Sunday, October 28, 2007

Samhain: Divine Transition

As we approach Hallowe'en, or Samhain in the Celtic tradition, the veils between worlds are thin, and the energy is ripe for transformational magic. With Pluto at the Galactic Center, it's probably the most potent opportunity we'll have this lifetime to complete and release what is over for us and invoke the incredibly new. Here's a wonderfully evocative article on the cross-quarter day honoring the Crone aspect of the Goddess.

And my favorite site for all things mythological, Kathleen Jenks' Myth*ing Links.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bird Brain?

Calling someone "birdbrained" is an insult—but considering what one bird did recently, we might want to reimagine the term as a compliment.

A parrot imitated the sound of a smoke alarm to alert his sleeping human family that the house was on fire. They escaped with their lives—and the bird—in the wee hours, just as much of the house went up in flames.

In indigenous cultures, figures depicted with bird heads indicated shamanic power; that is, the ability to "walk between the worlds." As we ride the ever-escalating waves into planetary harmony and oneness, communing with animals—and Nature in all her forms—is key. I'll dive into this theme extensively in the November issue of my e-newsletter, What Shines. Consider this a sneak preview.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Nature of Power

My car, a wise teacher disguised as a mechanical conveyance, continues to impart exactly what's going on now. The alternator, which I'd never even heard of or given a thought to prior to the first time those scary "brake/battery" lights came on and stayed on in 2004, again flashed me the high sign this afternoon—4 pm on a Friday, and a scant five weeks after replacing the alternator, which was only a year old to begin with! What was going on here?

I phoned my mechanic in a panic (hm...good lyric potential) and he said if I got there right away, he could take a look, but probably couldn't replace it till Monday. So much for my weekend plans to drive 150 miles (roundtrip) to a Dennis Kucinich campaign event. I was afraid I wouldn't even make it to the garage...I turned off the windshield wipers and lights and prayed fervently to the Goddess to deliver me before the car died.

When I arrived, my mechanic said Napa Auto Parts wouldn't have any alternators available to fit my make and model car until Monday. Suddenly I realized we were in Mercury retrograde and started to laugh—what a totally typical Rx scenario for the Quicksilver planet! While I was calling AAA to see if they'd take me home (since I didn't need a tow, and had paid for extended service...the answer was no, BTW), my mechanic, who'd been checking the belts, hoses, wires, etc., informed me that a replacement alternator had arrived! Alchemy, anyone?

With my car freshly repaired in record time on a soggy Friday afternoon, I asked one of the other mechanics in the shop what, exactly, the alternator does. Seems it's a power converter, enabling the battery to run the electrical system, which makes the car go. I said, "Oh, like a generator?" And indeed, in days of old this is what cars had: the generator has been replaced by the alternator.

So it's about power, and also about holding the both/and: alternate means each in turn, working together. Kind of like yin and yang. Masculine and feminine energies. And here I am, calling myself an amplifier and anchor for the feminine frequency.

I also think of the alternator as the heart of the car, keeping the blood flowing smoothly. Since coming into our Heart chakra is the key to creating Heaven on Earth, it seems my trusty Toyota was just checking in with me about my own commitment, making sure I'm awake and unwavering and willing to dive deeply as the times grow ever more intense.

Tonight at dinner, I picked up The Mind Chronicles by Barbara Hand Clow, which I'm attempting to read concurrently with The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind. Both are so incredible and life-altering I'm savoring them at the rate of just a few pages a day. This excerpt, from her 100 past-life regressions that serve as an Ur ground of collective memory, riveted me. She is at Teotihuacan, a Mayan temple site in Mexico, a few years prior to 1987's historic Harmonic Convergence:

"You are here to name yourself.
For your light to come into matter, radical transmutation is required.
In you we see dense gray forms from aeons ago, yet you are in the temple of Earth truth.
Woman, what are you going to do at this point?
For you are not in form in your Earth self yet.
You made yourself imperfect, for we are only love.
If we let you pass, you will be annihilated
Tell us why you should pass our veils."

Barbara asks three times despite their taunts, which, in esoterica, is the number that cannot be denied. (Before you ask for something 3x, be very sure you want it!) She agrees to "know every misuse of power you have look at the blackness of your own challenge all the let go of self for the new road of life." And only then is she given entry.

This is how we claim our power, and this is the only true power. It is never outside our own hearts. Only we can convert the power to right use for the entire vessel...Timeship Earth.

Wow. Thank you, Goddess!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rome Admits Error: Magic is Afoot!

Anyone who loved Dan Brown's breakthrough bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, will be thrilled to learn that the real Knights Templar have just been exonerated after 700 years!

Once burned at the stake for heresy, the Knights, who were guardians of the legendary Holy Grail, now taste vindication as the Vatican releases closely guarded trial documents—tantamount to a pardon, if not an apology.

It's the beginning of the end of Empire, dear ones. The dominator virus is being rendered impotent through the healing power of Love, and truth is replacing tyranny as the currency for future exchange. Watch, breathe beauty, live joy, and keep the faith, as the walls and wills of the old order come a-tumblin' down!

Channel of many ascended Masters and Archangels, Michele Denman says,

"We are in a major changeover at this very moment. I feel it.
We stand at a critical juncture of 'opposites.' Our suggestion is to not pay attention to 'opposites,' as this is still 'polarity' or the 'polarity game.'

"If we can stand in the middle, at Zero Point, which means to simply 'Love' or 'Be Neutral,' we can simply shift the cosmic ages by anchoring at Zero Point, which is ultimately Love.

"When we Anchor Zero Point, we go beyond 'opposites' and 'opposition.'

"Zero Point is God. Zero Point is Grace. It's Love.

"It is a neutral place, at the Equator.

"We are each 'Anchor Points' and our Belief structures, our Values, Our Intent, does change the world.

"If we go beyond 'drama', we can anchor Zero Point, which is Love. There is no drama at Zero. There is only Love.

"Please stand at the Equator, Holding Only Love, And Anchor Zero Point."

Blessed Be!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize Trumps Presidency

Congratulations to Al Gore, who, as I wrote over a year ago in What Shines, is "setting precedent" instead of being a "sitting president." The newsletter story is published on He's found his true calling, and is in service on a planetary level, which, as insightful Time journalist Eric Pooley makes clear in this report, trumps being a cog in America's political machine, which would clearly be a step backward for him—and for the world—at this point.

While we do need an enlightened president after being thoroughly scrubbed by the Shrub, there is another candidate who more than fills the bill on every score: Dennis Kucinich. Here are the articles I wrote about Dennis during his '04 bid for the Democratic nomination:

Vitamin K: How Dennis Kucinich Will Revitalize America's Health
Mobile, Global Citizens Say Dennis Makes the Difference
The KU Continuum

Hopefully we're further along the awareness continuum now, and ready to vote with our hearts for the Peace and Love that will heal us all.

Thanks and mega-blessings to Al and Dennis for leading from the heart chakra for everyone's benefit.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Becoming a Diamond

In the quest for wealth, we've long revered diamonds, symbolic of love and union. Now, as we ascend the spiral of galactic consciousness, we become the diamonds ourselves: this is what happens to carbon-based life forms as we evolve. And today is a diamond doorway that we can now choose to walk through. On the other side is the Garden, again: the opportunity to create henceforth from pure Love.

Amazingly, all of the lightkeepers whose channelings I follow, no matter where in the world they're based, are sharing an identical message in this moment: about coming home to the true Divine Feminine, reclaiming our ability to magnetize abundance and all else we need to balance our beautiful planet, owning this power and releasing any tendency to lapse into victim mode, an old reality that is now complete.

The Cathars carry the Magdalene energy along the Heart meridian of the planet, and Patricia Cota-Robles is leading a sacred pilgrimage to the South of France from October 15-29th, during a powerful Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and during Pluto's final Galactic Center conjunction, October 26-27th.

Wherever you are during this vital time, you can join your light to the grand effort of those physically present on the pilgrimage. Patty invites, "Please join us in consciousness, and project your Light along this pathway in the body of Mother Earth. You are powerful beyond your knowing. Never underestimate your ability to add to the Light of the world."

Here is an excerpt from her latest message:

"The effulgence of our newly-balanced Heart Flames is creating an environment of Love and upliftment around each of us. When we turn our attention to the balanced expression of our Father-Mother God within our hearts, the illusion of separation is shattered. Our hearts are unified, and we once again experience the bliss of knowing we are One and that Love is all there is. This knowing evokes from within the deepest recesses of our Beings a celestial song of Thanksgiving and a reverent feeling of Divine Gratitude. Every Sunrise we see, every flower that shares its perfume with us, every friend and loved one who warms our heart is a gift of God’s sustaining Love. These sacred gifts inspire our perpetual adoration to the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.

"Our Mother God has placed us within a mantle of Her Love, and our nervous systems are being recalibrated to withstand the highest frequencies of the Divine Feminine. This mantle of Love will help to transform each of us into conscious, self-generating centers of Light and Love. The tremendous impetus and magnetic pull of our Mother’s Love now flowing through our Heart Flames will stir the souls of Humanity. The invisible and resistless power of this Love will pierce into the sleeping spiritual centers of every member of the Human race and accelerate the awakening of each One.

"We now, as never before, have the ability to merge our personal service to Life with God’s service to Life for the highest good of all concerned. Our Mother God’s radiant, universal Love is pouring through all of us without designating favor to a particular person, place, condition or thing. Her Love is giving a healing, impersonal benediction to every particle of Life. The power and magnetic Love of the Divine Feminine is blessing all Life with an equal opportunity to respond. Every evolving soul is being given both the blessing and the responsibility of becoming an Open Door for Her exquisite Love. Every Human Being now has the opportunity to become an instrument of God vested with the power to change the feeling worlds of all with whom we come in contact. This will be accomplished not through our human will, but through the balanced power of the Flame of Divinity now blazing in our hearts.

"When we agree to become a magnetic force of Divine Love, we draw to ourselves the loving support we need from those who are aligned with, and will assist us with, our Divine Missions. This occurs not because of allegiance to a particular personality, but because of the affinity of our soul’s Light with the spiritual essence of the particular facet of the Divine Plan.

"As we expand our service to Life, we must reach up in consciousness and tap into the sacred knowledge and wisdom that will teach us how to effectively utilize the frequencies of Divine Love from our Mother God. Her Love is a priceless gift that is now freely flowing through every Heart Flame. The more we understand about the power and might of this majestic force, the more effective we will be in assimilating it into our life experiences."

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Masquerade? Or Melting the Masks Forever?

"Things are seldom as they seem/Skimmed milk masquerades as cream." I love this quote and have been unable to verify its author, so if you know, please share!

The sentiment is apt for now. Every source whose information I receive (and there are many) affirms that in these accelerated evolutionary times, where we're simultaneously revving up and releasing, not only are we likely to feel and behave very strangely (I can testify to this, too!), but everything that is, may seem somehow "wrong". Nothing could be further from the truth. It's a global birth (or rebirth) process, and, like physical birth, can appear apocalyptic while it's happening, although the end result will be a sparkling new being: Gaiamind, us, One with the All.

Here are a few pivotal links from some of the best and brightest wayshowers, whose wisdom will do much to allay fears and suggest ways to ride the waves:

Jennifer Posada's latest Oracle Message
Astrologer Allison Rae's latest edition of Cosmic Time
Investigative mythologist William Henry interviewed on the radio show, Dreamland about his DVD, "The Light Body Effect"

And from the legendary singer/songwriter I long ago dubbed a prophet for our times, Jackson Browne, turning 59 today and still as relevant and gorgeous as when I first loved his music in 1974: here's the anthem for our age, Before the Deluge.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another Day in Paradox

I'm still savoring Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life by Irwin Kula (although a number of other books await, so I'm going to finish this meal before too long...)

In light of the October issue of What Shines, which focuses on the oxymoronic nature of life, I wanted to include this quote that leads the book:

"Keep two pieces of paper in your pockets at all times.
One that says, 'I am a speck of dust.'
And the other, 'The world was created for me.'"

~ Rabbi Bunim of P'shiskha

You can't get more humbly absolute than that.