Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Whatever Possessed You?

Astrologer Allison Rae echoes the theme of my upcoming newsletter in her latest issue of Cosmic Time: "The next few years will be the most intense rollercoaster ride of our lives, and 2007 is a turning point. We have an opportunity to choose how we'll ride this wave, what to hold onto (precious little) and what to let go (more than we think). Vast cycles are ending. It's time for the new."

Years ago, on my own spiritual journey, these wise words came into my mind while I was out walking one night: "You need less than you think. And you have more than you know." Say this affirmation to yourself several times; you will find it comforting.

The June issue of What Shines focuses on the many guises of possession, and how we can begin to bridge seeming cultural/religious chasms through exploring the mythic quality of our common ancestral Abrahamic story.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Those Allergies Really Are

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it's Spring: a time of hayfever and other allergic reactions for many. While I've never had any problem with the outdoors, I am rather sensitive to indoor pollution: typically, chemicals that "off-gas" from new construction or a recent remodel. Knowing this, I nevertheless chose to move into a 5-months-new studio two weeks ago, and have now joined the ranks of the seasonally congested and sneezing (the cottage is also situated near many vineyards, so there is a lot of pesticide spray in the air and ground).

Amusingly, whenever I perceive something as discretely "my" issue, it turns out to be symbolic of a larger shift. As a planetary partner, I see myself (and the millions of others who deal with environmental sensitivities on a daily basis) as part of the advance guard for a planet in distress, which is being created and perpetuated by us.

Now Daniel Jacob, who channels The Reconnections, reports this reactivity is part of our awakening process.

"One of the most notable changes will be a tendency toward allergic reactions to foods, environmental essence, or other such substances in the environment. One physical result of these sensitivities will be increased water retention. At night, there may be surges of energy or a feeling of becoming spacey and 'diffuse.' Some will feel as though they are dying. These symptoms are all connected, and perfectly ordered within your growth process.

"The Oneself Body is, quite literally, turning to crystal. Your retention of water is the beginning of this transformation. Water is LIQUID CRYSTAL. During key times, the Higher Self will create a proper balance of electrical conduction so each person can get "previews" of the Grand Acceleration that will be signal the completion of your transformation. This is the Expanded Self allowing the ego to 'open your gifts' slowly and savor the experience."

I have also been in the process of shopping for two crystal bowls, something Bryan de Flores recommended in the recent Masters of the Universe Ambassador Training I attended. He says by using the bowls as mini banks, the elementals will multiply our money and enhance our overall sense of prosperity. After reading Daniel's transmission, I'm thinking maybe I'll fill one bowl with water, and the other with dollar bills, to facilitate the flow. As I've written before, all our money metaphors embrace water imagery: cash flow, liquid assets, reserves (reservoir), currency (currents).

Here's to your healthy awakening!

Monday, May 14, 2007

All In Good Time

For many years, I've felt time as being both elongated and compressed; that I was living decades in days, and, simultaneously, that moments would stretch out like possibility for aeons. I've known about the acceleration on Earth as we shift into the 5th dimensional frequency, but what's fascinating is this report from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, that says time isn't speeding up; it's actually slowing down.

Michael explains that by 2012, the year prophesied as the time of ascension, we will enter an era of "no time." He says we'll then "release the concept of linear time to enter into holographic or Cosmic time. In effect, there will be no time as you know it. Linear time is an artificial construct that creates a rhythm that is not in alignment with the Cosmic pulse. Now, as you move out of this artificial construct into 'no time', you are raising frequency to the point that linear time no longer exists for you. You live in a state of total immediacy, what we will call ultimate presence. Your rational mind is learning to perceive these changes as a gradual slowing of time."

What this also means is we're becoming magnificent instant manifesters. Michael adds, "As you align with the Cosmic pulse, you will also align more fully with your inner Light and Divinity, and your ability to create and manifest. And, since you are manifesting at an increased rate, it will appear as if time is speeding up."

Not surprisingly, and as I've logged here before, this dimensional shift can wreak havoc with our 3-D space suits, causing symptoms such as:
• anxiety
• depression
• exhaustion
• disorientation
• anger or displaced rage

The solution is still going with the flow. Drink lots of pure water, be in nature as often as possible (feet in the sand or Earth, lying on the land, holding trees, etc), sleep as much as you need to, move your body to release the pent up tension (exercise, dance, etc.)

As these new "Infinity Codes" integrate, it's one more step into quantum reality. Enjoy the ride...and remember to laugh often and love much!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Honey, We Shrunk the Bees!

Have you been hearing about the bees lately? Within one week, the planetary bee exodus was a subject of intense discussion between initiated Mayan shaman Martin Prechtel and Caroline Casey on her Visionary Activist radio program on KPFA; integral to a channeling from the Pleiadians through author Barbara Marciniak; an article in Our Toxic Times, a newsletter for the chemically injured—and a featured article on OpedNews.com.

Clearly, something's going on, and it ain't pretty. If the bees disappear, so does our food supply. Einstein himself calculated that human edibles would vanish within 4 years if bees cease to exist. Just a trifle concerning...

Why are they leaving? In a word, health. Or its obverse: toxicity. Bees, like all life forms other than humans, are aware bee-ings that respond to their environment with an instinctive sense of self-preservation. The Pleiadians say the Pleiades itself is known as "the beehive," and souls are referred to as "bees." In this context, souls will leave a world that no longer provides quality of life.

The bees are departing Earth because our present reality no longer sustains them. Cell phones disrupt their navigational radar; GMOs and other disharmony in nature threatens their ecosystem. According to the Pleiadians, the lack of human love and understanding of Nature is paramount; the greatest gift we can give the bees (and us!) is to "start bee-ing yourself: a maker and a carer of Nature."

That's direct from the extraterrestrials. A warning to restore our sense of balance, inner and outer, while we still have a memory of what this means.

For me, one of the simplest ways to re-member (make membership again) is to get into nature. Go to a park, go to the ocean, go to a forest; whatever is easiest and closest for you, and connect. Breathe the fragrant air, feel the earth or sand beneath your feet, commune with the trees, flowers, sky, birds, and yes, bees. You'll not only feel renewed, you'll actually be participating in a most essential Earth renewal.

Blessed Bee!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sustainable = Impermanent

An intriguing concept has been reaching me through various channels in recent weeks, that ties directly into my life and writing as a New Nomad: in order to create a truly sustainable society, we need to start thinking in terms of non-durable goods. This doesn't mean more plastic, disposable products that only add to overburdened landfills. On the contrary, the meaning has more to do with creating flexible shelters and other resources that can be dismantled with ease after a short period of usefulness, and allowed to dissolve back into the Earth.

Sounds pretty strange to Western ears, I know. Yet this is the indigenous perspective — and native peoples certainly live a lot closer to Mama Gaia than most of us "civilized" folks do. In researching my book on living nomadically in modern times, I read John Perkins' The World Is As You Dream It, where I first came across this concept. Then today, I heard an almost identical philosophy from Mayan shaman Martin Prechtel, an ever-popular guest on Caroline Casey's Visionary Activist radio show.

He said, "Imagination has to be governed by love," and went into a lengthy explanation of the distinction between tribalism, community, and the village. In the village model, inhabitants ritually burn their structures to the ground annually, because by the time a year has elapsed, humans have become out of touch with the Earth and need to start over. The ritual destroys in order to restore consciousness.

It's quite fascinating, and also (although he did not specifically address it) speaks to the Eastern idea of non-attachment, since what we are attached to eventually becomes toxic. In this moment when Jupiter (planet of expansion and storytelling) squares Uranus (the zodiacal visionary), it's a potent time "for retelling, resifting, so that knowledge is never dogma, never stagnant, always moving," says Caroline.

I also loved how she redefined forgiveness: "to give energy to change," e.g.: "I forgive you; I give you the energy to shift!"

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Honoring Truth, Creativity and the Earth

Today is Wesak, with a Full Scorpionic Moon, and some amazing opportunities for shapeshifting energies. Celia Fenn, who channels Archangel Michael, has some sage guidance for May. In a starbeam:

∞ Discern the difference between illusion and Truth
∞ Honor your creative essence and process
∞ Trust what is happening; do not fear predicted "cataclysmic" events. Know that what is happening is part of the plan for global evolution.

The entire channeling is extremely valuable and worth reading; I'm excerpting part of the segment on Creativity, since this dovetails precisely with what shamanic guide and author Sandra Ingerman just spoke about last week on Caroline Casey's Visionary Activist radio program. You can listen to the archived show on KPFA. You can also read a summary of the show's highlights in my May newsletter, What Shines.

Michael exhorts, "Many of you have lost connection with your creative energy and processes, as you judge your creations and say: 'It is bad! It needs to be destroyed!'. Now, this is because you do not honor yourself and your abilities. You are all creative, but you may say, for example, 'I cannot paint or make music or….'. But, of course you can! And the more you paint and dance and make music, the more you acquire the skills to enjoy the creative journey and the more your creative efforts will reflect the joy of who you are. You don't need to destroy every work so that you can make a better one. Rather, you will enjoy your past efforts as you move to skilled and more fluent creations. You will enjoy your past works and use them as the basis for new and more skilled works as you become more skilled, and as you grow and evolve.

"And so, we say, dearest Lightworkers, that you are all creative artists here on the planet! You are the artists of 'reality creation'. Stop, then, seeking to destroy your own creation. Know that you are growing in your creative skills, and it is good. Look at what you have created, and see the Beauty and Love reflected. And know that your ongoing creations will reflect ever more of that Love and Light, and you will awaken and become more skilled in your creative expression."