Tuesday, February 19, 2008

See You on the Dark Side of the Moon

This week heralds the second of two eclipses this month/moon cycle, and I love how seasoned astrologer Allison Rae frames the possibilities. This is from the current issue of her newsletter, Cosmic Time:

"The Total Lunar Eclipse this week promises a consciousness shakedown.

During the Full Moon on Wednesday night, the reflected light of the Sun will be blocked by the Earth, creating the illusion of the Moon darkening' as it turns a deep red-brown.

The play of 'light' and 'dark' is highlighted at each Full Moon. With a Total Lunar Eclipse the effect goes quantum. The cosmic energies transmitted through this portal offer a unique opportunity to see another side of your self, embrace and transform the shadow.

Emotional cleansing triggered by the eclipse can bring balance and restore the self to wholeness. Flow with this energy rather than resist it. Explore the subconscious. Dance with the shadow. Merge with Essence. Let go.

We're dealing with the individual and collective shadow, as world events reveal. Our prayer, intent and conscious participation in this divine drama create an opening for the light of higher consciousness to heal and transform humanity and the Earth.

A new paradigm is emerging. You can help guide this transition through your own practice of mindfulness throughout the eclipse period, and beyond."

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