Monday, September 03, 2007

Dreaming A New World Into Being

In the September issue of What Shines, I quoted longtime subscriber Paul White's dream of making cross-cultural telepathic connections. We are all dreaming for and with one another these days; Big Dreams, especially, are coming through at an astounding rate, now that the collective is merging more and more to One.

Paul sent me two additional dream descriptions that dovetail with others' stories, and confirm what lightweavers around the globe are saying. Here they are:

∞ "I came into creation by energy that was swirling in space. There was a humming sound like bees and the energy was of golden light made up like a swarm of bees. I was able to maintain this energy in my dream for quite awhile."

∞ "Last night in my dream I went on an epic journey. The most significant part of the dream was about water, the power of it. I was looking out of a window into what looked like an endlessly deep aquarium. Out of the depths came a multicolored dolphin that morphed into a whale-like creature. It was headed for the surface and looked like it was going to fly into the air but instead came to a dead stop just as its nose touched the surface. In this dream I was trying to get back to where I started from which would have meant either crossing a river or going over a bridge that had a rail car and then finding my way through labyrinthine streets. There were stores and rooms in a house, strange insects flying around that morphed in color and shape. A mother and her son and their odd interactions. Black mice under a house. There were tools and things that I couldn't figure out the purpose of.

"I've always had these kind of dreams, dreams where I am flying or levitating by humming and traveling through time. Voices of God. Visits to alien planets and interactions with misshapen beings. Discussions with animals, half bear and half owl. Dreams of whirlpools going to the core of life. There was a time they were so intense that I started a journal of sketches that were hieroglyphic to remember them by."

Lest you think these are just vestiges of Paul's vivid nocturnal imagination, consider this true story, which landed in my Inbox at the same time: The Didgeridoo and the Flute, which describes how two mortal enemies became best friends through their music. The story contains this passage: "There he saw a vision. He was a dolphin, an embodiment of the flute, swimming in a dark blue ocean. Right beside him was a giant blue whale, symbolizing the didge. They were swimming side by side, united in the harmony of music."

I think Carl Jung, who coined the term "synchronicity," would cite this as a stunning example of precisely what the term means.

Here's another: in What Shines, I included some inspirational bumper stickers I've spied recently. One read: "F.E.A.R.: Forgetting Everything's All Right." Reader Sally Scott sent me this message today: "I was at our big fair last week lined up behind a big burly guy to get a cold drink. Beneath two threatening looking caricature eyes [on his T-shirt] it said, 'Fear is in the eye of the beholder. Don't let it be you.'"

Finally, mega Lighkeepers Celia Fenn in South Africa and Karen Bishop in Arizona report that this month is about deep surrender, profound trust in the unknown, and an acceptance of response-ability (the ability to respond to what's transpiring) as we move into the ascension portal of September 11th and beyond. It affects everyone, everywhere, not just those residing in the U.S., because we are morphing as One Earth Family. I highly recommend reading both Archangel Michael's words regarding The Energies for September, and Karen's Ascension Alert.

May you journey well!

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