Thursday, May 15, 2008


Astrologer Allison Rae offers a particularly lucid explanation of our current energetic flume ride in the latest issue of her newsletter, Cosmic Time. Here's an excerpt:

"Time seems to be speeding up even more than “usual.” Earth changes are on the rise. An ancient volcano explodes in Chile. Myanmar's delta region is decimated by a cyclone. A massive earthquake rocks central China. Killer tornadoes rip through the southern U.S., and a mysterious sinkhole opens in Texas. Food shortages. Rising oil prices. The political scene is transforming before our eyes. World markets are shaky, too, with all this volatility.

We live in times of extreme change, the crease period between world ages. The Earth is shifting. Paradigms are shifting. The transition is in full swing, and accelerating. The Hopi of North America call this the Great Purification. The Mayan calendar links the acceleration to the expansion of consciousness and the cosmos. The energies of back-to-back Scorpio Moons, with Beltane in between, amplify the effects. Everything's in flux. The energies of upheaval and manifestation are equally powerful, accompanied by waves of emotion."

Prepare to be recalibrated! Spend as much time in nature and in sacred, time-out-of-mind space as possible: it's the best action you can take for personal and global healing/evolution.

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