Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Question of Altitude

The title of this post is also the title of a poem I penned 'way back in 1992, after visiting Taos, New Mexico for the first time and having a challenging time adjusting to life at 7000 feet. I've been feeling dizzy and nauseous for the past week ("Amara, thank you for sharing...") and now wonder whether this is yet another physical symptom of ascension, because we are in the midst of a major reboot, as both Aluna Joy reports through the Star Elders, and Patricia Cota-Robles confirms in her latest article.

The Star Elders say, in part: "During this eclipse doorway (of September 11th) everyone will have the opportunity to reboot and upgrade their entire being. You will be able to reboot and upgrade your body, your spirit, your soul, and your evolution. This is a very powerful time.

"Rebooting your life is very much like rebooting your computer. When you upload a new computer program you have to turn off your computer and start up again so that the new program will work properly. That's exactly what's going to happen to all of you in this doorway. No one is exempt from this reboot. Once rebooted, the old programs, systems and manifestations will no longer work properly. So if you're finding that certain areas of your life are not flowing or manifesting in the way they should, maybe this is the universe saying that it is an old, virus-ridden program, and it is time to delete it from your consciousness. Why would you want to keep it anyway?

"To ease the effects of this collective consciousness reboot, it would be greatly beneficial to you all to take some time each day to let go of the old you. Let go of the old world. Let go of your past, your wounds, your betrayals, your insecurities, and even your beliefs that you are somehow not a brilliant masterful being. Take time each day to remember who you truly are, not what you've been told by others, or what society would make of you.

"By the year 2008 you will have completely crossed the bridge and have begun acclimatizing to the New World. It is a much higher altitude/frequency than you are used to. It will take some adjusting. This is what you might call the shift of the ages. You have pushed the evolution envelope by your strong will, tenacity and intense spiritual focus, by an entire four years from our predicted shift dates in 2012. So we don't want to hear you thinking to yourself that you are less than a lighted master. You're the first human beings in a dualistic 3-D reality that has been able to push the envelope, and to push the envelope by four entire years is still astonishing to us.

"Be open to the fact that what lies ahead of you in the very near future is wildly astonishing, beautiful, wonderful, peaceful, and harmonious, and a place you remember deep inside as home. Why will it be this way you ask? Because you not only wanted this new reality, and believed it was possible, but are now beginning to act as if this amazing new future is already here. When you do act as if, you quit being an initiate, and step into the role of the living master."

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