Saturday, August 04, 2007

Living Inside the Lion's Gate

We're right in the middle of August's fires of transformation, known as the Lion's Gate. The vortex opened on July 26th (also Mayan New Year's Day) and will close on August 12th. Intriguingly, Celia Fenn's photo for her August transmission looks exactly like Mt. Shasta, where I've been since 7/26!

Archangel Michael says this is the moment when many of us will step fully into our Diamond Solar Light Bodies, truly knowing ourselves as infinite. Others, having successfully completed their work here, will choose to leave the Earth plane.

What transpires after the 12th in terms of masculine/feminine integration and relationship recalibration is crucial, and Celia's transmission explains it elegantly.

May you transmute in joy and sacred awareness. Blessings!

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