Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lammas: Playing With Fire

New Moon in Leo. The start of the Fifth Day of the 9th (and final) wave of the Mayan Calendar. The U.S. debt deadline. Mercury retrograde (until August 26th). And oh, yes, Lammas, the potent cross-quarter gateway that heralds the Harvest.

Any way you slice it, this weekend lobs us an energetic fireball. Yet fire, like all elements, both creates and destroys. As someone who's been intimate with Kali, I understand what it's like to sit in the cauldron as it bubbles, feeling your old skin burn away. Not necessarily pleasant, but … a grand opportunity to restore balance, further along life's spiral.

Astrologer Allison Rae suggests we take "Big Baby Steps," because (I love this): "Evolution is not a spectator sport." Mercury Rx invites us to release/reimagine/recreate, before moving into the new in September.

So invoke Kali (or the destroyer/creator God/Goddess/energy of your choice), welcome the discomfort, let the worn-out ways burn clean in the crucible of truth and possibility, and prepare to start anew from pure marrow.

That's playing with fire!


Jennifer Alhasa said...

Love this wisdom, Amara! That Kali is certainly one for rapid "fire" transformation!

Amara Rose said...

Thanks, Jennifer! Rapid fire transformation, indeed, lol! Learning to welcome and bless this forging in life's crucible can be daunting, and ... we e/merge (energy and emotion merge) more fully in our power on the far side of the alchemical purification process.