral Dynamics" by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, 'memes' are defined as the social equivalent of genes. Memes are cultural units of information which self-replicate from mind to mind on a vast scale, appearing within society as new trends of thought.

The progression of memes reflects the development of society from its primitive beginnings up to the present. So far, eight different memes have been identified and analyzed. Their characteristics are:

Meme 1. Basic, personal survival. The most primitive motivation of just staying alive.

Meme 2. Clan survival. Tribal and family bonding along with superstition-filled attempts to understand the powers of nature which threaten to overpower them.

Meme 3. Courage, survival of the fittest. Mastering the environment, fighting to break free of constraints. Sensing many gods, all of which are models of power. This is where individuals first find their personal power but, seeing reality through a worldview of separation and limited resources, compete against each other in attempts to gain advantage. As a meme which is short on thought and long on passion, societies in this stage quickly fragment into territorial, feudal-type communities surrounded by competing, enemy communities.

Meme 4. Finding order and purpose in life. Obeying authority, regulations and externally imposed rules of behavior and morality. Sacrificing the self to a greater cause for a deferred reward. Dedicating allegiance to one supreme God. This social meme started to spread within civilization 5,000 years ago. Eventually, alliances arose between large-scale feudal structures and those who wished to develop extensive religious power.

Meme 5. Achievement, striving to succeed. Fighting to win, beating the competition, achieving independence. This meme started to spread significantly in the 1700s. It was made possible by the collapse of feudalism and also a sense of increased personal empowerment, which was a side-effect of the Protestant Reformation. It gained particular strength with the founding of the United States, whose Constitution and Bill of Rights intentionally empowered and protected individual liberty.

Meme 6. Community and caring. Unconditional love, accepting others as they are, seeing the value of service to others, the beginnings of spiritual understanding. Freedom of the spirit from greed, dogma, contention and other distractions from spiritual centeredness. This meme started to spread in the mid-1800s.

Professor Clare Graves, the originator of this branch of social science, saw the first set of six memes as a first tier of human development. He called the transition of the human race into meme number seven a momentous leap, an entry into an entirely new set of memes, a new tier of consciousness. With this new tier comes freedom from all of the fears of the prior memes, and, finally, the freedom for human cognition to focus upon its possibilities in the world.

As more and more people shift into the second tier of memes, the underpinnings of society become spiritual rather than materialistic. The second tier is expansive rather than self-serving or merely survival-oriented. Service to the world community, to the planet as a whole, becomes the inspiration as people activate these higher memes of consciousness.

"Love and light" is not just a greeting to wish someone well, it is the byline of the emerging New Reality. The future of the human race is a bright one. It is love and light.

Meme 7. Responsible freedom. Flexible flow, adapting to a world full of change. Big-picture views, the discovery of self-accountable, personal freedom. This meme started to spread after the global defeat of fascism in World War II. While most people started to look forward to the renewed chance to create personal prosperity, the beat generation of the 1950s emerged with its questioning of materialistic culture. This emerging movement examined Eastern philosophy, such as Zen Buddhism, in a search for answers to the mysteries of life.

In meme number seven, people act from an inner-directed core. Values come from fundamental, natural law, meaning that human rights are perceived as fundamental due to the fact that you exist.

By nature, seventh meme thinkers are self-accountable and independent within reason. They are honest in their communications and do not spend time on the rules of formality, unless they are important to those present. Seventh meme thinkers like technology for what it can do to improve life, and they value knowledge and competency above rank or status.

They enjoy the pleasures of life, without being bound by any of them, and pursue activities that express their inner joy. External fashions and trends have no bearing upon these choices. They have emotional control, meaning that they still express emotions, but these expressions are appropriate, and not uncontrolled outbursts.

This is a powerful meme in promoting the exploration of the greater possibilities of life. It creates information networks and networks of people which easily adapt to changing needs.

Seventh meme thinkers are concerned with the endangered world environment and want to restore viability and ecological order. Their purpose for living includes being independent within reason, knowledgeable as much as possible, and caring for others within practical limits. They are accountable to themselves as responsible individuals, yet embrace their community of associates. Rather than striving to have things or to achieve things, they prefer to pursue personal development along a pathway that is natural to them.

They can interact with people of the first six memes and speak their psychological language. They respect others' world views and unique habits, customs and cultures, even if they don't necessarily agree with them.

This meme brings a high sense of self-esteem based upon information as much as emotion. It brings an enlightened self-acceptance which acknowledges and accepts their own shortcomings and faults as mere stages along the way to acquiring more skills.

Meme 8. Holistic, global view. Spiritual awareness, learning through simply being as well as doing. Becoming conscious of the superconscious, trusting intuition. This meme started to spread in the cultural and spiritual awakening of the mid-1960s. Those seekers who found this pattern of thinking launched a whole new movement of spiritual awareness. This spiritual renaissance has the potential to develop the awareness to carry humanity through the Shift and into the New Reality.

This meme has a global village outlook, and seeks projects and solutions that will work well for the whole planet. It contains the vision to bring order out of chaos.

Because of the incredible power of the second tier of memes, these will accelerate the transformation of the world as they become more and more widely adopted.

Meme 9. The mystery meme. The authors of Spiral Dynamics have identified, as of the 1990s, meme number nine. They call this the Coral meme, but they have not observed it in large quantities of people, so they cannot yet summarize its characteristics.

However, using basic metaphysical principles, you can predict exactly what meme number nine will become."