Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Zapped! Are You a Victim of Electronic Pollution?

Power. From our iPhones to iPads, Wii to DVDs, plasma TV to wifi, we're living in an electronic fog that may be causing a whole host of illnesses and conditions, from ADHD to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia to heart disease, and much, much more.

I've been reading Ann Louise Gittleman's Zapped, and it's blowing me out of the water: years ago I lived through a health crisis of what I've long referred to as environmental toxicity, and written about the experience. I thought I was well aware of the chemical challenges of modern society, and have been doing my best to minimize my load as well as educate others.

But Gittleman adds a whole new dimension to everything I've understood until now, by demonstrating in her staggeringly well researched book how electro-magnetic (EMF) pollution stresses everything from our hearts to our immune systems, endocrine to digestive to reproductive systems. It's like the missing magic layer.

Before you panic, toss your Blackberry into a lake and head for a remote island (there's probably wifi there, too), take heart: Gittleman provides sound guidance and resources to help us reduce our electronic overload.

One great place to start is with her list of 21 Superfoods and seasonings, many of which you may already enjoy:

1. Artichokes (USDA's #1 antioxidant veggie)
2. Asparagus (more glutathione than any other food)
3. Blueberries (and blackberries, raspberries, strawberries: all high in antioxidants)
4. Cinnamon (blood sugar stabilizer and antioxidant)
5. Cranberries (free radical scavenger; kills H. pylori bacteria)
6. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage: good sources of sulfur, zinc, selenium)
7. Cumin (enhances liver detox)
8. Garlic (keeps werewolves away; also powerful anti-inflammatory)
9. Grass-fed Beef (excellent source of glutathione, zinc, selenium, which EMFs zap)
10. Mushrooms (immune-boosting antioxidants)
11. Olive oil (boost glutathione levels dramatically)
12. Pomegranate juice (better than red wine for neutralizing free radicals!)
13. Prunes/Dried Plums (powerhouses at vanquishing free radical)
14. Red Beans (stabilize blood sugar, protect brain cells)
15. Rosemary (protects cellular DNA from radiation)
16. Sea vegetables (kombu, hijiki, arame, nori: reduce radioactive exposure, protect thyroid)
17. Tart cherries (melatonin powerhouse)
18. Turmeric (inhibits radiation-induced chromosome damage)
19. Wild Alaskan Salmon (rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, which boost liver function, detoxify the body)
20. Walnuts (for non-fish eaters, alternate source of omega-3s; also high in glutathione)
21. Yogurt (replaces calcium leached from the cells by EMF exposure)

Here's to your health, wealth and wisdom!


jacquelyn said...

Hi(gh) from Oregon Country!

Did you mention miso? Good for industrial polluted areas...like Tokoyo and all others. Cup of miso soup to start the day???
I want to mention the book EARTHING. sorry, titles and authors not available because book is not with me. You can check it out at earthing.com.
Just before leaving for a month in Oregon and only having one pair of shoes, 2nd hand crocs!, I sprung for a pair of JUIL sandals. Saw the ad in yoga magazine....2nd pair of new shoes in about 14 years....and my feet are sooooo happy. They are built to allow earth grounding energy to reach body.
It was wonderful to go camping in the coast range on a river....no electronic devices worked!! We were all so OFF the GRID......watched river otters play. Which reminds me, Portland is known for its food carts....we saw one the other day called "Off The Griddle"
I am determined not to get fried during my trips to mainland "amerika"....love, Jacquita banana de maya and the travelin cat

Amara Rose said...

Yes, Earthing is one of the sites Ann Gittleman mentions, and I've already explored the site; very useful: http://earthing.com

Journey well, Jacquita! Root-touch is available everywhere; just access your nearest tree :-)