Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rome Admits Error: Magic is Afoot!

Anyone who loved Dan Brown's breakthrough bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, will be thrilled to learn that the real Knights Templar have just been exonerated after 700 years!

Once burned at the stake for heresy, the Knights, who were guardians of the legendary Holy Grail, now taste vindication as the Vatican releases closely guarded trial documents—tantamount to a pardon, if not an apology.

It's the beginning of the end of Empire, dear ones. The dominator virus is being rendered impotent through the healing power of Love, and truth is replacing tyranny as the currency for future exchange. Watch, breathe beauty, live joy, and keep the faith, as the walls and wills of the old order come a-tumblin' down!

Channel of many ascended Masters and Archangels, Michele Denman says,

"We are in a major changeover at this very moment. I feel it.
We stand at a critical juncture of 'opposites.' Our suggestion is to not pay attention to 'opposites,' as this is still 'polarity' or the 'polarity game.'

"If we can stand in the middle, at Zero Point, which means to simply 'Love' or 'Be Neutral,' we can simply shift the cosmic ages by anchoring at Zero Point, which is ultimately Love.

"When we Anchor Zero Point, we go beyond 'opposites' and 'opposition.'

"Zero Point is God. Zero Point is Grace. It's Love.

"It is a neutral place, at the Equator.

"We are each 'Anchor Points' and our Belief structures, our Values, Our Intent, does change the world.

"If we go beyond 'drama', we can anchor Zero Point, which is Love. There is no drama at Zero. There is only Love.

"Please stand at the Equator, Holding Only Love, And Anchor Zero Point."

Blessed Be!

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