Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The End of Plutocracy?

Pluto may have been demoted as a planet, but nothing can stop the plutonic transformational energies from having their way with us all. Visionary Activist Astrologer Caroline Casey says in her latest missive:

Pluto and the Mythic News:

February 26, 1993 – As a beautiful snowstorm swirled outside, I pondered the Mythic News, how the gods were trying to help us out by staging things in such a succinct symbolic manner that even the most dunderheaded humans would notice, and heed.

I noted that Pluto was stationing (apparent motion stops, the god beams down its literalized symbolism) that day, and that this god embodies the principle that whatever is suppressed becomes volatile and toxic due to its disrespectful suppression. One hour after the exact station, the news reported the 1st attempt to blow up the World Trade Towers from the Underworld parking garage. Whoowee…So literal.

I told this story at a speech at Herbfest Iowa in late August of 2001, saying, well Pluto’s now stationing again. Let’s see what we’ve all learned.

Pluto does station often in late August/early September. Last year, on September 1st, 2005, Pluto squared the U.S. Neptune, (where Neptune was when this country was born - representing the soul of this country.) And it was on that day that a British paper published the most apt cartoon, of the Statue of Liberty floating dead, face down in New Orleans, while disinterested troops with guns gazed dispassionately from an overhead bridge.

Well Pluto is stationing NOW, exact on Labor Day, September 4th at 7:20PM ET. So, team of dedicated democracy-philes, sane and reverent people, let’s work with it. Pluto says, “planet, schplanet”; in the words of ally Steve Bhaerman, “Sure it works in practice, but will it work in theory?”

The instructions of now encourage us to be active agents of Pluto, composting death in every imaginative, visualizing, practical manner that synchronicity affords us, to suck the “g” out of “kingdom,” and exhale the energetic chi into the animating of the resulting “kindom.”

Pluto would like us to collaborate in every way, sucking the energy out of any death-dealing up to no good irreverent violent plot, so that it is fully revealed, rendered harmless and collapses like a souffle.

As Vipassana meditation suggests, inhale the world’s grimy plutocracy, and exhale radiant beauty, now, forever, every day, together, for a few minutes, and especially this strange Labor Day weekend. Inhale death-dealing tyranny, exhale creative democracy.

And novelist Terry Pratchett adds: “When in doubt – choose to live!”

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