Monday, December 12, 2005

12:12 Portal: Time to Release & Reimagine

Following the 11:11:11 activation, we've been living in a super-reality where the facade of the old has been deliquescing, like Dali's famous clocks. Now it' time for Integrating the Re-birth, and as usual, Karen Bishop's words of wisdom smooth the way for the bumps and dips on the path before us. She says,

"Here is a general rule of thumb for residency in the higher realms. Follow your heart and your passion and your joy. If you do what makes you feel good, without trying to analyze and mentally figure out the money aspects, the money simply arrives on its own as a by-product. Don't make it your main focus. And never do anything for the money alone. This certainly does not mean to quit your job and just leave just means that it is best to find time to follow your joy, even if it doesn't make any sense. This alone will align you with yourself and with Source.
"So how does December 12th (12:12) fit in to all of this? 12:12 is the time for integration. November 11th opened the portal to the higher realms for the critical mass and December 12th will serve to integrate these New and higher energies and ways of being. All leading up to January, 2006.

"During this now time of December, we may also find it difficult to make decisions as our circumstances have changed. But know that come January, we will be much more cemented in to the New with the New us and our New lives, and a very new alignment with a New World and New source of support. We are simply in the eye of the storm of a miraculous and enormous transition and have not yet fully arrived, but we will. This state of flux and 'nothingness' in regard to old ways of moving forward is only temporary.
"We are also leaving behind the old reality of lack and suffering. You may find that you are simply unwilling to participate in any more feelings of despair over lack and suffering. Like throwing caution to the wind, you may find that you just do not care anymore about any of it. You may want what you want and decide that it is time that you had it. This is because we have had enough and we have had enough because it is finally about to end.
"These feelings of not caring and being unwilling to participate in this type of existence anymore also creates a great willingness to 'leave'. This is what will propel you to the higher realms. This very strong desire of being willing to leave and not participate is what precipitated my big ascension leap a few years ago. This is part of the process, and I am having it again. I have been seeing very clearly that I will most certainly be leaving much behind and if I did not know better, I would think that I was about to 'die'. All just part of the process."

So wax those spiritual surfboards, fellow travelers, and let's ride the waves of 12:12 into a brand-new Ocean of Bliss and Oneness! Remember, "Catch a wave and you're sittin' on top of the world!"

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