Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cosmic Sunrise: Coming Home At Last

There's a new moon in the fire sign Sagittarius today, and at the higher dimensional levels the sun is blazing the radiance of an awakening humanity. Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn transmits,

"What a grand month December will be! Waves of cosmic light and radiance from the Great Central Sun will flood the Earth's new crystalline grids. Pluto, the engine of transformation, moves into close conjunction with the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center, providing the powerful surge of transformative energy that will initiate the 'Great Awakening' of the next two years. The Earth is now poised for a great leap in consciousness. Daily the light and radiance on the planet increases.

"We call it a 'Cosmic Sunrise', for the brilliant light from the Great Central Sun rises to illuminate the planet, which is now poised for the great awakening that will be the beginning of the New Earth or the 'Golden Age'. In 2006 and 2007, many millions of people (will be) shifting their consciousness into the Higher Dimensions as they prepare to ground themselves in the crystalline grids of the New Earth."

As the consciousness of the collective rises, you may experience some ascension symptoms, including:

* Extreme fatigue, possibly alternating with periods of high energy.
* A sense of great personal clarity that may be accompanied by greater clarity of physical vision.
* Extreme energy sensations in the body, especially around December 18th and 19th. Buzzing, currents felt in the limbs, "spaciness" in the head, feelings of nausea, etc. This will be your body working to accommodate the increase in Light Radiance.
* Intense emotions and feelings: sadness and depression alternating with great joy and elation. The intense light will cause emotional instability. Do your best to stay centered and focus on the Light. Being centered and grounded will be very important at this time, otherwise you may find yourself "spinning out".
* Time will seem to be moving very fast. New Earth time is clashing with old Earth linear time. Don't try to do everything. Relax and let your Higher Aspect lead. All that needs to be done will be done at the right time. Remember the concept of "Divine Timing".
* Meeting new friends and new people, as the Soul families and Clans continue to come together. Also, letting go of people whose energy no longer aligns with yours.
* Feelings of gratitude, calm and have made it! It is done!
* Feelings of empowerment and possibility. It's time to create the New Earth...Here we go!

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