Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Grass is Always Greener Under the Power of Intention

Peace troubadour James Twyman is calling it the Miracle on the White House lawn. During a peace ceremony commemorating the Season for Non-Violence in Washington, D.C. last Sunday, the "Children's Cloth of Many Colors" was gently laid on the grass in the form of a peace sign, for about 15 minutes.

The next day, the grass where the cloth had lain was longer and greener than the rest of the lawn, in the shape of a gigantic peace sign!

James says, "I believe that this miracle was caused by two factors. First of all, there were hundreds of thousands of people focusing on the Capitol ceremony while it was taking place. At one point we actually held hands around the peace sign and called upon the energy of all those people from around the world, feeling their presence around the quilt with us. The intent of so many people can be a powerful energetic force and seems to have catalyzed a change in the actual earth, causing the grass to grow greener and longer overnight.

"Second, I believe that in some way and for some reason the earth is literally giving us a sign. This is a critical point in the history of the world. If we don't begin turning our thoughts and actions toward peace, for both humanity and the environment, a deep crisis may be around the corner. For me the peace sign on the lawn of the US Capitol is both a warning and a symbol of hope. I'm hoping we'll listen and begin working for peace."

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Energy of Partnership, Local and Global

We're living in a time where our thoughts and desires can instantly manifest, if we allow this to be our reality. All the lightkeepers whom I reference in these postings say this, yet I find that in my own life, manifestation is most effortless and instantaneous when I simply have the thought, with no attachment whatsoever to outcome. Then, whether it's something simple and small or simple and huge, realization is easy. Of course, this faith-full relaxed approach, the not-doing, is generally my/our greatest challenge!

Here's a small example: over the weekend, I was writing my April e-newsletter, What Shines. After drafting the main article, I wondered what to include for the follow-through section, called "Shine On." Knowing something appropriate would arrive, I went to a local park, and soon bumped into an acquaintance who gives talks and workshops focused on feminine spirituality. She invited me to walk with her.

Anne shared how she was in a deep depression after a recent presentation. Her story dovetailed precisely with the subject of my newsletter, and, as we co-created a healing outcome, she said lightheartedly before driving away, "Well, shine on!" She has never read the newsletter ~ but you'll need to, to discover the amazing synchronicities and blessings of this encounter. And yes, her story became the Shine On segment.

On a grander scale, South Africa's Celia Fenn writes that as part of her commitment to New Earth energies, she will be traveling to the Netherlands in April to "hold workshops in partnership with Jhadten Jewall from Canada, Dionne Hogen from the Netherlands and Ian Henderson, who lives in Holland and is originally from the UK. We will work with ascension, transformation, global networking energies, twin flame unions and the cetacean/human partnership."

This sounded so major to me I wondered why I wasn't traveling globally as well, until I remembered that it's the thought behind any action that matters. Celia says, "For all of us, the challenge now is to really 'walk our talk' and make the shift into New Earth consciousness. We need to take our power and remember who we are. We are powerful creators and it is time to co-create with Spirit, the world that we have dreamed and desired.

"As Archangel Michael (whom she channels) keeps saying, it is a choice, and a choice we will still need to make every day in this period. We can choose to be in the lower dimensions of fear and chaos, or we can choose to be in the higher dimensions of love and peace. It is always our choice. It takes great courage and strength to make the choice for peace and love, even when those around you make other choices. Remember, we are still living between two worlds, and will do so for a while. It is up to us to keep 'tuning' our energy to the New Earth, and not to get caught up in the dramas of the old."

Friday, March 23, 2007

Skidding Among the Stars

Astrologer Tara Greene calls our March celestial madness cosmic lemonade, and promises today and tomorrow will be brighter than the past weeks have felt (boy, have I felt it! Not a decent night's sleep since about 3/13...). Watch out for a backlash on Sunday, though. It's all Pluto plunging the depths to clear us out for the new ~ not to mention a couple of potent eclipses in the mix, and planets with opposite energies pulling on us simultaneously. It's enough to make anyone opt for a different orbit!

Here's a summary of Tara's current wisdom:

Sat. March 24th - Moon trines Neptune at 2:02 pm EDT - This is lovely lovely lovely. Meditate, soothe your over-wired brain. Take a nap in the afternoon and have powerful dreams and inspirations. Most great inventions came to Einstein, Singer, etc. in dreams and reveries—waking dreams! Paint a picture, write poetry, go to a poetry rave. see a play. Emotions may be in the head and airy here but coming from a higher level of Piscean bliss.

Sun. March 25 - Moon opposes Pluto at 3:57 am EDT - This is always a dangerous aspect. The tsunami in Indonesia and the World Trade Center bombings both occurred under this lunation. This one may be especially potent at the Galactic Center. Fierce storms and high winds, tornadoes, etc., will make the news. Airline crashes also likely; late night arguments that seem to pull you into a black hole. We may feel that all our thinking and consciousness will eventually be sucked down into that huge cosmic toilet bowl called The Void. Can be depressing, but the only cure is to go into the black hole. The tricky part is getting out. But if you dare to do it, there are huge rewards as long as you go as a humanitarian explorer, leaving your ego on the doorstep of the event horizon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another form of Ascension

As we enter the Equinoctial gateway, we may feel like flying into freedom after a long winter...and Myth*ing Links creator Kathleen Jenks, PhD, offers an intriguing portal to do so. I love her site; it's chock-full of mythological lore and sacred traditions from her decades as a core faculty member in the Mythological Studies Department of Pacifica Graduate Institute (home of the libraries & archives of Joseph Campbell, Marija Gimbutas, & James Hillman).

Enjoy her story of teaching herself to fly ~ and discovering long afterwards that she had tapped into an ancient Navajo knowing about "rapid transit rainbows." And celebrate the rebirth of the Light. It's going to be a season of incredible, impeccable possibility!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Illusion Tells the Truth

I've just come from seeing one of the newest films in the genre that's come to be known as "spiritual cinema" or "movies that matter." Stephen Simon, the originator of Spiritual Cinema Circle and producer of such classics as What Dreams May Come and Somewhere In Time, told Jeff Edelheit, our local spiritual cinema director who was fortunate enough to gain an interview with Simon, that he "only makes movies that allow people to feel good about life."

Illusion, featuring legendary actor Kirk Douglas and visionary writer/director/performer Michael Goorjian, tells the story of a renowned filmmaker at the end of his life, whose one secret regret is the son he never knew. Before the final cut, so to speak, Donald Baines is given a unique opportunity, through the medium to which he's devoted his life, to essentially "rewrite the script" for his son's life. It's deeply moving and thoroughly believable, recalling to my mind some of the best elements of films that have left an indelible impression on my psyche:

Defending Your Life

As I watched, I also thought of the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. When you see the movie, you'll no doubt understand why I feel all the foregoing have some bearing on Illusion.

My praise shares good company: no less a luminary than Francis Ford Coppola lauds the film, as does What the Bleep Do We Know!? director, Mark Vicente.

Check the Spiritual Cinema Network for a location near you; Illusion is being shown in many new-thought churches around the US, such as The Center for Spiritual Living and Unity. Or request the film come to your area (that's how What the Bleep took off: by word of mouth.)

It's time to bring dying into the Light. This film takes a sensitive and soul-inspiring look at what's possible when we open our hearts to all that really matters in life: LOVE.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Closeout Sale On the Mind

Ready for a great release? This weekend's solar eclipse in Pisces heralds a huge opportunity for surrender and re-visioning! It's a callback to 19 years ago: in the spring of '88, I was awakening, remembering who I am and beginning to reclaim my essence and life purpose. It was a heady time ~ and little did I know what waited in the wings.

Astrologer Stephanie Austin, whose name you may recognize from her Mountain Astrologer magazine column, says:

"We're approaching an extra powerful New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, which forms on Sunday, March 18th at 7:43 PM PDT at 28º Pisces. A New Moon marks the ending and beginning of a monthly cycle; a Solar Eclipse signals that we are closing out a major chapter in our life. Exactly nineteen years ago, on March 18, 1988, there was a Solar Eclipse at 28º’ Pisces. What was happening for you that spring? What is calling you now? What was important last autumn, when there was a Solar Eclipse at 29º Virgo, closely opposite this eclipse?

"Pisces represents the alpha and omega, the infinite, endless journey of creation. A Solar Eclipse in Pisces draws us towards a more unified consciousness, towards seeing beyond the illusion of duality and separation. Having been and done everything, we come to see every aspect of life as part of the divine play. A Course in Miracles speaks to the ultimate goal of Pisces: “When you want only love, you will see nothing else.”

"Pluto at 29º Sagittarius closely squares this Solar Eclipse, symbolizing the necessity to let go of what is no longer serving us. A square is a turning point, a need to “square” things. Pluto's exact square to the Sun on March 19th helps us see what we need to weed or prune in our lives in order to grow. What is no longer working? What is true now? What is your intuition telling you? Pluto challenges us to question everything that closes our minds and hearts.

"This Solar Eclipse interrupts old patterns, and offers instructions for a higher level of understanding and being. To more easily tune into your next step, schedule some quiet time around this weekend and meditate during the peak of the eclipse if possible."

Friday, March 09, 2007

High Five!

The number 5 has long figured prominently in my life, beginning with growing up at 5 Romaine Court. In 1995, during my "dark night of the soul" journey, I received a Polarity bodywork session. At its conclusion, in a blissful state of heightened awareness in which I couldn't "feel" my body, I saw a door with the number "5" emblazoned on it. The door was tightly shut, and my Polarity therapist wisely suggested it was not yet time for me to open it.

As so often happens for me during this archetypal adventure I call "my life," what I assumed was about "me" was really a prescient call from out collective future. What follows is some fabulous "5" information from the brilliant near-death and Indigo children researcher P.M.H. Atwater. Unfortunately, her web pages do not have discrete links, so I can't link to this precise page, but here's the material (there's LOTS more!):


There can be no doubt that the Fifth World, predicted by revelators and prophets for thousands of years, is now here, and accelerating – moving into what is termed "ascension." Repeating "fives" are extraordinary. Most are discussed at length in the book (Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World), but another, very important one was missed. I include it here – the fifth wave in communications – along with a brief overview. Here are the major fives. Be certain to read the book for in-depth descriptions:

Fifth World: polarities shift
Fifth Root Race: blue
Fifth Element: ether
Fifth Chakra: will power
Fifth Brain: the heart
Fifth Dimension: free from time/space states; intention rules
Fifth Ray: Venus (associated with mercy and Goddess Kuan Yin)
Fifth Communication Wave: personal computers
Five Senses: shift to higher modes, expand, enlarge
Five Types of Intelligence: kids excel in those that cannot be tested
Five: the number of the human family/the human species
Five<: the number of change and progress
14th Generation: Five, Millennials, the Shift Generation in the age of Shift

The five waves of communication in the human family:

1st wave: verbal communication, sign language
2nd wave: use of stele: inscriptions on markers, stones, pillars, flat surfaces/walls
3rd wave: the invention of papyrus: a paper-like material for writing on, scrolls, ancient documents
4th wave: printing from movable type: first book, the Gutenberg Bible
5th wave: personal computers: introduced in 1982, the very year the new children began to enter the earthplane en masse (the start of the Millennial Generation)


Science showed us some time ago that there were four major frequencies of brain-wave function – beta, alpha, theta, delta. Recently, however, we learn that there are five. Thanks to a paper on Schumann Resonances (earth pulse) authored by Richard Alan Miller ( and Iona Miller (, we have this description of all five rhythms. For a more thorough and detailed version of the brain waves and for the article itself entitled Planetary Rhythms and Human Health, which is excellent, by the way, contact Dr. Miller directly.

Gamma Waves (25-60 Hertz)

– appear to relate to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas, e.g., involving memory, learning abilities, integrated thoughts, or information-rich task processing. Gamma rhythms modulate perception and consciousness.

Beta Waves (12-25 Hertz)

– dominate our normal waking state of consciousness when attention is directed towards cognitive tasks and the outside world. Beta is a "fast" activity, present when we are alert or even anxious, or when engaged in problem solving, judgment, decision making, information processing, mental activity, and focus.

Alpha Waves (7-12 Hertz)

– are present during dreaming and light meditation when the eyes are closed. In Alpha, we begin to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below conscious awareness. It is the gateway to deeper states of consciousness. Aids overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, inner awareness, mind/body integration and learning.

Theta Waves (4-7 Hertz)

– occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in the deepest states of meditation (body asleep/mind awake) and thought (gateway to learning, memory). Senses withdrawn from external world and focused on the mindscape. Theta is associated with mystery, an elusive and extraordinary realm we can explore (like a waking dream).

Delta Waves (0-4 Hertz)

– are the slowest but highest in amplitude. These waves are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Suspends external existence and provides the most profound feelings of peace. Certain frequencies within Delta trigger the release of a growth hormone beneficial for healing and regeneration.

Those people engaged in dowsing who are also multi-sensory often register both high Beta (Gamma) and Delta rhythms simultaneously as if using their brain in a new way. I have noticed this "across the board" with the new children, which probably accounts for why it is so difficult to measure their intelligence using standard test procedures.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's a Wand-erful Life

March is both magical and madcap, as Karen Bishop's latest alert makes abundantly clear. Yet all this wildness is part of our global rebirth, arriving at last in the higher vibrational realms we're worked for, for so very long. Now it feels glorious, giddy even. And I feel exactly as she describes: I just wanna play!

Living as a New Nomad can be a blessing when this wanderlust feeling begins to envelope the masses. The highly unusual lifestyle that's been the source of so much angst and joy is being accepted with "unconditional surrender" by many newer nomads now, and I applaud you all! If you're wondering (rather than wandering) what I'm referring to, please enjoy my article, just published on The New Nomads: Spiritual Sojourners with a Global Vision.

And, I also am honored to now be the steward of three hand-crafted Atlantean Wands, to be used for personal and planetary healing and empowerment. It seems a bit odd to say I "own" them, any more than one "owns" a pet; especially as I will be the conduit through which, through focused Intent, the Wands will do Spirit's work. I am just learning how best to dance with these transformational tools; if you are interested in learning more, or in co-creating a session, please get in touch.

Blessed Be! Stay free, glow with the flow!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sacred reUnion

It's integration time, as we join our Divine Feminine Fire with the Sacred Inner Masculine, and prepare to meet the 3D embodiment of these twin flame energies. (I, for one, am sooooo ready!) Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn says that, on today's Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse:

" will fully integrate the energy of the Solar Divine Feminine that was pulsed from the Galactic Center to you through the Sun in December. Then, at the New Moon and the Partial Solar Eclipse (on the 18th), you will experience the rebirthing of your inner Divine Masculine energies in preparation for the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within.

"This Inner Balancing will be the focus at the Equinox, and then, many of you will be fully prepared to create the external Twin Flame union as a mirror of the inner process that is completed. You will be fully prepared to experience the states of Grace, Bliss and Joy, that will be the expression of Unconditional Love and Compassion in the New Earth."

The accompanying visuals are incredibly powerful and inspiring, and I encourage you to enjoy the entire transmission as we dance this Divine reUnion into being!