Sunday, November 25, 2007

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Are your ears feeling a little swollen, irritated, or otherwise stressed lately? I felt like I had tinnitus a few nights ago; that high-pitched sound we occasionally experience hit with much stronger force than ever before, and would not stop no matter what I did. Panicked, I couldn't fall back to sleep, thinking I'd somehow acquired tinnitus.

Well, like the first Superman episode (can you remember the television show that describes how he first came to Earth? And the woman who would become his Mom heard a ringing in her ears that turned out to be the rocketship carrying her infant son approaching?), the annoying buzz turns out to be a positive sign. I should've known: almost every time I experience a strange "symptom" these days, it's just another sign of ascension.

In her November Earthlog, Archangel Michael channel Celia Fenn explains that the latest crop of physical changes is how our 3D bodies are expanding to hold the enormous Love now streaming onto the planet. About the ear symptoms, she writes:

" part of the changes, the human angel template is being re-wired to accommodate for a wider range of visual and auditory ability. Think of it in this way, when we started to use digital cameras, we started to photograph 'orbs', and some people can even see them. I know I can. Now, your body is the same, as you 'upgrade' to your new Human Angel design you will begin to see and hear things that were previously beyond the normal range for humans. And I was given to understand that this is literal and physical, and not just intuitive.

"So, we can expect that as we enter the New Earth and the New Cycle, we will have extended vision and hearing. But, as always, your Higher Self will only allow you to experience these things when you are able to integrate them into yourself and are capable of dealing with an altered range of perception. Most people take time, and they have difficulty in 'letting go' of old ways of perception because these make them feel safe.

"As Michael explained it, the new abilities of vision and hearing are linked to the Heart. We will learn to literally see and hear from the Heart. Our perceptual 'wiring' for these senses will go via the heart. Can you imagine what a difference it will make when we are truly able to see and hear with the heart? Oh yes, and to speak from the heart as well. I did notice last night that I was coughing a lot, and I have noticed at workshops that I do on my 'Sacred Heart' meditation, that people start to cough, so the Throat Chakra is also being re-wired to connect up with the Heart flow.

"I have noticed too with people that I have been connecting with over a long time, suddenly, like me, they are becoming more poetic and more able to express what they are feeling in their hearts. It is being able to express what is in your heart that makes you feel a deep Inner Peace, but it is also being able to receive the expressions of others into your heart that gives rise to Gratitude. And when you put together Inner Peace and Gratitude, then you undoubtedly get Joy and Love.

"So, you might say we are all being re-wired to express and receive Unconditonal Love through Creativity, from the Heart! Indeed, what an exciting experience...and what wonders await us in the future as we learn to work with this new range of perceptions and feelings that are gifted to us so that we might BE LOVE at the highest level of which we are capable."

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