Friday, October 19, 2007

The Nature of Power

My car, a wise teacher disguised as a mechanical conveyance, continues to impart exactly what's going on now. The alternator, which I'd never even heard of or given a thought to prior to the first time those scary "brake/battery" lights came on and stayed on in 2004, again flashed me the high sign this afternoon—4 pm on a Friday, and a scant five weeks after replacing the alternator, which was only a year old to begin with! What was going on here?

I phoned my mechanic in a panic (hm...good lyric potential) and he said if I got there right away, he could take a look, but probably couldn't replace it till Monday. So much for my weekend plans to drive 150 miles (roundtrip) to a Dennis Kucinich campaign event. I was afraid I wouldn't even make it to the garage...I turned off the windshield wipers and lights and prayed fervently to the Goddess to deliver me before the car died.

When I arrived, my mechanic said Napa Auto Parts wouldn't have any alternators available to fit my make and model car until Monday. Suddenly I realized we were in Mercury retrograde and started to laugh—what a totally typical Rx scenario for the Quicksilver planet! While I was calling AAA to see if they'd take me home (since I didn't need a tow, and had paid for extended service...the answer was no, BTW), my mechanic, who'd been checking the belts, hoses, wires, etc., informed me that a replacement alternator had arrived! Alchemy, anyone?

With my car freshly repaired in record time on a soggy Friday afternoon, I asked one of the other mechanics in the shop what, exactly, the alternator does. Seems it's a power converter, enabling the battery to run the electrical system, which makes the car go. I said, "Oh, like a generator?" And indeed, in days of old this is what cars had: the generator has been replaced by the alternator.

So it's about power, and also about holding the both/and: alternate means each in turn, working together. Kind of like yin and yang. Masculine and feminine energies. And here I am, calling myself an amplifier and anchor for the feminine frequency.

I also think of the alternator as the heart of the car, keeping the blood flowing smoothly. Since coming into our Heart chakra is the key to creating Heaven on Earth, it seems my trusty Toyota was just checking in with me about my own commitment, making sure I'm awake and unwavering and willing to dive deeply as the times grow ever more intense.

Tonight at dinner, I picked up The Mind Chronicles by Barbara Hand Clow, which I'm attempting to read concurrently with The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind. Both are so incredible and life-altering I'm savoring them at the rate of just a few pages a day. This excerpt, from her 100 past-life regressions that serve as an Ur ground of collective memory, riveted me. She is at Teotihuacan, a Mayan temple site in Mexico, a few years prior to 1987's historic Harmonic Convergence:

"You are here to name yourself.
For your light to come into matter, radical transmutation is required.
In you we see dense gray forms from aeons ago, yet you are in the temple of Earth truth.
Woman, what are you going to do at this point?
For you are not in form in your Earth self yet.
You made yourself imperfect, for we are only love.
If we let you pass, you will be annihilated
Tell us why you should pass our veils."

Barbara asks three times despite their taunts, which, in esoterica, is the number that cannot be denied. (Before you ask for something 3x, be very sure you want it!) She agrees to "know every misuse of power you have look at the blackness of your own challenge all the let go of self for the new road of life." And only then is she given entry.

This is how we claim our power, and this is the only true power. It is never outside our own hearts. Only we can convert the power to right use for the entire vessel...Timeship Earth.

Wow. Thank you, Goddess!

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