Monday, November 03, 2008

Changing of the Guard

Astrologers everywhere are talking about it: on Tuesday, November 4th, Saturn (planet of form and structure, symbolic of "the way things are") and Uranus (the irrepressible bolt-from-the-blue, which might best be symbolized by extreme sports!) are in exact opposition, a perfect representation of just what this historic U.S. election is bringing to the fore worldwide.

We also complete the latest round of the 260-day Mayan sacred calendar tomorrow. Mayan timekeeper Li Walter explains succinctly:

"With Saturn in Virgo exactly opposing Uranus in Pisces, it's the old guard and the new-approach in opposition, so there's both change and resistance happening. This is the story of the concrete meeting the energetic to work out their relationship. Saturn in Virgo conjoins two earth-oriented, time-conscious, practical doers. While Uranus, which brings forth stormy, electrical energies, and is associated with timing and the sudden or unexpected, will be in the vast, mystical, non-local realms of Pisces. Storm and Earth engaged. Coming in the Moon of Form, within us there is a struggle between old forms and structures and innovative new approaches, and this dynamic is showing up in the political arena as well. There will be five passes of this Saturn/Uranus opposition between now and July 2010, so this change will be worked through again and again, deepening each time."

And Jeff Jawer observes, "The long-term struggle between preserving the past and creating a new future will continue, on and off, until July 10 of next year. Each of us is likely to be pulled between these apparently contradictory forces, wondering whether to hold tight to the limits of current reality or to venture forth to invent a new one. Political and personal polarization can be expected, but the good news is that this process can also provide a chance to meet responsibilities (Saturn) in new and different ways (Uranus) and to provide a solid foundation (Saturn) to support fresh concepts (Uranus). It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling that you must choose between sides when, in fact, the real work is to build bridges between these seemingly opposing forces."

So let's grow with the flow, dear ones! For more on this theme, read my November newsletter about the role of the color purple in our lives at this exceptional time: State of Our Union.

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