Wednesday, November 09, 2016

We Are the Trump Card

"If you bring forth what is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
What you do not bring forth will destroy you."

~ The Gospel of Thomas

When I logged on this morning, I flashed back to September11, 2001: a sense of unreality, time out of mind, where nothing mattered but connecting with the collective, reaching out to those in shock and mourning for a nation in emotional turmoil.

Energetically, 9-1-1 united Americans; the 2016 election results divide us. Or so it would appear. Today, as someone pointed out, is 11-9, the mirror image of 9-11. Each turn of the evolutionary spiral asks us to reach deeper inside ourselves to access hidden places in the heart. That's how evolution becomes elevation.

It isn't easy.

I've actually had to re-read my own November newsletter to see whether I could assimilate its noble counsel: polarity is illusion, there is only one side, and what we hold as true in our hearts matters much more than what appears real in 3D.

This is one of the most challenging tasks, as individuals and as a collective: remaining open and compassionate to those we "oppose". Danielle Egnew (who six months ago categorically stated that Trump would not win the election) speaks eloquently to what this commitment to overcoming polarity looks like.

Shadowboxing with the Culture of Celebrity

For me, the stunning political upset seems to be a result of our addiction to celebrity culture — Trump himself has made some well- publicized comments about what he is able to do as a celebrity. And, I admit, I get pulled into scanning celeb stories, too.

All of which prompts a necessary period of shadowboxing, as Egnew describes: dancing with our unhealed/unacknowledged aspects, observing how they control us in ways that do not serve our highest good.

The energetic of the new now means living as large as possible every day, not in some shadowy future. It's a continual process of reinvention. We've never been so primed "to boldly go where no one has gone before." This star trek begins in our bodies, minds and hearts, as we burn brightly with purpose and begin to activate our true potential in every realm.

It's time to shake hands with the shadow, unbox its message, and multiply our power exponentially.

The Inquiry

What's shadowing your potential?

·      Someone you need to forgive (including yourself)?
·      A phone call you're afraid to make?
·      A long-standing debt (financial or otherwise) you've not repaid?
·      A health challenge?
·      A family or relationship issue that's quarantined your emotional energy?
·      A job that leaves you too drained to think about anything else?
·      Or "simply" an all-encompassing fear of living your light?

I invite you to face and embrace your strongest shadow. Say hello, ask it in for a spell (one you cast), offer it a chair, open a dialogue.

Conversation not your favorite mode? Go into nature; create a ritual to revisit how this shadow came to be. Dance it, sing it, journal it, paint it, drum it, dream it…

Do whatever it takes to communicate with the part you've been avoiding. What's important is to give it a voice. When our dark side is encouraged to share its gifts with us, darkness and light have a chance to unite.

The Hardest Place to Go

Jewel sings, "In the end, only kindness matters." As issues rise to the surface to be examined in a big way in each of our lives, it's crucial to be kind — most of all, to ourselves. Take time to ground, or center yourself, in whatever way feels best. Do you meditate? Practice yoga? Have you been longing for a massage? A walk in the woods? An evening lying on your couch in the dark doing absolutely nothing? Or maybe a night of full-out dancing? Say yes.

This multidimensional shift is all about frequency: tuning in to the frequency of love, peace and harmony on the cellular level. We are the trump card in our own lives. Perhaps we had to make the shadow manifest in a major way in order to allow our own brilliance to shine.

Much Love to you all ~

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