Wednesday, June 08, 2016

President or Precedent?

 A decade ago, after watching An Inconvenient Truth and reading Al Gore's breakthrough book by the same title, I wrote"We're actually fortunate he's not in the Oval Office, ensnared in the vast political machine. Instead of a sitting president, Gore is setting precedent..."

Then came Dennis Kucinich in 2004, catalyzing millions of Boomers to political activism — many, like myself, for the first time. Listening to Dennis, tears rolled down my cheeks, because he was articulating exactly how I felt; an astonishing realization for a presidential candidate. But the masses were not yet ready for his (r)evolutionary message.

In 2016, Bernie Sanders has catapulted the issues Al and Dennis championed to the world stage, with the same energetic resonance. Thanks to social media and the Millennials, especially, Bernie has brought the Age of Awakening to the fore. And he's not meant to be chained to the presidential pulpit, however much he may think he wants it.

As this psychic presidential prediction makes clear, Bernie is serving an exponentially greater role as a voice of the people, mobilizing consciousness. Whatever happens after the election, he has raised awareness across America and around the globe, no mean feat for any political candidate, anywhere.

Setting precedent is not for the timid. Al Gore stepped out after the 2000 election voter fraud and illumined the world about climate change. In 2004, Dennis Kucinich made cultural stewardship a global platform. Bernie Sanders is modeling how to be inclusive, not exclusive: the rallying cry that every person matters. There is no more compelling message than giving your vision a voice.

Thank you for your courage (literally, "heart"), Bernie. You are our precedent, is every way that matters.

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