Sunday, November 20, 2005

Strawberry Fields—But Not Forever

If you're feeling lately like "nothing is real," just keep the Beatles' advice in mind: it's "nothing to get hung about." We're just Embracing the Higher Ways, as Karen Bishop explains in her latest energy alert:

"Transitioning, transitioning, transitioning is where we currently are...and it seems that every being on this planet is in some kind of transitioning space. And this is all due to the enormous progress we have made. We are being catapulted forward seemingly whether we like it or not.
"This forward movement into even more higher realms is also causing releasing in many ways. Our bodies are feeling and adjusting and aligning...this can cause muscle twitching, jumping, and I have had the experience of jerking out of or into my body several times while trying to go to sleep at night. Our muscles and joints may ache more than ever before and we may feel we need lots of deep sleep as well.
"And the 'spinning' can continue. Remember, we are using our Merkabah or light bodies to bring us to the higher realms, and this creates the spinning. Today, I am just plain spinning within myself. I can literally feel crown chakra energy pouring into my head, causing sinus pressure, and creating a dizzy reality. But knowing that this is simply support to a higher way of being and vibrating, seems to make things so much more pleasant and fun.
"This intense transitioning energy can also cause feelings of not knowing what is real. It may feel as though nothing is real, that there is nothing to hold onto, and we are floating in a seeming no-man's-land of limbo like in-between reality and awareness. More and more it is becoming evident that the 3D reality was simply an illusion. And what is more real than ever before is the New reality...the higher vibrating reality of the higher realms and higher ways. These seem to feel oh so much more comfortable as they match so much more closely who we have now become. We can connect with them very easily is a lateral up or down.
"This transitioning time is setting us up for the January energy that I have been speaking of for awhile now. We are moving into position. Come January, we will be anchoring in much more securely to an entirely new situation for many of us in many arenas of our lives."

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