Monday, August 20, 2007

Extreme Makeover

Now that the cosmic doorway of 7/26/07 - 8/12/07 is complete and much debris cleared out of our etheric and 3D pathways, it's time to rebalance on all levels. This won't (of course!) necessarily look or feel as carefree as we'd wish. As Aluna Joy observes in her current Center of the Sun newsletter:

"Our outer world is beginning to mirror a state of collapse that is actually a glorious rebirth happening within us. If you watch the news you can see this happening every where. Steam pipes in New York City exploding like bombs, mines collapsing, bridges collapsing and a myriad of strange accidents. Our old out-of-date programs are being cleared out. Yes...we are having an extreme makeover, a makeover of the consciousness, a makeover for the spirit that is erasing all the wrinkles in our souls. If it is old and outdated, it is time to make it over."

Boy, do I feel this! After camping on Mt. Shasta (far northern California) during the shift, I'm attempting to locate a new place to dwell...but all of the seemingly "good" places I'm finding in my "old" locales are closed to me. Hm.

In terms of Earth changes, such as the massive 'quake in Peru, Aluna says,

"The acceleration of volcanic activity and earthquakes in the last week, and continuing for the next few months, is a part of this re-balancing. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, grand tropical storms and the like will give great release to the planet and clear out old, out-dated infrastructure. This is going to feel good to you, and should not cause you any fear. It is time to quit seeing these realignments and shifts as something to fear or to worry about. This isn't the end of the is just the beginning of a new one."

The really good news? We have a green light to greatness shining on us, even if it doesn't quite feel this way yet:

"Now as far as manifesting our divine purpose in this life, it is a whole new ballgame. New messages are coming in. New projects are being birthed. The doors have opened for us to begin work on projects that we have been sitting on for years, even decades. We'll find that we don't need to hide in the closet anymore with the treasures that we have within. We have a green light. It is time to step on the gas pedal even further and get going. It's time to say, 'no more fear' about being attacked for what you are about to say, share, or release into the world. You are now safe to be who you are. Remember the light has undermined the darkness. Who is this LIGHT? Well…. It is YOU!"

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