Saturday, August 12, 2006

Being Peace

Between the oil spill polluting Lebanon and the foiled terrorist bombing of ten US-bound planes from the UK, we're primed to once again take sides and fight back against "the enemy." It's the only way to stand up for what's right and move towards world peace...NOT.

As the father of nonviolent activism, Mahatma Gandhi said, "There is no way to peace...peace IS the way." As much as our reactive minds might want to place sanctions against Israel for causing the oil carnage, or against the Muslim community for being behind the almost-air attack, this response only keeps us in duality—which is precisely where the forces of darkness most wish us to stay.

When Aluna Joy Yaxk'in asked the Star Elders whom she channels how to heal the "split between the worlds" that's been present in the Middle East for eons, they told her:

"First you must rise above duality. Duality will soon be an issue of the past. Don't see the problem. SEE the positive result. In other words, see perfection in that area. If you fight against war, it is just another form of war. War is duality in its extreme, and the underworlds are struggling to keep you in duality. Remember you are a part of the collective. How YOU live affects everyone. Quit fighting on every level. Live in Peace and Love at home, and see this Peace and Love in the areas that need it. Be at Peace with your neighbors. Walk on the lands in Peace. You can't fight for peace; you can only live it. Don't ask for PEACE. Don't Pray for PEACE. Start acting as if PEACE is already here! Remember how you live is what you create in the world. The universe responds to your actions. One day you will wonder what all the fighting was about. It won't make sense to you anymore, because you will have rewritten the collective program. Quit acting like victims and think you can't do anything about it. You are the creators now."

I wrote something similar after 9-1-1, about this event being a planetary spiritual emergence. (If you'd like the special broadcast, please e-mail me with "9-1-1 article" in the subject line.) A lot of people got it; a few vilified me. As more of these wake-up calls happen, more of us will continue to let go of more of the need to react in kind.

Would I endorse nonviolence over the law of the claw if people I loved dearly were involved? I like to think I'm getting there. Once of the most enlightened comments I've heard along these lines came from a man who participated in the Source Force gathering of lightworkers in Arizona this past April. He said, "I don't see my kids as any more important than anyone else's." That's a pretty monumental statement for a parent to make. When we can all see all children as equally sacred—followed by seeing all adults the same way—it will be the end of war on Earth. And then we can get down to what really matters.

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