Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Hot Zone: "Auto-matic" Health and Wisdom

My cars have always been my literal vehicles; messengers for what's happening in my life. In this moment of release and regeneration, my aging Toyota Corolla shared some visceral wisdom as we headed to Mt. Shasta, the world-renowned spiritual vortex located at the northernmost tip of California.

Just 20 miles from town, in 100+ degree heat, traffic slowed to a crawl due to road construction (they've been working on this highway every time I've visited the area!) My car's temperature gauge veered dangerously toward the red zone. Once we started moving again, however, I assumed it would be fine.

By the time I got into Shasta, summited the mountain (a drive of some ten additional miles, to approximately 6500 feet—the road continues; this is where I chose to camp), and parked, my anti-freeze actually boiled over onto the ground for a good five minutes. I'd never seen anything like this before.

The mechanic I consulted (as well as my own mechanic, whom I phoned) thought it might be the thermostat, which made sense: I've been feeling rather overheated, decided I needed to take better care of my adrenals and triple warmer meridian. As an added safety measure, a man I met in town offered to remove the old thermostat, since the mechanic wouldn't be able to work on my car until Monday (this was Friday afternoon).


It turns out the thermostat was fine; the problem was old debris clogging the radiator, preventing the cooling system from working efficiently. Of course! Toxic grunge needs to be released in order to receive the new; this is a time of major detox, and what better place to clear out the old than on a sacred mountain? And in the process, we removed a perfectly healthy "organ" (something Western medicine often does, too). I figured the thermostat was akin to tonsils—not essential, but nonetheless, there for a reason.

What an incredible teaching. Thanks, best little car in the world! (Working perfectly, now).

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Relationship Revamp

The Mayan White Lunar Wizard Year begins Thursday, July 26th, presaging a mystical year. Mayan daykeeper Li says, "Wizard is a shapeshifter, effortlessly changing forms to meet the moment, residing in magic. We know the magical when we experience it, so different from everyday-life consciousness. Magical moments come through being connected, alive, and moving in concert with everything else. Things have a way of working out when we maintain the connection and keep our intent aligned with sacred intent. There is a timeless quality to the Wizard that enables the seemingly magical to happen, effortlessly.

"Two (lunar) is the number of challenge and relatedness. There is a challenge to be met here through how we relate to living in a world of duality/polarity. I think it will be a very different sort of challenge than this past year has been. The astrological transits are much friendlier... The challenge has more to do with learning to relate magically as our way of being in the world."

On Mayan New Year's Day, I'll be heading up to the magnificent metaphysical moutain that has spelled transformation for millions: Mt. Shasta, located at the very tip of northern California. There's a series of powerful healing events taking place there during the next several weeks, and it seemed auspicious timing.

In addition, on Friday, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, retrogrades (appears to move backwards) in Virgo, and this event, says ace astrologer Tara Greene, expanding Li's sentiments, is major, as Venus "rules everything that’s nearest and dearest to most people’s hearts - relationships, values, love, beauty, money, luxury, peace, harmony, and let’s not forget music and the arts. So her Retrograde movement will significantly change all that, our buying habits and social patterns over the next 6 weeks or so while she’s Retrograde. We have an opportunity to resolve unfinished business in relationships and artistic endeavours."

We have a 10-week window to do the Retrograde Dance, as I like to think of it: revisit, release, reimagine, recreate...all those useful "re" words that make up a makeover. Tara says, "We’re really talking about a 10-week period here of re-evaluating our primary basic relating and consuming habits. Venus’s prescription, Rx in Virgo, asks us to become more discerning, less judgemental and perfectionist - a very Virgoan trait."

Venus moves into Leo on August 8th, and this "natural house of love affairs asks us to be more authentic, valueing from the heart, not the head, {Virgo} less willfull and egoistic. A re-evaluation of DRAMA becomes DHARMA, meaning true unselfish service."

On the world stage, Tara advises that the signs in which Venus performs her Retro Dance are significant: "It is especially symbolic that Venus is reviewing values coming out of Virgo, who wastes nothing and lives very frugally on a very tight budget, using only what she needs, and then re-assesses with Leo royal flair, the big show, the bling-bling, bigger cars, diamonds, palaces, etc. etc.

"With the more recent consciousness shift that primarily America and significantly the First World Countries waste and use up most of the World’s resources, this Venusian Retrograde bodes very well for a HUGE consciousness shift to only using what we need, becoming aware of just how much we waste in this instant, throw-away culture, this macho 'mine is bigger' consciousness - yes, you suburban bleach blonde Goddesses in your SUV’s -this means you." Clearly, she's not mincing any words in making the mission crystal clear!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Release and Integration

Have you been feeling blasted out of your comfort zone, bigtime? Or, has a beloved animal companion (or human one) left the earth plane recently? It's all part of the grand release and regeneration cycle that's been underway for decades, but never so prominently as this year, and this month in particular. Just a week or so ago, my primary consulting contract ended unexpectedly — after I'd been having unbidden thoughts for the week prior about wanting to release this obligation, even though rationally it made no sense, since it's my principal source of 3-D income that allows me to do my lightwork. But it was time to say "so long", and I did it with humor, seeing as it was an obvious co-creation!

Celia Fenn, fabulous Michael channel in South Africa, says this is par for the current course: "Many of us are closing off old business in preparation for the new cycle that is now opening for us, and many are taking on new assignments and new work...Sadly, also many who have completed their work are now leaving the material plane. The energies are moving so incredibly fast now that all we can do is live in absolute trust that we will be guided and carried to where we need to be."

I've also been experiencing some weird physical symptoms, mostly on the right side of my neck and upper back, and assumed it was old stuff that was finally getting ready to release. However, according to Celia what I'm feeling may not even be physically-based! She writes,

"...the symptoms that we feel are in the Lightbody rather than the physical. This is why, quite often, a person experiencing the symptoms will go to a doctor who will find nothing wrong with the physical body. As the physical integrates with the Light Body, one feels the symptoms as if they were physical, but in fact they are electrical or 'light' experiences being felt through the physical system as the integration takes place."

Archangel Michael says, "As you become more sensitive, you will indeed feel and experience your Lightbody almost as much as your physical body, and indeed, at times you will not be able to tell which is which, for they will indeed become one and the same! You will become your Lightbody. What does that mean? It means that you will become a being of Light while still in physical form, and you will live a life of 'electric light' like an angel. You will be able to exercise the gifts and talents of an angel, while also being a human. What are those, you might ask? Ah well, dearest soul, have you never wanted to fly...to do wonderful and miraculous things...indeed you will when you learn how to activate the angel within, or the angel who you are becoming."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Your Planet Needs YOU on 7/17/07

Dear Ones,

This Fire the Grid video, created by initiator Shelley Yates, will inspire you to the realization that YOU make the difference — and that, together with all of the other "you's" out there, gathered as ONE, we can and will regenerate our precious and only home.

If you haven't yet read Shelley's incomparable story about the power of Love and human energy, visit Fire the Grid. And get set to join with your global siblings, wherever you may be, at 11:11 GMT on Tuesday, July 17th, when Pluto, the planet that pilots radical transformation, will be exactly aligned with the Galactic Center. The potential is awesome — and we have never been more perfectly poised as a collective to fulfill it.

The exact meditation times are 7:11 EDT and 4:11 PDT in the United States. Check the World Clock for your local time. Tomorrow, open your heart and mind to pure Love with the intention to re-imagine and re-energize our planet. She's ready, and has been waiting for enough of us to awaken to our enormous power as Earth healers and ambassadors.

Thank you, beloved one, for answering the call!

Much love to you and through you, always and in all ways...Amara

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Getting Fired Up to Fire the Grid

It's the summer of the Sacred Fire, nowhere more evident than in the numerous messengers kindling our awareness and preparation for the July 17th watershed event initiated by Shelley Yates, Fire the Grid. (Check out the Grid Updates section for the Light-infused letter to Oprah Winfrey that the Chicago Tribune refused to print!)

This confluence of human energies is scheduled to take place when Pluto, the planet of collective consciousness and transformation, is exactly conjunct the Galactic Center (GC) of our Universe, located in the heart of the Milky Way.

Two ace astrologers add their celestial perspectives to our preparation. Judy Goldberg reminds us: "The Galactic Center, located at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, is extremely powerful — in fact, the much-predicted shift in consciousness rumored to occur in 2012 will happen when the winter Solstice sunrise on Dec 21st conjuncts the Galactic Center. The meditation on Tuesday is designed to aid in shifting consciousness to make it easier for humanity to connect to source and to experience oneness. Ah, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius."

Claudia Thompson adds, "FIRE THE GRID is a call for occurs while we're still in the New Moon Phase... perfect for setting intentions.

"The cosmic set-up for July 17th has a distinctly feminine emphasis with both Sun and Mercury in watery (think oceans) Cancer. The Moon and Venus in Virgo bring an opportunity to be of service regarding the initiation of a new order while Ceres, goddess of nourishment, and Mars in Taurus, urge you to be a sacred warrior for the earth. Add Chiron, the wounded healer, and we have a brew promising that new solutions are available for humanity...if we join together."

To put yourself in the most expansive, loving frame of mind possible, you may wish to watch this under-5-minute video, The Wave of Love just prior to beginning your Grid meditation.

Fire the Grid takes place at 11:11 GMT on Tuesday, July 17th. Find your local time here.

Blessings and joyous New Beginnings for All!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Wave of Love

This video encapsulates in 4 minutes everything this year ~ this lifetime ~ life on Earth ~ is all about. It's a beautiful testament to where we are as an evolving culture. May it enLighten and enLiven your world:

The Wave of Love


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is It Menopause — or Metamorphosis?

Ascension symptoms can mimic many conventional "illnesses" and other physical challenges, as I know only too well. In the mid-'90s, I couldn't fathom what was happening to me (neither could doctors) and in the end, my healing hegira became a spiritual quest. When I wrote about it from the perspective of detoxification and hormone imbalance, I heard from both women and men all over the U.S. for months.

However, Karen Bishop reminds me of what I learned along the way: transmutation through the body can "look like" menopause! She writes, "The ascension process mimics menopause very closely, with short term memory loss, hot flashes and night sweats, heightened emotions, abdominal weight gain, food cravings, an inability to lose weight (no matter what we do!), sleeplessness, and the like. Only most men are having these symptoms as well!"

This particular alert also focuses on depression as a symptom of purging old, dense emotions and dark energies, and distinguishes between feelings of grief and loss that have to do with the evolutionary process, and those that may truly benefit from medical intervention.

There's also a huge electrical upsurge going on as we literally become "lightbodies". And this download can blow our circuits in any number of interesting ways. Two weeks ago, I awoke in excruciating back pain and subsequently discovered I had two dislocated ribs. They've relocated now, but the right side of my upper torso is still somewhat inflamed. Intriguingly, according to Louise Hay's seminal book, Heal Your Body, which describes the metaphysical causes for physical problems, thoracic 5 and 6 have the following correspondences:

5-T Refusing to process the emotions. Damned-up feelings, rage.
Affirmation: I let life flow through me. I am willing to live. All is well.

6-T Anger at life. Stuffed negative emotions. Fear of the future. Constant worry.
Affirmation: I trust life to unfold before me in positive says. It is safe to love myself.

With all the emotional and spiritual healing work I've done over the years, this came as a bit of a shock, but/and: this is the moment to truly come clean, clear out the residue of toxicity in all its forms, forever!

A friend e-mailed that she's been "in the midst of great watery turbulence of deep space waves....I could not recognize myself these past few weeks....I have been crying off and on for about 2 weeks, whoa, then sinus infection for 11 days just beginning to clear...needed MD..."

As always, the best course forus all is to remember we are living in "interesting times" in which weirdness is the norm — so try not to take it personally, because we're all on this roller coaster ride together! Blessings...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Independence Is Written In the Stars

Allison Rae shares some intriguing information about how the current celestial energies impact the independence being celebrated this week by both the United States and Canada.

She writes, "Every year at this time, our Sun aligns with the magnificent blue star Sirius, creating an initiation portal linked to the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Egyptian goddess Isis and the all-seeing, all-knowing Eye of Cosmic Wisdom. The rising of Sirius with the Sun near the Summer Solstice marks the beginning of the Egyptian New Year and heralds the annual flooding of the Nile, replenishing the physical and spiritual fertility of the motherland. The brightest star in our sky, Sirius streams the cosmic frequencies of Love-Wisdom to Earth. As Sothis, she catalyzes the purification of ego so we may embody Divine Essence.

On a mundane level, freedom and illumination are the hallmarks of this celestial gateway. The United States and Canada both celebrate their independence from England under this alignment. Bastille Day, the French Independence Day, is July 14. In a supergalactic synchronicity, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was born under this configuration, as was U.S. President George W. Bush (both born on July 6). Without a doubt, each one is a key figure in the apocalyptic drama playing out on Earth!"

Pretty phenomenal, though no less than we'd expect in this Plutonic moment of galactic transfiguration. Learn more about the heavenly significance of July 4th. And enjoy the sizzle, because it's truly going to get, to quote Stevie Wonder, "Hotter Than July"!