Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is Your Business Sick ~ Or Dispirited?

For many of us in Western culture, illness catalyzes and informs our awakening to life purpose, particularly in these evolutionary times. The summer I had pneumonia, I asked myself, "If I died, what would I regret?" The answer came quietly: "You haven't loved." This surprised me, and then I heard, "You haven't served." I began to understand how love and service are one — and that love, service, and prosperity all course from the same well.

In the business milieu, we (individually and collectively) are sick because we are dis-spirited — without spirit, or breathless. Spirit means breath: "inspire" is, literally, "to breathe in"; "expire" means to breathe out, or die. So spirit plays a key role in health/wholeness/wellness/wel(th). We say, "Where's your company spirit?" when we ought to start with, "Where's your personal spirit?"

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