Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leap Year ~ Not! The Laws of Time

Every four years, we add a day to the calendar to even out Earth's elliptical orbit. It seems a bit grandiose to think that humans are correcting the Creator's error, eh?

From an indigenous perspective, time has an entirely different flow ~ and meaning. Since discovering the Mayan Calendar in 1996, I've learned to live on two levels simultaneously: our 12:60 Gregorian calendar, which measures time in 12-month and 60-minute increments, neither of which is natural and all of which leaves us breathless and starving for peace, and the 13:20 Mayan cycle of 13 Moons and a 20-count unit of measure, which we actually embody (20 fingers and toes). Just holding this both/and has expanded my experience.

With Leap Day tomorrow, and 2012 looming, it's useful to delve more deeply into what, exactly, is going on. I'm going to be writing more about 2012 soon, as lately I've been hearing several young people express fear about what this date portends. But for now, here's some Leap Year clarity with a Mayan Calendar perspective, from timekeeper Aluna Joy.

"The Mayan date system presented in Mayan Astrology skips leap year days altogether in order to stay in sync with galactic cycles. In other words, it literally ignores the Gregorian day, February 29, and continues the sacred count on March 1. This method adjusts for the Gregorian discrepancy every four years by skipping one day every four years.

"The traditional Maya had no problem with the Gregorian calendar, but of course, they didn't use it. This eliminated one problem, yet they still had to make an adjustment of 13 days at the end of a 52-year cycle during their New Fire ceremonies. They kept the sacred count for 52 years, skipped over 13 days or Suns, and then resumed their sacred count in order to stay in sync with galactic cycles. The New Fire ceremonies represent a complete cycle of the Haab (Long Count), the Tzolk'in (260-day sacred cycle), and the Pleiades, coming full circle to their places of origin. The following quote is from Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men, in his booklet Tzol ek' Mayan Astrology, 'Due to very precise and consistent methods of observation, the Maya came to establish the well-know cycle of the NEW FIRE or TUNBEN K'AK, which is celebrated every 52 years.'

"The big question here is what about those days we just flippantly skip over that were given to us by the Creator, Hunab K'u? Do we just toss them out with the morning trash? The problem we are encountering here is based in our perspective. Through the vision of my buddies, the Cosmic Maya, I was shown some intriguing perspectives or shifts in orientation, helping me see the problem from a different angle or light. You will have to tune in to Spirit and feel for yourself. Remember, proof is in the experience.

"The first and most powerful problem we have is how we approach the sacred calendar. We are approaching it from an Earth perspective that is still not in sync with the galactic whole. Then we try to cram the sacred Tzolk'in cycle into a Gregorian one. This doesn't work without some adjustments, as we all have deduced by now.

"We are emerging out of an age of darkness. We are beginning to remember long-lost truths. We are also stretching toward galactic alignment. This tells us that we are out of sync with the galaxy. Right? Well, if we are out of sync with harmonious galactic cycles, how could we possibly force the sacred Mayan calendar, which is based in the harmonious cycles of the universe, into the framework of the faulty Gregorian calendar without some difficulty? We have been assuming that a sacred day in the Mayan calendar is the exact length of a solar/Earth day. We know it is not. The problem is not with the Mayan calendar, it is not with the Sun, it is with our Earth cycles and our currently used Gregorian calendar. We are trying to link the sacred calendar to the faulty Gregorian based calendar instead of the other way around

"The Cosmic Maya share that our Earth is spinning too fast at this time to synchronize totally with the sacred cycles. They say that the earth is now slowing its spin as they anticipated. (Scientists have confirmed that the earth is indeed slowing its spin) When it slows to the point of harmony and synchronization with the sacred timing cycle (in 2012), Earth will balance its rotational speed and we will align with the galaxy. It is at this time that we will be able to merge and integrate our solar cycles with the sacred cycle."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Anger, Fear and the Age of Ethics

Dear Ones,

Below is possibly the most important post I've ever made in this blog. It's a lengthy communication from Leslie Temple Thurston to her e-list; there is no online link. Please read in its entirety and pass along to all you know; this is crucial information for our individual and collective healing/transformation at this time. I have felt what she describes myself and acted on it, realizing even in the moment how out-of-proportion my anger was. And I have had two people erupt on me in like manner.

Awareness in awakening makes all the difference.

Blessings and Light,

Dear Everyone,

I am writing to share something with you that I see happening energetically to some of us right now, and I suspect, soon to be all of us. It looks and feels very weird and unusual. This "happening" feels like an exceptionally strong vibration passing through the physical and subtle body, at the level of the solar plexus, night and day. It feels either like your solar plexus has been "hollowed out" and you may feel hungry – or it can turn into a strong vibration of fear and/or anger in a split second depending on some sort of stimulation. And it just sits in the solar plexus, seemingly for no apparent reason. Quite a few people I have spoken to are feeling this as well.

After many, mostly sleepless nights, of being threatened repeatedly by what seem to be occult forces trying to pull me out of my heart, and into the experience of this overwhelming energy/vibration of fear or anger, I have begun to understand a little of what its purpose is. In the past month it has been running relentlessly through my body day and night, without me knowing exactly what it is. I have begun to see that this is some sort of set up, or process which we all need to understand. Finally, its source and purpose seem a little clearer, and I wanted immediately to let you know what I suspect it to be, so that you don't fall into the trap of projecting it out or making it personal. Let me explain.

These feelings/vibrations of anger/fear feel awful in the body, and it is so easy to project them on to some situation that might be happening in your life that is difficult — don't be tempted to do that. Doing that would blow any situation out of all proportion and push you into the realms of delusion and deep trouble. You could suddenly find yourself in a battle with someone where the issues are hugely magnified and seem completely insoluble.

The whole energy configuration is at best a process, and needs to be looked at in that light. Don't take its surface appearance too seriously. It is an illusion. An illusion of the times we are in, those of the 5th night of the Galactic Underworld, and it is being exacerbated by the current astrology — that of Mars' opposition to Pluto.

This configuration of Mars/Pluto has been happening for awhile, since the late fall, and is building towards a climax that will take place between now and early to mid-March. Be aware that this is very extreme astrology, and is hitting everyone at the level of their deepest shadow and deepest wounding. So, you definitely have some deep processing to do during this time, but once again a reminder to be most careful not to project that these feelings are real or are the result of some situation in your life that is difficult, because it will have the effect of making everything worse and cause you to lose the connection to your heart.

In the past few days I have spoken with several people and from sharing with them what I have been feeling and seeing, we have mutually established that we are all feeling the same thing — this intense flow of a fear/anger vibration ripping through the body night and day. It is so unpleasant and distracting, keeping you awake at night especially. For some people it only happens in waves, for some it is there all the time. It appears to take your life force, is very debilitating on the nervous system and can leave you exhausted.

When I first felt it, I fell into the trap of associating it as being the consequence of a difficult process that is happening in my life. Yesterday, I recognized that it was not necessarily directly connected to that situation, but that, as a projection, it was making the situation appear worse than it actually is.

And then I began to look elsewhere for an explanation of the bodily sensation of fear/anger. I asked Archangel Michael for help and this led me into doing some deep processing of early childhood trauma, which led into a samsara, which begun back at the time of the ancient collective wounding associated with "The Fall" of the Neolithic civilization, and the disaster programming associated with that time — the beginning of patriarchy. It worked out so wonderfully when I did that and there was a huge release! Since according to the Mayan Calendar we are at the end of Patriarchy, it stands to reason that we are clearing the beginning of it. Also, according to the Mayan Calendar we are at the beginning of the "Age of Ethics."

So with that clearing, what had been feeling like "the fear of being attacked suddenly, unexpectedly and opportunistically" came up as nothing but a samsaric process, even though it was being mirrored in my life as something "real". It had the feeling of anarchy that brought up the fear. This fear is our deepest wounding as a human collective right now. I allowed myself to go into it and enter deeply into the feelings (which took awhile) and in the end it was relatively painless and easy to let it go. I found that it could be released along with the early childhood trauma of being abandoned and rejected at birth in this life, which was the shadow of that "Fall" time being repeated in probably each and every life I/we have had since then. A very big clearing happened, and the bodily feelings of fear/anger went away.

Now, sitting here at 2:00 am, writing since I woke up, the feeling is slightly present again, but I am seeing it now in a different light, at a different level, as a fear of dissolution, of the ego's journey of coming unglued, and of ultimately, a letting go of the ego — whereas before, yesterday, it had been discerned as a fear of loss, scarcity or destruction and death — in other words it took me all the way down the downward spiral, and then became what I perceive to be our final step, the surrender of ego.

Having processed my way through many squares over the past couple of weeks, as I tried to understand what this energy was about, squares mostly around a kind of irrational, anarchistic and chaotic quality I was experiencing that was associated with the process, it has cleared enough to where all I am now left with is a vague feeling of discomfort in the solar plexus area around the idea of loss, moving into a feeling which I perceive to be a fear of coming unglued or of egoic dissolution. It feels like death but I see it is ego death.

In other words this very intense bodily feeling that was being interpreted as fear or anger, (they are very akin to each other, the same vibration actually, as it is experienced by the tyrant [anger] or the victim, [fear]) and which felt very threatening, has morphed into not much of a reaction at all, except to notice its faint presence in the body — and it is not scary anymore. I will process "fear of dissolution" but it does not have the huge "charge" it had anymore and I am no longer being fooled into thinking it is necessarily associated with the difficult situation in my life. I believe it is a collective process, although I have been working it as though it was personal, since making it subjective has given me a very deep connection to what is happening and has helped in understanding it—at this very important time in our/humanity's evolution.

Why are we feeling this "stuff" and where is it coming from? I believe it is coming from the Pluto/Mars opposition, the issue of us being in the "5th night" and other astrological "complications".

The main thing I really want to warn you about IS TO NOT PROJECT IT OUT ONTO SOME SITUATION IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU CAN BE DELUDED INTO MAKING "REAL" AND/OR THAT MIGHT LOOK SCARY OR DIFFICULT. It could complicate that situation hugely, and besides, what we are being tempted into here, IS A HUGE TRAP.

Spirit had created a couple of scenarios for me that were proving difficult, and which suddenly became overblown and "hugely scary" and would not resolve, as this energy was overlaid on to them. And I soon saw that the temptation was to associate the bodily feelings of fear/anger with the processes that were trying to resolve on the outside. It was necessary to separate the inner states from the situations outside. They were not connected.

My concern, and it is a very real concern, is that ordinary people who have a tendency to project their feelings onto the outside, will feel these feelings/vibrations of fear/anger and look around in their life to see where the feelings may be coming from, and what is "wrong" in their lives. Then they will project these feelings onto any outer situation that seems problematic, thus blowing the situation out of proportion and distorting the process. I am seeing that this energy could lead to disputes being exaggerated hugely.

This is a scenario where fighting or wars could break out in the coming weeks. It could lead the world into some sort of disaster. We are entering a dangerous time in fact. The energy could create dire consequences (such as the man who "went postal" on Valentine's Day in Illinois, and opened fire on a group of people, killing 7 and wounding 18), but on a much grander scale.

Fear and anger take us out of our hearts and cut us off from our divine connection. And so in situations such as this energy unfolding itself into the world right now, people become very vulnerable and susceptible and can find themselves in very dangerous situations where they are without the ability to access their hearts. It is always our heart which guides us along the proper course of action, helping us keep our proper alignment during difficult times, and when we lose connection to it, we become vulnerable to occult and opportunistic forces that can manipulate us into creating bad karma for ourselves.

I see that the big picture here is that the process has been set up by spirit to help us shift and leave third chakra selfishness/patriarchy with its tyrant/victim configuration, to move into heart-centered life in a higher dimension. This is the ultimate issue/process of our present times as you all know—the one on which the fate of the world hangs. I have written about how this year is perhaps the most major time for global transformation that we have ever experienced.

So I see this current set-up as a test that we are being taken through right now. And the choices are being dangled in front of us like a great, ripe, tempting apple — fall again or ascend.

We, as impeccable and responsible people who can see more deeply into the truth of what is unfolding here, can provide a service to the world by seeing this energy for what it is — that it is nothing but a process — and address it accordingly. By doing the process fully and clearly, we can help stabilize the world by holding The Middle Way and not falling into the trap of making any of what is passing through us, real.

But by using the potential that these strange, intense feelings of fear and anger (and hate actually) offer us, we can look deeply into ourselves and clear out very old samsara — to the benefit of all.

Making the right choice now is the window of opportunity that will benefit us individually during these dark times, if we can take it and respond to the situation from the proper place of detachment.


P.S. – An important addendum that I just received from Bella Cloude follows:

There are significant implications to the lunar eclipse full moon that occurs on February 20th. This bridge between the February 6th new moon in Aquarius solar eclipse, and the coming full moon Lunar eclipse — sun in Pisces moon in Virgo, will determine the course of many events, I believe. The Piscean - Aquarian transition time is reflected in this moon cycle. Neptune and Chiron are in Aquarius — our etheric body (Neptune) along with the wounded healer (Chiron).

Now we are entering in the vortex of the lunar eclipse — Saturn in Virgo (our karma teachings) conjunct the full moon in Virgo. Remember Karma is not only cause and effect but also effect and cause, so we are cautioned not to dwell on the effects of Karma — only to let it clear.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

See You on the Dark Side of the Moon

This week heralds the second of two eclipses this month/moon cycle, and I love how seasoned astrologer Allison Rae frames the possibilities. This is from the current issue of her newsletter, Cosmic Time:

"The Total Lunar Eclipse this week promises a consciousness shakedown.

During the Full Moon on Wednesday night, the reflected light of the Sun will be blocked by the Earth, creating the illusion of the Moon darkening' as it turns a deep red-brown.

The play of 'light' and 'dark' is highlighted at each Full Moon. With a Total Lunar Eclipse the effect goes quantum. The cosmic energies transmitted through this portal offer a unique opportunity to see another side of your self, embrace and transform the shadow.

Emotional cleansing triggered by the eclipse can bring balance and restore the self to wholeness. Flow with this energy rather than resist it. Explore the subconscious. Dance with the shadow. Merge with Essence. Let go.

We're dealing with the individual and collective shadow, as world events reveal. Our prayer, intent and conscious participation in this divine drama create an opening for the light of higher consciousness to heal and transform humanity and the Earth.

A new paradigm is emerging. You can help guide this transition through your own practice of mindfulness throughout the eclipse period, and beyond."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wishing You Love!

Love to all!

Friday, February 08, 2008

What Do You Do When A Health Food Salesman Comes to Call?

...Go ahead and vitamin!

This riddle, which was on a greeting card I sent to a friend years ago when she managed the vitamin department of a health food store, might serve as the anthem for now, when a lighthearted, slightly quirky, Aquarian approach will serve us better than any linear, mental reckoning.

We are greenlighting possibility and opportunity. On Caroline Casey's always irreverent, cosmic radio show (archived online), she mentioned that this Chinese Year of the Rat equates to the Hindu deity Ganesh, a well-loved, elephant-headed icon known as The Remover of Obstacles. May it be so!

And along this same reframe, I love what the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who just left the physical plane on February 5th at age 91, had to say about money. According to Deepak Chopra, one day Maharishi and his close advisors were discussing a very expensive venture. "But where is the money going to come from?" asked one, a bit concerned.

"From wherever it is right now," was the Maharishi's cheerful reply.

Ashé! And so it is!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wisdom from Feathers and Fur

I've known of cats and dogs that lived harmoniously together, but the idea of a bird caring for a kitten seemed like a stretch, until I saw this video:

The Crow and the Kitten

What might the animal "kindom" (send the "g", for galactic, out to our Mother, the Milky Way, and we're all kin!) teach us about being our brother's and sister's keeper?

200∞ is a galactic year...let's reach out to yinify ~ my term for uniting in the feminine essence of acceptance and collaboration with and for all.


This beautiful message is on the back of a "Frog" birthday card sent by my super-supportive cyber friend Jacqui de Maya, who also forwarded the above video link:

"If you talk to the animals
They will talk to you
And you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them,
You will not know them.
And what you do not know
You will fear.
What one fears one destroys."

~ Chief Dan George

Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Across the Universe" Beamed to Polaris!

Fittingly for an Aquarian whose has always felt like a starseed from a distant galaxy, I was excited to learn that on February 4, 2008 (my birthday), NASA will beam the Beatles' tune "Across The Universe" to Polaris, also known as the North Star, 431 light years away.

This is being done to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the song, the 45th anniversary of the Deep Space Network, and the 50th anniversary of NASA. The idea was hatched by Beatles' historian Martin Lewis, who encourages all Beatles fans to play the track as it's being beamed to the distant star at 7 pm EST in the US.

From now on, 2/4/08 will be known as "Across the Universe Day". The event marks the first time a radio song has been beamed into deep space, and was approved by Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, and Apple Records.

Cool, huh?