Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Living in the Noosphere: Some Thoughts from José Argüelles

José Argüelles (known as Valum Votan in Mayan cosmology) was a man if not ahead of his time, then with a spherical perception of time which the rest of humanity is on the edge of understanding. 

With the upcoming annual Day Out of Time (July 25th), here are some of Valum Votan's thoughts worth contemplating (from LawofTime.org):

·      The noosphere is a “cosmic Internet” capacitor and universal thought processor.
·      Thoughts are actually the function of different thinking layers distributed radially and discontinuously throughout the universal cosmic mind.
·      The human brain is a noospheric transduction chip with an attendant hyperorganic nano circuit (etheric body chakra system) for the realization and fulfillment of self-reflective cosmic impulses.
·      The biological unit in which the transduction chip-etheric nano circuit are housed is a thermic-luminic cosmic insulator.
·      Self-centered thoughts create an electrostatic air inversion around the insulating unit, which inversion is perceived as the self or ego of the particular unit. This inhibits noospheric accessing and short-circuits the etheric nano circuit. Hence the activation of the nano circuit for the activation of the self-reflective cosmic impulses remains dormant in the preponderant majority of humans, for many of whom the very idea of such a nano circuit would seem to be a preposterous fantasy.
·      The next evolutionary stage is dependent on the activation of the nano circuit through conscious hooking up of the noosphere transduction unit with the noosphere as a whole. In general, this is dependent upon the dissipation of the electrostatic air inversion.

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