Saturday, August 20, 2005

Humming In Tune With the Higher Vibrations

This month's heralded a humdinger of an energy shift, and even knowing we're in the midst of it, riding the waves can leave you exhausted. Spiritual chronicler Karen Bishop, always on the edge of the Now, offers a balancing perspective on the Ascension Leap of Mid-August, aptly describing our realignment process as "internal tsunamis."

One point really resonated with me. I've been housesitting in Berkeley since mid-July, and feel like I'm being driven insane by the noise, dirt, and chaos of the city after so many years in serene, rural environments. The "me" who lived happily in San Francisco in the 1980s and early '90s has undergone a radical shift, and is no longer harmonic with these denser energies. Karen writes:

"For sensitives, these mismatches can be challenging. Mismatched vibrations can leave one in a state of short circuitry, with great knots and gagging in your stomach, with a tenseness and tightness which does not support the natural flow of source energy, and with an acute feeling that you do not belong anywhere. The old lower vibrating energies and ways can really make one feel ill. And it can be difficult as well to say 'YES!' to anything, as it seems that all presented to you and in your environment requires a 'NO!.'"

Yes, Karen, it's how I've felt exactly!

However, she reminds us that in the higher realms, all is perfect and this is simply part of the evolutionary process; that even apparent polarity or darkness "only exists to support us in summoning something different." And I know how deeply true this is; how many, many times the people and situations that have seemed to be my greatest nemesis have turned out to be great gifts in disguise, facilitating my own growth.

So have faith, dear fellow travelers. Allow the cleansing process to continue, be very kind to yourself, and know that you've chosen to be part of this amazing journey into the New, now. In your deepest being, trust what you know, and flow with it to the best of your ability. Hum yourself into the higher vibrations, and know you're tuning up and tuning in to the Music of the Spheres.


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Gemma Grace said...

Amara ~ Sometimes I feel astounded by how precisely we are in tune!