Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cast No Shadow

The only ones without shadows are usually witches, demons, or Star Trek movie characters. But on rare occasions, the absence of shadow can be a blessing:

Tomorrow's celebrated eclipse is happening conjunct the Pleiades on the day of the solar zenith at Chichen Itza, the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization in the Yucat√°n.

Solar zenith means the sun is directly overhead and thus casts no shadow. "Prayers that are offered on the day of no shadow are the most powerful," says shamanic astrologer Daniel Gimario. Listen to his informative, inspirational duet with Caroline Casey on the Visionary Activist show.

It's a stellar invitation to eliminate shadow from our lives. What do you wish to kiss goodbye forever? What do you want to invoke (literally, give voice to)? There's never been a more magical moment than right now. As above, so below.

It's time to paint a bold canvas with transmutational fire.

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