Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Financial Cholesterol

This brilliant juxtaposition of the fiscal and physical comes from money psychologist Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. I'm reading her book, "The Energy of Money," while I rejuvenate at Wellspring Renewal Center in verdant Mendocino County, CA. Her book is the perfect resource to have found me at this "center for the renewal of the Human Spirit," as the Wellspring brochure states. One definition of prosperity is "well being"!

Nemeth counsels that in order to become "conscious conduits of energy," we need to plug our money leaks and clean up our "money sludge". Money blocks typically take the form of old, worn-out modes of thinking that no longer apply in our lives, and/or incomplete money business: unkept financial promises such as outstanding loans and other debts, lack of appropriate savings and investments, insurance, etc.

Too much of this "financial cholesterol" clogs our fiscal arteries. Nemeth recommends taking inventory of your money status (beginning by balancing your checkbook!), and then taking "authentic action" to clear your money drain so you can become the affluent channel you desire and deserve to be.

Affluence literally means, "to flow abundance." When your pipeline's clear, money can flow in. See my article "Money, Sex and Power for more details.

Here's to your health!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just Another Day In Paradox

I've often written about the importance of learning to hold the "both/and", rather than an either/or perspective. Never has this ability to surrender into apparent paradox been more crucial than in the heady year 2005, as we open to greater levels of awareness and our Divinity than ever before.

Isaac George, who channels Archangels Ariel and Michael, has brought through a powerful transmission for Passion Week. Here's an excerpt from Ariel:

"In the balance of all that you are, all that you have experienced, all of your memories, and everything else that makes up what you refer to as your 'reality', it is paramount to behold the most basic of realizations. You are neither in control, nor are you out of control. It is time to redefine what you perceive as being a Master and also of being Hu-man. It is essential to collapse your identities into a single beingness, to reduce your reactive experience within the shared realities on this Planet, and it will serve you to take a fuller responsibility for accepting what you can change and also what you cannot. For instance, let us begin with 'creating your own reality', otherwise known as Cocreation.

"You feel an impulse, a desire, or simply a need. Your mind is always very busy with needs and wants. Your heart is busy with dreams and desires. Your Soul is busy with nothing, except experiencing itself in relationship to its divine blueprint and the offshoots of its creations. Your Spirit witnesses with detachment the primary directive, which is to become fully conscious on every level of Being, in every layer of form and formlessness. Simple, isn't it? You have been pushing forward into matter for eons of time, until the light of your divine memory was so dim that you could barely perceive it, and now you are pushing toward unity with All That Is as fast as you can, and you can barely wait for that singular moment of Reunion. However, you have been cocreating this design of expression, as well as living it out. Just You and It. What if it's all been OK? Could you drop the headlong rush toward the spiritual finish line (doesn't exist), and just be OK with who and where you are right now?

"Cocreating is the realm of expression, not compression. Mastery is not you mastering Life, or the Elements, or the Universe. Ultimate cocreation is letting go of control. Determining what the value of a choice is, and where it comes from IS in your control. These are the games, the very endgames of the Ego. End the Game. Life is not something you master, it is something you co-creatively participate with and EXPRESS. You CHOOSE what you wish to experience, and it will just happen, or not. After all, whose will have you asked to be done here? If there is something to master, then recognize you are here to master your self- concepts, memories and beliefs, and then dump them overboard!"

For the complete transmission, please visit the Isaac Ariel web portal

Monday, March 21, 2005

Health Alert: Symptoms of Your 6th Dimensional Upgrade

Now that the Paradise grid has anchored Earth in the 5th dimension, the word from our celestial counselors is, we can expand our consciousness into the 6th dimension.

Since most of us are not all that experienced in amping up the frequency so frequently, it's likely to look a little chaotic in 3D. Archangel Michael advises that if you've decided to accept the "upgrade," be prepared for some or all of the following symptoms to manifest:

* Spaciness/ungroundedness
* Feeling as though time is speeding up even more than before
* Severe migraine headaches and abdominal pain, indicative of rewiring and new meridians coming online
* Fuzzy vision
* Pain in the back of the neck
* An increasing sense of living in a dream and unreality, as in the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields"
* An increase in joy and playfulness--the 6th dimension is the Playground Dimension!
* Psychic connection to the citizens of 6D: dolphins, whales, fairies and elementals
* The "usual" clearing symptoms of dimensional shift: dizziness, diarrhea, joint pains, nausea, disorientation, disturbed sleeping patterns, exhaustion
* Increased psychic and telepathic abilities

Read the complete channeling, here: Expanding Consciousness into the 6th Dimension

And dear ones--Welcome Home!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Equinox Wisdom: A Solar Wave to Heal The Earth And Us

The 11th annual Solar Wave, a synchronized, 24-hour global celebration to anchor balance, peace and harmony for Earth and all humanity, begins at your sacred spot on the planet with the sunrise on the Vernal Equinox, Sunday, March 20, 2005.

As they have for the past decade, Aluna Joy and the Star Elders are stewarding this inner voyage. You can learn more about it, including ideas for local ceremonies and invocations, here: Solar Wave 2005

Aluna says that this year, we can initiate "Biblical proportions of positive change!" The same Earth energy that created the tidal wave and magnitude 9.0 soulquake last December is available for unprecedented manifesting of our hearts' desire.

"Tens of thousands...maybe even tens of millions of lightworkers (with your gracious help), will send out positive intent for an entire 24-hour period, creating a 24-hour SOLAR WAVE of energy infused with LOVE, PEACE and BALANCE that washes across the Earth and humanity. Brothers and sisters from the North and South on the same longitude will unite within the balancing force of the Equinox Sun! We can use this powerful energy of the Sun to EMPOWER our VISIONS of balance and harmony, just as the ancients did."

It's a beautiful opportunity to say YES to all we deeply desire to create.

"Remember...when two or more are gathered together in a common focus, the power to change the world is multiplied a thousand times. Use your highest, purest intentions, and remember that the truth is within YOU."

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Ides of March: Health Hazard or Opportunity?

Five centuries after Shakespeare's astrologer counseled Julius Caesar, "Beware the Ides of March!", we still shudder at the thought that March 15th might harbor some hidden hazard.

But it's just another day, albeit one that was part of a convoluted calendar. In ancient Rome, each month had an "ides." In March, May, July and October, the ides fell on the 15th. In the other eight months, however, the ides fell on the 13th.

Maybe Julius meant to follow the advice, but got his months mixed up. Or maybe he just didn't place much store in prophecy.

In recent history, the rock group, The Ides of March had a hit with the upbeat tune, "Vehicle." The lead singer went on to superstardom as the founder of Survivor. Yet the Ides continued to play and record. The group's now been together, with all the original band members, for 40 years.

Mythologically speaking, the ides of March can transport you where you most need to go. If you pay attention and pay your dues, you won't pay the Piper--and you may hit pay dirt.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Solar Flares and Emotional Eruptions

Been flying off the handle a bit lately? Relax. It's only ascension.

A lengthy channeling from the Ashtar Command, excerpted below, reminds us that what is happening in the Heavens, on Earth and in our own beings is all cosmic mirroring. Each of us is a Sun, carrying the Light of the Great Central Sun within us, and "being the bridge of this Light between you and the Earth, just as your solar sun is the bridge between the Central Sun and your solar sun." As above, so below.

Ashtar counsels, "As you witness the solar sun eruptions and flares, look at the other 'suns' about you and you will see these same flare-ups and eruptions taking place. As you witness this mirror effect, look below you and you will also see all kinds of erratic behavior and eruptions taking place upon the Earth.

"Ah, but I would ask you…is the planet reflecting YOUR behavior, which in turn is affecting the behavior of your solar sun, OR is it beginning at the Great Central Sun level and having a ripple effect down into the Earth? Who is mirroring whom? Well, I will tell you now that it is indeed a two-way mirror, for All is One and each reflects the Whole.

"You must keep the energy within your physical, mental and emotional bodies moving, balanced, and in a state of 'flow'. You do this through the releasing of energies which no longer serve your highest good. And we know you know this, but perhaps it is time for a little reminder, yes?

"As you do these releases, know that your actions will be mirrored by the planetary body. It is through these necessary releases, which manifest on every level, that the entire universe is rising in Light frequency back to the One.

"We ask you to see and understand these cosmic and planetary eruptions as what they truly are: the releases that are necessary for the ascension you have asked for.

"And I would hasten to add, bless also those other embodied 'suns' around you when they erupt in a less-than-pleasant outburst, knowing and understanding that they, too, are simply releasing energies which have put them out of balance due to the reflections they have been given from others. For every release, no matter how small you may deem it to be, is reflected throughout the universe for the highest good of All."

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Your Universal Bank Account

I came across this timeless truth in a book of Ann Landers' old newspaper columns. It's a little corny but a good reminder:

"You Can Bank On It"

Imagine you had a bank that each morning credited your account with $1,440 - with one condition: whatever part of the $1,440 you had failed to use during the day would be erased from your account, and no balance would be carried over.

What would you do? You'd draw out every cent every day and use it to your best advantage.

Well, you do have such a bank, and its name is Time. Every morning, this bank credits you with 1,440 minutes. And it writes off as lost forever whatever portion you have failed to invest to good purpose.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

UnWired and More Tired? How WIFI Impacts Our Health

WIFI (wireless fidelity) is a grand leap forward in portable communication. But the electromagnetic output may be overloading human circuits to the point of illness.

Here's what Phyllis Light, Ph.D., an intuitive healer and personal growth counselor, has to say about the subtle energy effects of WIFI:

"When you sit in front of a [wireless] computer and surf the Internet, you are exposing yourself to hundreds of thousands of frequencies from the computers of everyone else who is simultaneously surfing the Internet. As a result, the normal fatigue that comes from exposure to the EMFs that computers radiate is multiplied hundreds of times. After spending significant time surfing the web, a more sensitive person would probably notice increased eye pain, headaches, or fatigue--even to the point of feeling 'brain dead.'

"Normally, when you shut off your computer and walk away from it, you are no longer bombarded by this extremely intense negative energy. However, with WIFI, you are now at risk anywhere you go where the WIFI frequencies are present."

To read the complete article and learn some smart ways of shielding your energy field, click here: The Increased Subtle Energy Damage From WIFI

Monday, March 07, 2005

Sexual Healing Wisdom: Feel Frisky? Transmute It To Fortune!

Here's another take on What Sex Has To Do With It (see also 2/27/05): the stronger your sexual drive, the greater your achievement potential--and wealth capacity.

In "Think And Grow Rich," Napolean Hill writes, "The road to genius consists of the development, control, and use of sex, love, and romannce." He devotes an entire chapter to "The Mystery of Sex Transmutation." Now, in 1937, when this book was first published, information on transforming sexual energy through Chinese taoist techniques had not yet reached the West. But it isn't such a great mystery.

What Hill suggests is that, instead of acting upon all sexual desire with the lower chakras, we choose to raise this energy to the heart, mind (third-eye) and crown, allowing our passion to fire our imagination and channel creative ideas. Inventors, leaders, writers, and the fabulously successful and wealthy in all fields have done this down through the ages.

Lends a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Be fruitful and multiply," doesn't it?

Friday, March 04, 2005

Portal to Paradise Opens March 5th

Like many others, I've been feeling that 2005 would be an amazing year in ways I couldn't clearly articulate. Now the information is streaming in, and it's a cosmic cause for global celebration.

Beginning March 5th and centered initially in Hawaii, an energetic download known as the "Paradise" frequency will be anchored and activated in Earth's grid system. This Stargate will be followed by two more activations in May, when the major Christian and Buddhist spiritual holy days, Easter and Wesak, take place. The third Stargate coincides with the heliacal rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, from July 26th - August 8th.

The Paradise vibration of Oneness, Love, Joy and Abundance will express in our lives as:

* Renewed energy and direction to focus on our creative passions. We will feel increasingly supported by this new energy as we explore our potential as 5th Dimensional creators.

* Deeper and more meaningful relationships, as we explore the energies of the new Soulmate unions. We will need to release old, outmoded relationships to make way for new and more balanced ones.

* Work shifts. Many of us will experience sudden changes in our job or career direction. We will increasingly feel the need to take risks in order to follow our passions and fulfill our dreams.

* The Return of Excitement and Joy. As the energies settle we will find the sense of anticipation and excitement that we used to feel, returning.

This information is excerpted from a channeled transmission by Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn. For the complete transmission, please visit Starchild.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

White Fire of Desire

In "Think And Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill bluntly asserts, "You can never have riches in great quantities unless you can work yourself into a white heat of desire for money, and actually believe you will possess it."

And in "A Little Book of Aloha: Spirit of Healing," a Hawaiian healer takes this truth a step futher: "White heat is pure heat. If you are pure in your mind of what you want to do, then you will be on fire."

White heat is the sacred fire of faith -- in yourself, in your dream, in your ability to, as Hall says, "conceive, believe and achieve."

A radiant 60-year-old woman I met last week, who looks much younger than her chronological years, is successful in all aspects of her life: love relationship, business, health, home, finances, etc. When I asked her for the secret to her happiness, she responded, "I'm living inside the commitment to my gratification."

Wow. What an inspiring, radical image that evoked for me.

This type of "self"-centered behavior is a blessing for all, because a happy person spreads joy and possibility by her very presence. She's white heat in action.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sourcery Or Scare City?

Are you a Sourcerer or Sourceress? That is, are you able to re-source yourself from life's well? Can you be rather than do, when your essence is asking for peace? If so, you're truly living in your power--which is potent, practical magic for these transformational times.

Or are you--like many of us on life's journey--living in "Scare City"? This vivid phrase was coined by teammate Susan Pond, who says coming from a scarcity consciousness makes it sound, "like there's an actual place where people who are fearful live!"

I've personally spent a lot of time exploring Scare City, and it's edifying as well as terrifying. Finally, I made the conscious choice to do the A-Bun-Dance, or, as I've come to call it, the A-Bunny-Dance (rabbits symbolize fertility and fruitfulness), and shake, rattle, enroll into prosperity mode. In a moment of inspiration, talking with Susan, I playfully suggested we rewrite the close of America's Pledge of Allegiance, to state, "…with prosperity and abundance for all!"

I invite you to reclaim your power as a magical being. Two films that speak to personal empowerment along these lines are: The Sorceress, by Andre Michel (1955), in French with English subtitles, and Resurrection starring Ellen Burstyn, a Daniel Petrie release (1980). Both are available on video.

My response to these films, viewed when I was deep into my own awakening in the early 1990s, was visceral. If you choose to rent them, I suggest you allow yourself to enter into a still place in order to best receive the gifts.

Happy Sourcery to you!