Saturday, February 19, 2005

Of Night Sweats, Strong Dreams, and World Wisdom

If, like me, you've been soaking your nightclothes while tossing and turning with disturbing dreams this past week--or felt moody and out of sorts in the morning--you're not alone. Channel Norma Gentile reports this is happening to many of us as we dream our new reality into being.

And here I thought it was "just" perimenopause.

Norma writes, "Our dream-state has been unusually active this past week. Night sweats are a part of the physical body adjusting to new energies coming from the Earth. Our bodies act as channels, quite literally, for Earth and Heaven to talk with each other. This past week there has been a shift in the Earth. The information about that shift passed through our bodies as energy. Our bodies translated that energy during dream-state and passed it onto the higher dimensions, or Heaven."

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