Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to Grow New Feet

"My feet are killing me!" "I'm dead on my feet." "Have you got cold feet?" "Don't drag your feet!" "Are you back on your feet?"

We bipeds depend on our locomotive appendages a LOT. So it's only natural that our feet might get weary from all the wear and tear and decide to take a vacation. Not our actual physical feet, perhaps, but the ones belonging to our digital appendages. Such as my laptop.

After replacing the little hard plastic "feet" that keep the machine positioned just slightly off the desk, allowing airflow, I soon noticed that all but one had again gone AWOL. I assumed they were gone forever, like one half of a pair of socks after a wash cycle. But while mischievous socks seem to time travel, never to return, laptop feet apparently visit an alternate universe for a while and then magically reappear.

It might be akin to what happens at puberty: kids have a growth spurt and "grow a foot" seemingly overnight. But even the most ambitious teen has yet to grow three feet in a matter of weeks. That's what my tiny plastic computer feet did.

After at least a year, they began reappearing on the carpet — where they absolutely had not resided before. I don't have pets or children; no one else could have moved them or replaced them. Yet here they were, one by one over the course of several weeks, mutely calling, "I'm home!" (None of them sported a tan or souvenirs, so I can't verify where they'd been.)

I'm waiting to see whether the fourth will arrive, though I'm delighted to welcome the trio home. I discovered each returning foot accidentally, either by stepping on it, thinking I'd tracked in a pebble, or noticing what I thought was a chocolate chip. Amazing and amusing, because of course I was completely unattached to something as negligible as laptop feet. Yet here they are.

It's easy to manifest what we have no attachment to in our lives. I've proven this in my own life time and again with items similar to laptop feet, which can appear as soon as we envision the request. Yet this complete faith that the universe is always answering is the great challenge most of us are still aiming to master — myself included. We believe the grander requests will take a long(er) time to show up, so they usually do.

This is a fulcrum moment to grow new feet — or kilometers, if you choose — so we can leap into parallel realities and timelines and return with alacrity. Stand up for the true magnificent YOU. That's the feat we can all grow into, now.

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