Monday, December 03, 2007

Road Signs & Speed Bumps

2007 has been a "9" year (2+0+0+7 = 9) numerologically, which connotes closure and completion on many levels. The 9-year cycle that began in 1999 is ending. When I think of how radically my life has changed in less than a decade, it's one more confirmation of the acceleratef alchemy that defines now.

I became cyber-savvy that year, started to craft material for what would become early in 2000, published numerous articles in print magazines and newspapers focusing on how to bring spirituality into our daily lives, and generally began living my life purpose and mission. What a thrill!

I also began living nomadically, though it didn't feel so much a conscious choice as a necessity. Yet everything on our evolutionary path is grist for higher consciousness if we allow ourselves to surrender to it. Now, when I don't have whatever I need right there on the car seat next to me, it almost feels strange. Although I love the idea of having a home base, I don't know if manifesting one at this time is in my highest interest.

And hence the quantum choice point. In her latest alert, Karen Bishop says we are all being prepared for community, which means our solitary journeying and arrogance are being spiritually sanded away. It's time to release what's comfortable but no longer serves (even if it's living as a nomad ~ or holding tight to one locale when we're being asked to live more fluidly!).

We'll know what to do next because Spirit will invite us, via signs and signals. Sometimes it's as simple as someone suggesting you move to their town because it seems perfect for who you are. Or it might be continually hearing about a certain place in conversation. Pay attention, and the messages will become clear.

As I say on my CD, What You Need to Know Now, "Let go of what you know, how it ought to be, what you think you should do now...Pry your mental fingers loose. Once you do, you'll have a sense of exhilaration, of flying, because there's so much space around you! Having the courage to be in free-fall, to release one trapeze bar before the next has swung into view, is an essential step in re-imagining your life. Excess baggage will only weigh you down. "

Blessings on your journey into the new now!

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