Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Shape of Things to Come

Is the structure or pattern of your life shifting in wildly unexpected ways? The cosmic container (Saturn) is moving from its two-year residence in the Lion King (Leo) into vigilant Virgo September 2nd, and it signals a major change in how we live here on Earth.

Leo is fiery, expansive, arrogant, a bit self-absorbed; Virgo calls us to a simpler, earthy, back-to-basics kind of life. It's a time to get planted, and get down to business.

Astrologer Judy Goldberg does her usual insightful job of explaining the celestial dance in clear, prescient prose: End of an Era: Saturn Moves On. May her guide to the next 2-year cycle serve you well on your journey.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Extreme Makeover

Now that the cosmic doorway of 7/26/07 - 8/12/07 is complete and much debris cleared out of our etheric and 3D pathways, it's time to rebalance on all levels. This won't (of course!) necessarily look or feel as carefree as we'd wish. As Aluna Joy observes in her current Center of the Sun newsletter:

"Our outer world is beginning to mirror a state of collapse that is actually a glorious rebirth happening within us. If you watch the news you can see this happening every where. Steam pipes in New York City exploding like bombs, mines collapsing, bridges collapsing and a myriad of strange accidents. Our old out-of-date programs are being cleared out. Yes...we are having an extreme makeover, a makeover of the consciousness, a makeover for the spirit that is erasing all the wrinkles in our souls. If it is old and outdated, it is time to make it over."

Boy, do I feel this! After camping on Mt. Shasta (far northern California) during the shift, I'm attempting to locate a new place to dwell...but all of the seemingly "good" places I'm finding in my "old" locales are closed to me. Hm.

In terms of Earth changes, such as the massive 'quake in Peru, Aluna says,

"The acceleration of volcanic activity and earthquakes in the last week, and continuing for the next few months, is a part of this re-balancing. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, grand tropical storms and the like will give great release to the planet and clear out old, out-dated infrastructure. This is going to feel good to you, and should not cause you any fear. It is time to quit seeing these realignments and shifts as something to fear or to worry about. This isn't the end of the is just the beginning of a new one."

The really good news? We have a green light to greatness shining on us, even if it doesn't quite feel this way yet:

"Now as far as manifesting our divine purpose in this life, it is a whole new ballgame. New messages are coming in. New projects are being birthed. The doors have opened for us to begin work on projects that we have been sitting on for years, even decades. We'll find that we don't need to hide in the closet anymore with the treasures that we have within. We have a green light. It is time to step on the gas pedal even further and get going. It's time to say, 'no more fear' about being attacked for what you are about to say, share, or release into the world. You are now safe to be who you are. Remember the light has undermined the darkness. Who is this LIGHT? Well…. It is YOU!"

Friday, August 17, 2007

Powering Down

With the emphasis on fire and frequency this month, I thought an article on how to reduce EMF (electromagnetic frequency) emissions at home might prove useful. This piece, "24 Hours in an EMF Quieter House," by May Dooley, appears in the current issue of Our Toxic Times newsletter.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Shadow Side

Today's New Moon in Leo signals the start of an intense late summer/early fall journey that eclipses the old and invites the new into our lives with "quantum potential," says astrologer Allison Rae.

In her latest issue of Cosmic Time, she observes, "Eclipses deal with the shadow, both individually and collectively. Every six months, the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned precisely to create the effect of light being blocked, or eclipsed, from our vantage point on Earth. Eclipses are portals, quantum choice points. What we hold in our thought and intention at these times reverberates throughout time, space and all dimensions. What will we choose to create?"

We'll welcome a total lunar eclipse on August 28th, and a partial solar eclipse on a date that holds remarkable meaning worldwide, especially for Americans: September 11th. Interestingly, while the lunar blackout will be visible from the Americas, Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and Indonesia, the solar eclipse will not be seen from the United States ~ only from parts of South America, Antarctica and the Atlantic Ocean.

When 9-1-1 happened six years ago, Rae recalls, Saturn and Pluto (the planet that defines form and structure, and the Great Transformer, respectively) opposed one another. "Now in trine (mutual support), these planets urge us to integrate our learning and experience since then."

Rae offers simple, eloquent guidance: "We live in the Between Times, the cusp period between world ages, a stillpoint in consciousness. This is the twilight of what has been. The edges of reality blur, inviting us to create a new world from Essence, the Divine Source within.

Return to Love. Breathe, ground, center. Be gentle with yourself and each other. Respect each one's right and choice to be exactly where they are.

Honor the Earth. Live sustainably. Participate in ceremony and ritual. Visit sacred sites.

Create community. Connect with others who share your values, vision and commitment.

Express your creativity. Allow Love to shine through as you make art, music, ritual, poetry, handcraft - whatever feeds your soul. Lighten up. Learn to laugh and play, run, swim. Hang out with children. Invent new games."

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What Is to Give Light Must Endure Burning

The title of this post comes from Viktor Frankl, author of Man's Search for Meaning. As someone who feels like an old witch returned to Earth at this time as one of the legions committed to guiding humanity's ascension, the ancient fear of being "burned", in all its guises, remains like a vestigial tail. And as August heats up, all of us cooking back the dross to its original intent, here in our collective cauldron, can be gravely challenged to maintain our equilibrium. I've been zinged on almost a daily basis this past week, by people I don't even know, in brief, scalding interactions. Mt. Shasta, like a giant crystal, amplifies a 1000-fold what might elsewhere be a blip on life's screen. It sure gets one's attention.

I love visiting Daniel Jacob's informative site, Reconnections, because he gives voice so eloquently to what I'm experiencing. In this article,
Become Your Own Religion, I found the following wisdom:

"Folks used to capture, interrogate, and burn 'witches.' These individuals (often women — usually healers and shamans) were doing unfamiliar things which the society of their time did not understand. There is an old saying which goes: 'You can always tell the pioneers. They're the ones with the arrows in their back.' Being a genius can be a harsh experience. It can also be the closest thing to heaven.

"What we need today is to stop looking for witches to burn and start paying attention to what truly sets each of us on fire. What is it that you do joyfully, with the least amount of effort, and with the greatest efficiency? What is it that you would gladly do forever, whether or not you got paid? Are you doing it, or have you let it be pushed out of your life by other things?"

It's so amazingly REAL — and terrifying — to walk your own road, even as it's being paved three feet in front of you. But as Daniel reminds us, this is what true Originals do. They don't become "like" anyone else, they just become more of who they truly are.

Amd so, with the highest blessing, I say to you in great joy, "Burn, Baby, Burn!" Let all the dross transmute into gold, and allow your brilliance to shine forth. We NEED you now!

Here's Rumi:

"You sit here for days saying, 'This is strange business.'
You're the strange business.
You have the energy of the sun in you,
but you keep knotting it up at the base of your spine.
You're some weird kind of gold that wants to stay melted in
the furnace, so you won't have to become coins."

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Living Inside the Lion's Gate

We're right in the middle of August's fires of transformation, known as the Lion's Gate. The vortex opened on July 26th (also Mayan New Year's Day) and will close on August 12th. Intriguingly, Celia Fenn's photo for her August transmission looks exactly like Mt. Shasta, where I've been since 7/26!

Archangel Michael says this is the moment when many of us will step fully into our Diamond Solar Light Bodies, truly knowing ourselves as infinite. Others, having successfully completed their work here, will choose to leave the Earth plane.

What transpires after the 12th in terms of masculine/feminine integration and relationship recalibration is crucial, and Celia's transmission explains it elegantly.

May you transmute in joy and sacred awareness. Blessings!