Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day Out of Time: Celebrate Possibility!

Wednesday, July 25th, heralds the annual "Day Out of Time" on the Thirteen Moon Calendar — a calendar on which every Friday is a lucky Friday the 13th! And in this spectacular year of regeneration on every level, it's about breaking through old paradigms and belief systems to align with natural rhythms and human biology, enabling us to access fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies. The daily affirmations (260 in all, referred to as "kin") work on an intuitive level.

What, then, is the Day Out of Time (also known as Green Day)? Here's a summary from the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Around the planet, this day is reserved for festival and community. Central focuses are: Planetary Peace through Culture, 'Time Is Art!', forgiveness, atonement, freeing of debts, purification, and the Art of Peace.

Celebrated annually since 1992, the Day Out of Time always falls on July 25th. On the Thirteen Moon Calendar, this day is not a day of the month. It is a day in between the closing of the previous year (July 24th) and the dawning of the new year on July 26th.

The Day Out of Time is a day to celebrate "Time Is Art". This is what hundreds of thousands of people who follow the new calendar do every year on Gregorian calendar July 25th. And since art is the basis of constructive peace, this day is also celebrated as International Peace through Culture Day. Peace through culture is a fundamental premise of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. When you celebrate time is art you are promoting peace through culture.

Here's an article about How to See Yourself As An Artist, and one about using the questions of the 13 Moons: Embracing Paradox Can Help You Beat the Clock

The energy signature for Wednesday, July 25, 2012 is White Rhythmic Mirror, and sounds like this:

I organize in order to reflect
Balancing order
I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal…enter me

On this Day Out of Time, we can join kin around the world in deepening our commitment to the truth that Time is Art, and that we can free ourselves from the oppression and confusion of mechanized time. As we liberate ourselves from its distortions, we awaken from the 5000-year spell of history, re-membering (making membership again) our connection to the galactic time magic residing in every human heart. And from this connection, true prosperity can flower.

The Law of Time site says: "Give the human a harmonious standard of measure and then a harmonious human will walk a harmonious mile.

Harmony ~ that's what the day of time is all about."

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