Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lightning Rod for Love

Sunday, July 13, 2008, is Worldwide Prophecy of Love Day. I mentioned this intention in my July newsletter and it's worth repeating here, because Love has such an amazing multiplier effect. This is from Jonathon Goldyn Shalomar:

On Christmas eve I was taking a shower when I suddenly felt a rush of tremendous golden-white Light pour into me. Then, several voices in unison spoke to me saying, "The day of the fulfillment of the prophecy given long ago draws nigh. We would ask you to be the messenger for this day which shall be called the Prophecy of Love day, in your time and calendar July 13th 2008.

"We would ask that for 24 hours on this your day of July 13th, 2008, that people all over your planet would commune at all of the Sacred places upon beloved Gaia and allow the energies of unconditional love to flood every cell, every fiber, and every molecule of their Beings. We will be focusing our collective energies upon each of you as you do this. The frequency of Love that you will feel in your bodies will be more than you have ever felt before because of this collective focus. If you would do this you will literally become Lightning Rods of Love.

"We ask you to hold this energy and not to project it outward. After 24 hours of receiving and Being unconditional love it will become apparent to you that, indeed without projecting, your outer world will have already changed.

"If one million or more of you will answer this call then all of the other prophecies of destruction and doom will be shifted. For it is Love that will bring balance and harmony to your world.

"Focus not upon what you think is wrong in your world, rather focus on the Kingdom of Heaven manifested now within the hearts of all creatures and upon Terra and it will be so.

"If you cannot be at one of the Sacred power points then find the quiet in nature. If this is not possible then be a Loving rod right where you are for your bodily temple is the temple of a Living God.

"On this day a tidal wave of Love will sweep across your planet and all life upon her and the veil of separation shall be lifted and you will know that truly you and the Creator are One.

"Not only are you rendering this great service for your planet, but for all of creation and in this we bow before you in deep gratitude."

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