Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lammas: Playing With Fire

New Moon in Leo. The start of the Fifth Day of the 9th (and final) wave of the Mayan Calendar. The U.S. debt deadline. Mercury retrograde (until August 26th). And oh, yes, Lammas, the potent cross-quarter gateway that heralds the Harvest.

Any way you slice it, this weekend lobs us an energetic fireball. Yet fire, like all elements, both creates and destroys. As someone who's been intimate with Kali, I understand what it's like to sit in the cauldron as it bubbles, feeling your old skin burn away. Not necessarily pleasant, but … a grand opportunity to restore balance, further along life's spiral.

Astrologer Allison Rae suggests we take "Big Baby Steps," because (I love this): "Evolution is not a spectator sport." Mercury Rx invites us to release/reimagine/recreate, before moving into the new in September.

So invoke Kali (or the destroyer/creator God/Goddess/energy of your choice), welcome the discomfort, let the worn-out ways burn clean in the crucible of truth and possibility, and prepare to start anew from pure marrow.

That's playing with fire!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Out of Time — Forgive Debt, Celebrate Possibility!

How intriguing that Obama says we are "out of time" when it comes to the economy and debt relief. He's absolutely correct, albeit on a meta-level he's not consciously aware of:

Monday, July 25th, heralds the annual "Day Out of Time" on the Thirteen Moon/28-day Calendar — a calendar on which every Friday is a lucky Friday the 13th! Breaking old paradigms and belief systems, the Thirteen Moon Calendar is aligned with natural rhythms and human biology, enabling us to access fourth dimensional frequencies by reciting each day's "energy signature". These daily affirmations (260 in all, referred to as "kin") work on an intuitive level.

What, then, is the Day Out of Time (also known as Green Day)? Here's a summary from the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Around the planet, this day is reserved for festival and community. Central focuses are: Planetary Peace through Culture, 'Time Is Art!', forgiveness, atonement, freeing of debts, purification, and the Art of Peace.

Celebrated annually since 1992, the Day Out of Time always falls on July 25th. On the Thirteen Moon Calendar, this day is not a day of the month. It is a day in between the closing of the previous year (July 24th) and the dawning of the new year on July 26th. The official flag for the Day Out of Time is the Banner of Peace.

The Day Out of Time is a day to celebrate "Time Is Art". This is what hundreds of thousands of people who follow the new calendar do every year on Gregorian calendar July 25th. And since art is the basis of constructive peace, this day is also celebrated as International Peace through Culture Day. Peace through culture is a fundamental premise of the Thirteen Moon/28-day Calendar. When you celebrate time is art you are promoting peace through culture.

Here's an article about How to See Yourself As An Artist, and one about how, by using the questions of the 13 Moons, Embracing Paradox Can Help You Beat the Clock.

The energy signature for Monday, July 25, 2011 is Red Overtone Skywalker, and sounds like this:

I empower in order to explore
Commanding wakefulness
I seal the output of space

With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of birth.

On this Day Out of Time, we can join kin around the world in deepening our commitment to the truth that Time is Art, and that we can free ourselves from the oppression and confusion of the frequency of mechanized time. As we liberate ourselves from its distortions, we are awakening from the 5000-year spell of his-story, re-membering (making membership again) our connection to the galactic time magic residing in every human heart. And from this connection, true prosperity can flower.

In this time of reinventing resources (and expanding our resource-full-ness), Caroline Casey says of the U.S. economic crisis, "All debts are off!" And Jaison Starkes agrees: "Debts are an agreement on an old story."

The Law of Time site says: "Give the human a harmonious standard of measure and then a harmonious human will walk a harmonious mile.

Harmony ~ that's what the day of time is all about."

Monday, July 18, 2011

"The Energy is Not Your Enemy!"

This past weekend I was privileged to hear Jaison and the Nine (a wise and benevolent configuration of interdimensional beings who speak through him), address the wild 'n' woolly times we're enjoying — or NOT! — these quantum-shift daze.

One of the hallmarks of true channels is humor, something I discovered on my own evolutionary journey. Spirit (God/Goddess/The All/Creator/The Great Wazoo ~ choose your own term) has a wonderful way of imparting truth in language that enLIGHTens as it tickles our funny bone, making it easier to assimilate the gifts.

A favorite from Saturday: "pre-awakening, or 'pa'!" (said as if he was spitting it out!). An audience member chimed in, "Afterwards, it's "ah!" And this co-creation is exactly how learning happens, and growth occurs.

The essential message I took away from the 2-hour session: "We are erecting and perfecting a higher level of reality. Our higher self has returned and we are in the process of journeying up to meet it."

When you receive information like this in a room suffused with love from a group of "wise guides," you can't help but drop weight.

And this is another of The Nine's key messages: the distinction between "luggage" and "baggage". Luggage is what you need to move ahead; baggage is what you need to release. I dreamed years ago about packing for a trip, discovering when I arrived that all my heavy outer garments had been left behind. You can learn more about the journey that led to the creation of Live Your Light on the CD, What You Need to Know Now: A Road Map for Personal Transformation.

More of The Nine's core messages:

• Prior to the celebration there's a recalibration, and that's what's going on now. (My April 2010 What Shines newsletter topic was "Calibrate," and I must say, listening to The Nine is affirming everything I'm bringing through!)
• The highest level of learning for your soul exists in your emotional body; the soul converts these experiences into wisdom. And it's usually the last place you want to go. One past participant said, "What I want is just beyond the place I don't want to go through!"
• The energy is not your enemy — it's "wrapped in the barnacles of the past". As Caroline Casey (who dueted with Jaison on her radio show twice recently) says, "It's not just viral; it's spiral!"
• Become the kind of companion you've not had in your life before: wise and generous and compassionate and kind. Woo-eee!
• Forgive yourself for all the judgments that have created limitation in your life. You are a powerful creator! Embrace all; you are not the victim here!
• View incompletion as a highly defined art. If you incarnated with people who embody this attribute, you will embody it because you want to help them! Release it emotionally so you can go forward, accept responsibility (the ability to respond) and complete what you've come here to do! WOW!

[This is when The Nine call in the clowns. Jaison said, "See how much light you can stand…until the Light Police come in and say, 'There's too much fun going on here, we have to shut it down!'"]

• Finally, money. "We're coming on a Jubilee ~ all the economies on the planet are going to undergo a fundamental change," Jaison says, as I've written often as well. What was fascinating is when he added: "Most people who are in control of large sums of money are in control of the idea of the money. The experience of money exists in the mind and the heart."

How much Light can you stand? Contact me for an energy upgrade! I'm offering an enlightening laser Summer Special: U Shift

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name

The rose energies are enveloping us these days, and as I am a member of the Rose family of humanity, I feel called to share the rose wisdom. As I explain in my name shift article:

"The word 'rose' is identical in English, French, German, and many other languages. The rose is symbolic of female sexuality, and of the Goddess. In ancient Goddess culture, the five-petaled rose represented the five stations of female life: birth, menstruation, motherhood, menopause and death. The blossoming flower resembles the womb: witness the evocative art of renowned American painter Georgia O'Keeffe. Rose is also an anagram for Eros, the Greek god of sexual love. Down through the ages, it has been one of the secret names of Mary Magdalene.

In aromatherapy, rose carries the highest healing frequency. 'Rose' is also the past tense of 'rise,' which means to grow, to go beyond — to metamorphose! It's a verb, which is really what we are — we're more process than product. The interface of the spiritual and the material is where we co-create, co-evolve. I feel a broader sense of kinship with all life as Amara Rose."

Three years ago on Mayan New Year's Day (July 26th), I read an astonishing article in the now-defunct Psychic Reader magazine, which said that the earliest known reference to the rose was 5000 B.C., in ancient Sumer. Since I've long identified with the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, and her archetypal underworld journey, these words resounded in my being.

The rose is a herald of change, calling us to balance spiritual and material, peace within and harmony without. In 2009, I discovered a novel called The Rose Labyrinth, which arrested my attention with this:

"The rose … is a code showing the aim of all humanity to attain divine wisdom. The only path to that wisdom is through love, and knowledge; the blooming rose translates the whole meaning of the universe. To understand the mystery of the rose is to comprehend the essence of the universe. Through its simple perfection, we may become more perfect.

"To realize the possibilities of the rose, mankind must develop the capacity for love to the point of loving all peoples, all creatures, all that is different and foreign to us. We must enlarge our capacity for knowledge and understanding through the loving intelligence of the heart."

It's a tall order, and ~ we're being given Divine assistance as never before. In her June New Earth Rising log, Celia Fenn writes, "In the New Earth Grid System, the power flows from South to North and from North to South. The Flow that is known as the 'Rose Line' flow or the Divine Feminine Flow/Goddess Flow or current, moves from the Southern Pole area of Antarctica and northwards along the meridian lines that are called the 'Rose Lines'.

"The most active of these 'Rose Lines' at the moment is the South/North and North/South flow through the Americas … from Antarctica and up through Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia and then along the Andes, through Central America and up through the Rockies to the Northern Polar Circle. This is the territory of the Eagle and the Condor, and as they unite to fulfill the prophecies of the end times, we are experiencing huge transformation on the planet."

Finally, I went to a spiritual service this past Sunday that I attend very occasionally, with the Unitarian Universalists. To my delight, the service was focused on sacred drumming and chanting using Layne Redmond's Lotus of Light CD, Chanting the Chakras. I was privileged to hear Layne live during my awakening journey in New York State years ago, so I knew the power of this work with the frame drum. (Layne is the author of When the Drummers Were Women and an incredible shamanic healer.)

To my amazement (although nothing ought to surprise me any longer!), we closed the service with a simple hymn called, "I Know This Rose Will Open." The lyrics:

I know this rose will open
I know my fear will burn away
I know my soul will unfurl its wings
I know this rose will open.

So, dearhearts, the message is crystal now: We are being called, sanctioned, sanctified by The Rose, to open as the lotus, to live in and from our hearts, to love beyond limits and not to limit our love. This is the ultimate gift and key to the next stage of conscious evolution.

Blessed Be.